It’s Snowing Inside This Christmas and Glass Fish Net Floats are on the Tree

Before I share our Winter Wonderland and my craft idea with you, I should tell you that I received product from Oriental Trading to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own.
Obviously it’s not snowing inside because we do have a roof over our heads and I’m almost 100% certain it won’t even snow outside again this year. Galveston rarely gets snow and the last snow fall here was in 2004. Nope. Not a white Christmas for us…or so you would think!
But I’d like to welcome y’all to our Winter Wonderland. It’s not completely done yet, so hang tight for updates as we finish up, but we’re off to a great start with the help of Oriental Trading and the babies are thrilled. My babies want a white Christmas, and they deserve that, but Mommy needs to live in a warm climate so this is our compromise and it’s really fun every year.
The minute anyone enters the foyer, they are greeted with lights, snowflakes, lots of blue obviously, and loads of fun and festivity. I’m particularly fond of the blue lights hanging over our archway. And I love the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, and the snowflakes on the window. Oh who am I kidding? I just love this theme!
As you know, I’m redecorating the house in blues and greens and everything beachy. The only way to tie in this Winter Wonderland was to keep with the theme colors which was easy with Oriental Trading’s HUGE line of holiday decorations.
This window treatment is Bubby’s favorite. I hung it in the dining room, right next to his count down til Christmas sign, so he can enjoy it during all of his meals. He likes the way it sparkles. Of course he does…he’s my kid after all.
We still have a few more snowflakes to hang and a couple of other decorating items on the list, but our house is literally a Winter Wonderland and our guests this weekend loved it too. It’s not just for the kids!
My tree fits my blue and green theme but I wanted to put some beachy items on there too. I ordered some clear glass bulbs from Oriental Trading and they inspired me. You see, every little shop around the island adorns those glass fish net floats and I love the way they look. I set out to make some of my own for our tree.
Glass Fishnet Bulb Christmas Tree Ornaments
What You’ll Need:
Glass Clear Ornaments
Regular School Glue
Food Coloring
Cupcake Pan
Patience and an Old Toss of the OCD Tendencies
Start by mixing regular school glue with water (equal parts) and mix in your food coloring of choice. Typically glass fish net floats are blue or green so this worked perfectly for me. Mix the 3 components until you have your color of choice.
Funnel some of the mixture into the glass bulb and swish around until it is fully covered inside.
Place a piece of tinfoil in each of the “cake” slots you’ll be using and place your bulbs in there face down. Bake on 200 degrees for about an hour.
When they come out dry, they may not be perfect (oh be still my poor OCD heart) but that’s OK. If you’ve ever seen blown glass, you know that no two pieces are alike and their imperfections are what make them unique and beautiful. Oddly enough, I like the more splattered looking one better. Put the stems back in the bulbs so you have a way to hang them for the next steps.
Tie one piece of twine around the neck of the bulb. Then cut 6 equal length pieces of twine (I didn’t measure them but make sure they are long enough to be doubled and hang well below the bulb – I’d say about 20 inches). Thread each piece through the anchor twine and knot them at the base. I just used a simple knot, I think it’s called an overhand bow knot (but don’t hold me to that).
Start knotting your fishnet. And here’s where those OCD tendencies need to be really tossed. They don’t have to be perfectly equidistant. The knots don’t have to be exactly the same. Have you ever seen a real fishnet? Yea, not perfect. Take one piece from one of your double strands, and knot it with one piece from the next double strand as shown above. Keep doing that until you get to the bottom.
Don’t flip out when the “net” starts crawling up the bulb and looks like it won’t fit because that’s all resolved at the end. Simply gather all of the pieces at the bottom, pull them tightly, and tie them off. And yes, I do need a manicure and my fingers are completely blue in this photo. Don’t judge.
Like I said, it may not be perfect but it fits perfectly with other items in my decor that use fishnet so I’m pretty pleased with the results. We’re enjoying our Winter Wonderland this year more than ever and I can’t wait to get it all finished before the Big Guy gets here on Christmas Eve. I want him to feel at home too.
For more decorating and craft ideas, be sure to visit Oriental Trading’s Christmas Store, and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They don’t only help with your holiday decorating and crafting either. Let them help you throw an amazing holiday party (at half the cost of your local party store) too!

Disguise Tom the Turkey for Thanksgiving: Creativity for Kids with Printable

Meet Donatello Turkey Ninja Turtle. Oh wait. Did someone say turkey? I totally meant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Because no one…and I mean no one…wants to capture and eat a turtle for Thanksgiving, right? Let me explain. Bug came home from school last week with the cutest 1st grade assignment EVER and we had a blast with it. It combines creative thinking, craftiness, and writing skills. So she was learning as she giggled. This is my favorite kind of learning. I couldn’t wait to share it with you and encourage you to do this with your little ones as well.
Tom the Turkey printable, crafts for kids, thanksgiving crafts, tom the turkey Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to disguise poor Tom the Turkey so he wouldn’t be captured and eaten for the holiday. How could we not help? We could dress him as a pilgrim, a superhero, a native american, a princess, it really didn’t matter. Just make sure no one knows who/what he is. So what did we do? I asked B and he suggested a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (of course he did) and Bug and I were up for the challenge.
  tom the turkey, disguise tom the turkey, thanksgiving crafts, thanksgiving activities for kids
I helped her with the preliminary stuff like gathering the supplies, drawing out the outline, and filling in the blank spaces with “G” for green (yes, I’m highly aware that this looks rather was a greenish blue but that’s not important here), “P” for purple, and “G” for gold. We used Painter’s Paint Markers for the “costume”, green crayon (yes, I still know it looks blue), gold glitter and glue for the shell (because what’s a hero without a half shell), and a little piece from a flower arrangement for his Bo Staff (I learn something new every day). Oh, and googly eyes…we put googly eyes on everything around here. She loved him and I think he’s incredibly cute and NO ONE will capture this turkey in this disguise this Thanksgiving!
  thanksgiving crafts for kids, disguise tom the turkey, tom the turkey as a ninja turtle, thanksgiving fun
Plus this little fun and creative craft for kids comes with a writing assignment. Tell your turkey’s story and convince the reader that he isn’t a turkey at all. Tell everyone about the character you created. And her teacher highly recommended that we allow our children to use “inventive writing” for this. In other words, it doesn’t have to be dead on. They are still budding readers and writers. I let my OCD fly out the window and let her spell the words as she heard them. And you know what? B could read every word of it, meaning my baby is making the connection which is awesome. Fun activities like this are what build learning skills and help you make connections with your children. So when the kids are home this week, why not print old Tom off yourself and have a little imaginative learning fun with them? You can grab a free printable here: Tom the Turkey Printable. If you do, I’d love to see your child’s creation. And if you have other fun holiday learning crafts, I’d love for you to share those as well! Happy learning, happy crafting, and Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Mummify Your Candy This Halloween!

It’s Halloween! I love this time of year. Imaginative play is one of my favorite things. I enjoy watching all of the kids dress up and I enjoy dressing up myself. This is the time of the year we bust the mold and just pretend. We can pretend to be princesses. We can pretend to be super heroes. We can pretend to be anything we want. So I’m choosing to pretend that I’m crafty this year.
I want to impress my trick or treaters since I won’t be here to pass out the candy. We’ll be on the prowl ourselves for the loot but I’m leaving a bowl out, as I always do, for the ghouls, goblins, super heroes, and princesses that stop by my door. I want them to walk away happy so I decided to dress up my candy. No this wasn’t an original idea. I’m not that clever. We all know that by now. I was surfing the web today for crafty and fun ideas and I stumbled upon a post by my friend Chelsea over at Someday I’ll Learn and realized that her idea was something even I could do.
This will be sitting at my front door awaiting our guests. These candy mummies are so simple and you really don’t even need a lot of supplies, or time, to accomplish this.
What you’ll need:
  • Candy: Any “flat” candy will do like candy bars, taffy, even lollipops from what I’ve heard. It just has to have a flat, semi-wide surface.
  • Elmer’s Glue Spots because they’re super easy to work with.
  • Tape. I used surgical adhesive tape but you can use any type of tape (other than Scotch of course) that you have on hand.
What you’ll do:
  • Affix the googly eyes to the upper front surface of the candy with a glue spot.
  • Take the tape and start wrapping. Here’s where you can throw your OCD tendencies out the window. I found the ones I labored over the least actually look the best. Who knew?
Each mummy seriously only takes minutes and they are absolutely ghoulishly adorable and sure to impress everyone that stops by. Kind of adds that personal touch that you miss by not being there yourself.
These would also be great to hand out at school or to put out if you’re having a last minute party. Happy Halloween y’all. I hope you have a great evening and that you let your imagination run wild.