My Night Owls…It’s All My Fault!

Every night, without fail, it drives me crazy!  Go night-night babies…it’s late!  Every night, it’s the same old “I’m not sleepy Mommy”. 
In my head I think “Of course you’re not.  You’re my kids.  We don’t go to sleep like normal people.”  But in my outside voice, I say, “Yes  you are!”.  You see, these 2 should be in bed by 9 but that is rare (oh who am I kidding? That never happens!).  I’m a night owl and I hate mornings.  Apparently the coffee nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. 
This is not good for Mommy!  No, no, no…Mommy needs down time!  I guess that comes between 2 and 3 AM?  OY!  One of these days, I’ll get a couple of hours to myself, and a little bit of sleep. In the meantime, I’ll amuse these 2 into the wee hours and be thankful that I have them in my life!
Rock on and I hope all of y’all get a good night’s sleep!  It’s time for bed…GOOD NIGHT!

My Hot Mess: My Bug

I speak of her often but I rarely share the beauty that is my hot mess, my Bug!  She is the skip in my step, the thorn in my side, the source of my constant laughter, the twitch in my eye, and the reason I don’t sleep some nights.  
This one is the one that keeps me hopping the most.  I have always longed for a blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl and I was blessed with Bug 5 years ago.  She’s a beautiful challenge.  She’s rambunctious, she’s incredibly active, she can be a bully (poor Bubby), she loves to sing and dance, and she is an amazing little creature that drives me crazy on a regular basis!  
It’s hard to capture her true beauty and spirit in pictures, kind of like lassoing the moon, but this time, I think I captured “her” and I wanted to share it with y’all.  She is beautiful, inside and out, and although she has caused me more wrinkles and grey hairs than any of the others, I’m sure you’ll agree, she’s worth every age-inducing minute of it!  
I love this hot mess and I feel honored to be her mother.  She showed me a side of her tonight that I don’t see often.  She was so caring and concerned with MY well-being.  It was refreshing and it was beautiful (and yes I cried because I’m a sap) but she reminded me why I wanted to be a Mommy in the first place and why I’m thankful that I have the honor of being HER Mommy! 
My Bug rocks…hot mess and all!  With Mother’s Day approaching, I hope y’all are digging deep, looking at what you have, and appreciating your Mommyhood.  I know I am!  I love all 6 of my kids with all of my heart and soul and I’m thankful that I was given the gift of being a Mommy!  
Sparkle on and enjoy the hot messes in your life! 

I Was Wearing Sparkle Shorts! What Could Go Wrong?

Sparkle shorts!  Seriously, what could go wrong with this day?  These were a birthday present and I was feeling especially sparkly!  Today would sparkle just like the stars on my shorts, right?  Not so much!
But seriously? Who would have known?  My shorts sparkled after all and I was a STAR!  Today should have been amazing right?
My nails looked fabulous (another birthday present).  And mind you I said my NAILS not my hands.  I have ugly man hands. I’ve had man hands all my life (shush up…that’s hurtful).
So I was feeling incredibly good, and sparkly, and the day would be tremendous!  Yea…not so much!  The babies were acting up beyond belief.  They messed up my new couch (I can’t even share pictures because I’ll cry…AGAIN).  
Got an email that didn’t make me giggle at all (although I did get one or 6 that did make me giggle).  A little reality check here and there (running your own business isn’t always pretty…kind of like my hands…SHUSH)!   
And B let me down.  Probably the most non-sparkly part of my day!  He went fishing…that’s fine!  He would be gone for a couple of hours…that’s great!  He deserves it!  He works hard.  BUT he had my car…again.  The (non) joys of sharing a vehicle.  He’d be gone for a couple of hours (I knew in my head that meant 3-4). But it was 5.  FIVE HOURS.  That meant I missed my tanning appointment (you know…the only 12 minutes I get to myself every once in a while).  And it meant that I had to go to Walmart at 9pm which is never pretty! (For the record, he apologized the minute he walked in the door and thanked me for letting him go…he’s not a total ogre!).
I did go to Walmart in my sparkle shorts and I’m sure I was the envy of every Walmart patron.  But that’s not the point.  The point is…today was NOT as sparkly as I had intended it to be.  It was not as sparkly as I felt.  And it sure as heck did not match my sparkle shorts!
So tomorrow, I shall wear plain shorts.  I shall hide my fabulously manicured man hands in shame!  Heck, I might not even brush my hair!  Tomorrow will sparkle no matter what I’m wearing.  It will…SHUSH UP!  Wish me luck and sparkle on!