Dream a Little Dream with Disney’s Teen Beach 2

Enjoy wholesome family fun while sparking your child's imagination with a family movie night watching Disney's Teen Beach 2. We received a complimentary copy of the DVD, now available at retailers everywhere, from Click Communications to facilitate this post, but all opinions are entirely my own. Family movie night can be a pretty big deal around here. We take the time to select a movie everyone will enjoy, whip up themed food and drinks, or just pop some popcorn, then we sit down on the couch huddled together as a family and watch our new movie of choice. Kind of makes a mom's heart happy so I try to encourage one every single week. This past weekend we had a lot to celebrate and one of those celebrations included watching the newly released DVD of Disney's Teen Beach 2. Bug loved the first one and she watches it absolutely every time it comes on TV so she was especially thrilled when she found out this was the movie of choice this weekend. As for the rest of the family, anything … [Read more...]

Strange Magic Party Plan: Everyone Deserves to be Loved!

Just so you know, I received an early release copy of Strange Magic on DVD and some other really fun products to facilitate this party plan post from Click Communications, but all ideas, opinions, and photos are entirely my own.  Oh my singing stars, y'all! Strange Magic was released in stores on DVD today, 5/19/15, and I'm in love. Have I ever told you about my love of musicals, and animation, and stories of true love? No? I've failed you. I was in my first musical production at the age of 11 (the cut off age was 12, but they made an exception because I was SOOO close and my audition was that awesome...so they said), and well...to this day, it's still one of the highlights of my life. I was in a few more productions over the years and was bound for the big screen (in my head), but life got in the way. Mommyhood was my destiny and I'm totally cool with that, but I've never lost my love for musicals, the stage, and the silver screen in general. I try to pass that love along to my … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Fix a Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (Week)

We've had a really bad week and a half. Special thanks to Click Communications for sending us an early release copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY (available on Blu-Ray on 2/10/15) and other fun products to help us get out of our funk and have a great time! I'm not going to complain about this to you (much), but with cold, flu, and virus season, we pretty much had a terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD WEEK last week. As in craptastic. The kids were on again, off again, sick all week long and luckily for me...they took turns! One would be fine in the morning (no fever, no cough, no signs of *shudder* vomit) and they'd head to school. I'd get a call around the end of the day that one of them was sick. Again. So much back and forth to school. So many days keeping them home all together. So much not fun stuff happening. But Friday, they were both feeling great and I wanted to kick this terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD WEEK and cheer them up. Oh … [Read more...]

The Little Rascals Save the Day on DVD 4/1/14 and Giveaway {ends 4/8}!

For the record, I received a copy of this DVD for review purposes from Click Communications. As always all opinions and ideas are entirely my own. I remember when I was little, my mom turned me on to watching old reruns of The Little Rascals on TV. I have fond memories of sitting in front of the TV with my mom watching one of her childhood favorites as we laughed together. I'll admit, I haven't watched any of those shows in years and I'm not sure they're even still syndicating. But when I heard that The Little Rascals Save The Day Blu-ray and DVD combo pack would be hitting store shelves today, I just knew this was something I wanted to share with my kids. Take a sneak peek for yourself... We already own our copy and I just can't wait to sit down as a family to create new memories with my own little ones surrounding this mischievous gang. The Little Rascals are back in an all new movie! "Join the fun with Spanky, Alfalfa, Darla, Buckwheat, Petey the dog, and the whole gang as … [Read more...]

Spring Break Savior: Transformers Armada, The Complete Series

I should totally tell you up front that I received a copy of this DVD for review purposes fromClick Communications on behalf of Shout! Factory Kids. As always all opinions and ideas are entirely my own. At our house this week, it's spring break. What does that mean? I have to entertain the kids. Have you met my kids? No. That's not always an easy task. Luckily, this week, an amazing series was released on Blu-ray and DVD and Transformers is one of  Bubby's favorites.  Woohoo and YAY! This Collectible 8 DVD set offers them HOURS of entertainment and allows mommy some time to work, cook, and clean while they enjoy themselves. To me? That's a total score! We got the set a week or so ago, but this week, it was available to the public so you can go out and buy it too. How cool is that? "Brace yourself to relive some of the most astonishing TRANSFORMERS battles between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS through the complete series release of TRANSFORMERS ARMADA. In 2002, TRANSFORMERS fans … [Read more...]

Put Despicable Me 2 Under the Tree This Christmas: Dinner and a Movie

Just for the record, I should tell you that I received the following Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack with bonus features to facilitate this family movie night from Click Communications and their client. As always, all photos, ideas, and opinions are entirely my own. Are you still looking for holiday gift ideas like me? Put the minions under your tree this Christmas because Despicable Me 2 is now available in stores on Blu-ray and DVD. This Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack will not only make your little ones (and you) laugh out loud for real for years to come, but it's packed with all kinds of bonus features as well like 3 new mini movies, deleted scenes, and much more! If you haven't seen this movie yet, or the original, you are truly missing out and might not want to wait until Christmas to open this gift. The kids, B, and I just can't watch it enough and WE, the family that lives under a rock, even went to see this one in the theater when it was released. Last night, we decided to have … [Read more...]