A Family Beach Day, A Day in Photos

A family beach day is so cleansing to the soul. Sometimes, words aren't necessary when the photos tell their own story. This is one of those occasions, and I'll enjoy this photo journal for years to come! Random thoughts from a mom after a day at the beach. Sometimes, just letting them enjoy each other's space is enough. And most of the time, just letting them be them...well, it's enjoyable for both of you. I dig his style! Bubbles! What's a beach day without bubbles? What's any good day without bubbles, actually? A day without bubbles is like a day without a beach ninja. I mean, it's not even really a day, is it? The only sad part of the day is when you look through the lens and realize they might be growing up too fast. It all goes by too fast. Until... You realize that one of them is looking back at you, from inside of a sand hole, enjoying life like only a small child can, and you realize that there are still many years of joy, and frustration, to come. Be still … [Read more...]

DIY Aurora Queen of the Moors Crown

This DIY Queen of the Moors Crown was inspired when I received an early release copy of Disney's Maleficent from Click Communication to help promote the in-store release on November 4th. All opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own. "For in the other kingdom, the Moors lived every manner of strange and wonderful creature. And they needed neither king nor queen but trusted in one another." Maleficent is my new all-time favorite Disney movie EVER! That's saying a lot. I'm a Disney freak. One might think it's because I have a million kids so I had to learn to embrace them, but that's not true. One of my very first vivid memories as a child was going to the movie theater with my mom and my sisters to watch a Disney movie. I was hooked at about the age of 3 and things haven't changed since, and I never miss a single new release. Unfortunately, because there were questions about whether Maleficent was completely kid friendly, I opted to skip it at the theater *SIGH* and … [Read more...]

DIY Orange Sea Salt Scrub

This post may contain affiliate links, but all opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own. When I was in Arkansas for a recent conference, they had the most amazing sea salt scrub in all of the bathrooms at the hotel. Let's face it folks, I don't get out much, so I'm not overly accustomed to this sort of thing. Then B took us (yes, all of us) out for our 11th anniversary last week, and a sea salt scrub was awaiting me in the restaurant bathroom too. Bug and I washed our hands, used this scrub, and talked about how wonderful it was. Then I saw a post by my friend, Censie from Building Our Story, and she shared how easy it was to make her Lavender Vanilla Scrub at home. I had a plan. You might have guessed by now that it involved sea salt and some super soft hands. You might (OK, you were) have been right. I wanted this stuff in my house. I wanted my guests to feel as special as I do every time I step into a bathroom with this hand-softening magic. She made it look SO easy. … [Read more...]

Finally, White Roses! Let There Be Peace!

My marriage isn't perfect. In fact, it's been quite rocky at times. Much more rocky than I've let on. There's been heart break on both sides. Marriages, any partnerships in general, are like that sometimes. But there's always more good than bad. That's how I weigh things out. More good than bad? That equals worth it to me, no matter the struggles. On the road to greatness, you always have trials. Nothing is ever perfect. NOTHING. Life isn't easy. It's all about who triumphs in the end. I feel like we're about to win. Win in a big way. We're, for possibly the first time ever, on the same page. We're working on our future, our golden years I guess, together. And it's a beautiful thing. While I was out of town, and probably doubting this insane relationship more than I have in the past, I got a great reminder of why this is all worth it. A friend, a co-worker, asked me a question. Were those roses that were always behind me in pictures and in hangouts, always pink, fake? The answer was … [Read more...]

With 6 Kids, You Never Know What Life Will Bring. That’s NOT Always Bad!

Having 6 kids from the ages of 24 down to 5 ensures that I never have a dull moment in my life. Obviously, some of these moments aren't great because, let's face it, parenting often comes with a lot of drama. A LOT of drama. But there are perks too and this week helped me enjoy one of them, or two actually. I got to enjoy my babies, and I got to meet and spend time with my second baby's baby. Meet our newest little princess, Natalie. I know...you don't have to tell me...she's cute. And that smile? Oh that smile (at only 6 weeks old) melts this Mimi's heart. And she's such a good baby. I don't mean like a good baby, I mean like an awesome baby (props to her parents because they are doing a fabulous job). She eats, she sleeps, she smiles and coos, and she poops (OK so that part is NOT fun). I'll be honest, with so many kids of my own, I figured I'd be immune to this next generation of cuteness. I'm here to tell you today...I AM NOT! I'm hooked. Spoil her rotten, send her home, and … [Read more...]

Shark Rocket: Blast Your Way Into Clean with This Pint-Sized Power House

Although I did receive compensation in the form of a Shark Rocket *SQUEE* for this post from Alpaytac Inc., I promise you I would have talked about this anyway, and all opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own. Y'all know I love to clean. No, let me rephrase that...I love things to be clean. I don't suppose anyone really "loves" to spend all of their time constantly cleaning, but I just can't stand a mess. Not on my walls, not in the toy bins, not in the bathrooms, not in the kitchen, and certainly not on my carpets or other surfaces my family comes in contact with. Enter my new savior...the Shark Rocket. All of the power without the weight. That's a pretty important factor to this pint-sized momma. And it cleans better than a full sized Dyson (which by the way guys, I'm not a fan of because of the cyclonic action that actually does DAMAGE to your carpets, but I do dig the deep clean). Yes, after being bitten by the Shark in Chicago with the Shark Sonic Duo, and then hearing … [Read more...]