The Beauty Before and After the Storm

Living on an island is a beautiful thing on many levels!  Some are obvious and some not so much.

We have tropical storms, we have hurricanes (although thankfully I have not had to live through one of those) and you can imagine that this would be part of the “bad stuff”, and in a way you would be right!  However, the beauty that Mother Nature brings in before and after the storm is worth riding them all out!
Last weekend we had a storm!  I stood in awe at its beauty!  This will never get old and it reminds me that in life, sometimes we have to ride out the storms just to enjoy the beauty!  
It’s taken me a long time to realize this!  I hope you always find that the beauty of life is always worth the stormy ride!

While The Baby Sleeps

They drive you crazy all day…all 6 of them!  They make you want to pull your hair out!  They make you want to jump off of tall buildings at times!  But while the baby sleeps, you can’t help but feel blessed!  In all of my years, I have never felt the peace that I feel “while the baby sleeps”.  This is beautiful!  He is beautiful!  I am at peace!