"Place of Remembrance"

This statue entitled “Place of Remembrance” by Galvestonian artist David Moore was dedicated on September 9, 2000 in memory of the 10,000 plus islanders that lost their lives in the Galveston Storm of 1900.  It sits prominently on our seawall, standing 10-feet tall, as a memorial to those lost at sea as well as to the strength of the survivors that stayed to rebuild this beautiful island that we call home.  
My kids are drawn to this statue.  There are many on the island, but this is their favorite.  I don’t know that they “get” it’s meaning, but it’s presence and vibe are so powerful that they insist we stop at it each and every time.  
Someday they will understand the devastation that their island and it’s people have endured over the years, more than once unfortunately.  And they will understand the sufferings and the bravery, and they will “get” this statue, and they will feel sadness!  But for now, I’m glad they just enjoy the beauty!

Artists on the Island….Rock Art!

I love my island!  We have shiny happy people here!  They come out at night and adorn our beaches with rock art!  How cool is this?  I love looking at this stuff while riding down my seawall!  Rock on rock art people!  You make us smile!