Homemade Low Sodium Pizza…Yummy!

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My husband has a condition that forced us a year and a half ago to change our eating habits completely. We are all on low sodium diets now and it’s fantastic and surprisingly easy. Salt is SO overrated! The picture does not do these masterpieces justice and every time I make them for family or […]


Recent Apartment Buy Out Is Making Me Crazy Nervous!

My apartment complex recently went through a foreclosure and was “bought out” by some big real estate company.  Things have been spiraling downward ever since (more on that later).  We, as tenants, are supposed to feel all warm & fuzzy about this big change. Today, I found this notice stuck in my door… seriously?  You […]


Parenting is Rough

Note from the mother of six…Parenting is rough! Growing up, I always wanted four children: a girl, twin boys, and then a girl. I just knew I’d be a wonderful parent. Then, I grew up or so I thought and had that first girl at the ripe old age of 22, my plan was taking […]