So far this year, I have been unable to get myself geared up for the approaching holidays, not in the slightest, not a twinge of holiday cheer. The balmy Galveston Island weather isn’t helping the situation much, and although it sure as heck beats the cold weather that I’ve lived in the past, it doesn’t […]


Top 10 Most Annoying Facebook Personality Types

Hi, my name is Christy and I am a Facebook Junkie! Seriously, I spend way too much time on FB and I believe I need an intervention. My addiction has grown over the past couple of years since I left the “real world work force” and became a stay-at-home mom. I mean how can you […]


Homemade Low Sodium Pizza…Yummy!

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My husband has a condition that forced us a year and a half ago to change our eating habits completely. We are all on low sodium diets now and it’s fantastic and surprisingly easy. Salt is SO overrated! The picture does not do these masterpieces justice and every time I make them for family or […]