It’s a Disney Paint Makeover in the Making!

I recently told you that Bubby was getting a room makeover. And we’re off to a decent start. He’s so stinking excited. So if he’s excited, I’m excited. I’ve been super duper busy lately but this is important. Like way more important than anything else I’m working on. 

This is what Bubby wants. Have I mentioned that what Bubby wants, Bubby gets? Yea, I have time to makeover his room!

He loves Disney, seriously, who doesn’t? He’s kind of in to a lot of themes right now so deciding on just one wasn’t easy. But when he said he wanted his room “glue” (you know “glue” like his eyes, his shirt, his pants…everything is blue), a light bulb went off. And then, knowing he’s “agrabe” of the dark, I knew what we HAD to do.
Buzz Lightyear! To infinity and beyond…

I had visions of glow in the dark space ships, stars, and planets! I had to get inspired and it seemed like the Disney Paint site was the place to go. I’m going to make his room glow. Apparently it’s pretty easy to get this look with the help of Disney Ready, Set, Glow Specialty Finish Paint!  

This theme fits my island color scheme. I can add island blue to his room (actually Definitely Donald Blue) plus the greens I adore and I can make this thing glow. Since he’s “agrabe” of the dark and all. 

The Disney Glidden Paint color that Bubby selected was dark. I didn’t feel comfortable doing the whole room in a shade that dark so I decided on one accent wall. I started  by taping off the wall he looks at as he sleeps. OK, so I was too short to tape off the top and had to enlist B to finish it off.
Tape finished and ready to paint! I’ve got this!
Supplies ready. Here we glow! I was ready to start my base coat. This would be the canvas for our intergalactic glow in the dark scene.
After taping off the room, as all good kids would do, I painted the border. You know, because it’s so much easier to paint between the lines.

This paint was GREAT! It was actually a one hit wonder or one coat wonder. Whatever! Once I got to rolling, I was impressed. Disney Ultra Durable Paint is made with my kid in mind. It has superior washability which I’m sure Bug will let me test out in no time. But more importantly, to me anyway, I was impressed with the fact that this paint was so thick yet easy to work with. It gave me full wall coverage in just one coat! Plus there was literally no odor. Glidden claims this paint has “virtually no odor” but I swear, there was NO odor. I have a sensitive sniffer and I literally put my nose up to the can (I might or might not have gotten a blob of paint on my nose) because I couldn’t believe it, and I still couldn’t smell anything. 
This is thick, full coverage paint and it’s awesome! And this Definitely Donald, was definitely blue! Just like Bubby likes it. This was panning out very well!

The base coat is finished. As I sit here watching paint dry, literally, I’m working on stencils. Glow in the dark planets, stars, and rocket ships will light up Bubby’s room within the next week. I was so impressed with our base coat, and I can’t wait to get to work using the Disney Ready, Set, Glow Specialty Finish to complete the look.

While I was picking up the paint supplies at Walmart, I found some other fun decorative items for the room to Buzz it up a bit. I’m so excited that I think I’m moving in with Bubby. Or I’m going to do my own room next. I haven’t decided which.

As soon as I’m finished, there will be a big reveal. There will be a party. Oh my glow in the dark stars…even I’m getting excited. 

Bubby keeps asking when his room will be glowing. Soon Bubby, soon!

Stay tuned y’all. The big reveal is on the way. This will be EPIC. I love seeing my Bubby this excited!

Be sure to check out the other #DisneyPaintMom projects on Pinterest to get inspiration for your child’s room makeover. Disney Glidden Paint has so many amazing colors and finishes, you’re sure to find something that will make your little prince or princess smile!

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Life’s A Beach with Elmer’s Painters Paint Markers #ExpressYourself

Y’all know we love the beach!  We love the pool!  We love anything that has to do with the water and being outdoors.  But we were in desperate need of a new beach/pool bag so when I was asked to try out the new Elmer’s Painters Paint Markers to test them on fabric, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!
It doesn’t matter where we are, to us, life’s a beach.  So why not incorporate that into a pool bag and try out these Painters Paint Markers?  I was up for the challenge…game on!  I’ve told you a thousand times, my crafts aren’t always pretty because I let my little ones help!  It might not be beautiful, but it’s fun and functional.  For us, crafting is an experience, not an art form.
This was no different than any other crafting project.  We started by heading to Walmart for some inspiration and to pick up some items for our project.
I was specifically looking for the Elmer’s Painters Paint Markers and was surprised to find them with all of the wood crafts and paints rather than with the other Elmer’s supplies I purchased.  But I found them and that’s what counts!
I was overjoyed to find that the Elmer’s Painters Opaque Paint Markers are now available in singles for just $1.97 each.  I’ve often seen the packs that they offer, but those color combos offered don’t always fit the bill for our crafts so I usually pass.  But now that I can pick and choose, I’m all in and ready to get my craft on.  The singles offer an expanded color palette, are available in fine, medium, and  chisel tip, and they’re made in the USA.  Why would I choose anything else?
We gathered our supplies from Walmart:  A bag, our Painters Paint Markers, some Elmer’s XTREME Glue, some ribbon, and some Elmer’s Classic Rainbow ‘n Glitter Colors.  This will be fun!
Started by gluing the ribbon on the top of the bag.  Nemo is a family favorite.
 Next of course was to make the ocean using the Painters Paint Markers.
Color it in leaving some gaps for effect and add a sun!  This is fun and easy!
But something’s missing.  Our artwork needs to *POP*.  Elmer’s has that covered too!
Told you!  We added some highlights to our sun, ocean, and even added seagulls!
The whole project took us about an hour (remember I had a 3 and 5 year old helping me ;).  And the Painters Paint Markers and other Elmer’s products made it incredibly easy to make our bag.  It may not be beautiful, but we were all extremely proud of the end results and the value that Elmer’s provided.  I’m not in the least bit surprised because Elmer’s never lets us down!
And our new fun bag is incredibly large and functional!
Today, we headed to the pool.  All of our towels, our sun block, sunglasses, and several other items fit comfortably in our sparkly new bag.  The whole thing (bag included) cost us about $25 and you can’t beat that.  We had fun, we made something we will use on an almost daily basis, we discovered a new product, and we laughed.  Laughing is invaluable.  Crafting is a family favorite and Elmer’s is always a part of the fun.  We’re happy to have added these Painters Paint Markers to our crafting collection and can’t wait to use them on other surfaces.  
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