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My Bubby…Always Entertaining

It doesn’t matter where we are, or what we’re doing, my Bubby is always trying to entertain me. And he succeeds more often than not. 
He can be a fussy little thing. He’s needy. He’s moody. He’s demanding. He’s particular about everything. He’s quite possibly OCD certified. But he’s loving and his heart is as big as Texas. And he’s funny!
I always thought that Bry was the most like me. She looks like me and has some of my peculiarities but I’m beginning to believe that this little boy is my clone. I love him oh-so-much and I’m thankful to have him in my life every single day to make me laugh. I’ll take his peculiarities and deal with them because the laughter and joy he brings me far outweigh the aggravation of his oddities.

Tea…Sweet, Soothing Tea…Bubby and I Like It. Who Knew?

Tea. I’ve actually hated it for years now. I used to love tea but 23 years ago, during pregnancy #1, it made me sick and my body has never forgiven it…until now!
Long story short (What? I can do that…I think). When I was pregnant with Bry 23 long years ago, I made and drank tea often. Sweet tea, hot tea, it didn’t matter. I loved tea. But one morning, I made some sweet tea and the smell alone made me puke my guts out. I have no clue why. Quite honestly, there was a time during that pregnancy that the wind made me puke my guts out. It probably wasn’t the tea’s fault, but I blamed it, and I avoided it like the plague.
I’ve avoided it for 23 years entirely. Through 3 more pregnancies in fact, and throughout the rest of my life. B and the girls love it, so I still fix it on occasion. And I always keep it on hand. It’s not their fault that I don’t like it. I don’t eat meat but I cook it daily. The things I do for love.
But I think I’ve been smelling the wrong tea. I don’t know. Something about this move has changed me though and I’m open to new things. Even tea. 
B and I headed to Target this weekend to pick up some things we needed (OK so it was really just things I wanted) for the new condo. You know, important stuff, like a rug for the dining room, new place mats, colorful coffee mugs…yea, that kind of important stuff. And we needed groceries. And they were out of tea.
It was a busy weekend of more moving, more unpacking, more tripping over boxes, more…I’m ready to get this place in order and call it my home. We got a lot accomplished with our 3-day weekend and things are starting to look up. I’m a little more at ease. B started his new job today and the girls went back to school. It was time for me to hit the grind again. 
I got up early, drank my coffee (which has never made me sick), got the girls off to school, and Bubby and I came home for a full day of work and play. It was a productive day and I felt good.
Around lunch time, I realized there was nothing to drink in the frig other than Bubby’s Powerade and I had no desire to go to the store. The girls would be thirsty when they got home. Oh wait…there’s tea!
Sweet tea in the south is a way of life. We usually use Lipton or the store brand but this weekend we bought a couple of fancy teas and I wanted to step it up. I boiled 6 Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea bags in some water with sweetener in the pot (I used the generic for Spenda…one cup…because we avoid sugar in our house). That’s the secret to good sweet tea. You boil the sweetener with the tea. Don’t ever try to mix it in after the fact in the pitcher. That’s just nasty and it never mixes right. Now you know! And for the record, usually this process makes me gag, but for some reason, this tea smelled so good, I actually wanted to try some. Not the sweet tea variety, but just the plain old tea from the bag…and hot!
I boiled up some water in the microwave, added the tea bag, and it actually smelled divine. I tasted it, and not only didn’t it make me gag, I liked it. And I’ve heard that it helps with heartburn. Have I told you how badly I suffer with heartburn? Oh the heartburn. I take pills but that’s not good. I avoid food completely, but that’s not good. This tea, that actually tasted good, relieved my heartburn. Where was this tea during all 4 of my pregnancies…23 years ago, 18 years ago, 6 years ago…4 years ago…when I was popping Tums like they were going out of style because that’s all I could take?
I’m a convert. But even more important. We had a true breakthrough. This baby of mine (let’s be clear, I understand that he is no longer a baby at 4, but he’s my baby, and he’ll always be my baby…don’t argue with me) that only drinks Strawberry Coke (in layman’s terms, that’s Dr. Pepper) asked to try some sweet tea.
He loved it! Amazing! Oh and don’t hate on his Bieber hair. You only wish you were this gorgeous! I do too! 
This tea had my baby chilin’ in no time. No sugar, antioxidants flowing, and I was heartburn free for a little while. We spent time together. We both tried something new. The house was full of color. It was a good day!
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Photo Shoot With Bubby…Not So Wordless Wednesday

This past week, I had a post to do and it involved Bubby. These are actually my favorite because this kid is a character. It involved new clothes and it involved him posing.
What do I do Mommy?
Whatever you want Bub! Just pose for Mommy!
And it was on!
I’ve got a million of them (OK so only 109, but you get the point).
But it ended in the typical UGH pose and I knew we were through.
I love this kid! I’m a lucky momma and glad my little man, my only son, was born with a sense of humor and love for life. He rocks my socks and he sure was rockin’ those new clothes too. He can get whiny, and he refuses to use the potty, but this kid is awesome in so many ways! I’m lucky that I get to giggle daily because he is a part of my world!