Monday, January 31, 2011


What you say is a “rora-juck”? Exactly what I was asking myself for almost two weeks as my 2-year-old son excitedly and repeatedly said that very word to me. There was a definite break in the middle of the word, leading me to believe that it was in fact two words, but what words, I had no clue. You see, we think my son has a slight speech impediment. He is smart as a whip, but his words don't come out quite right. We have yet to have him tested as he is quite young (barely two) and Bug and I can understand him just fine. Worried a little? Of course I am, I'm a mother. Reading up on it and calling around? Of course, but I've raised three girls who were all quite verbal, bossy, and completely comprehensible at an early age so I've told myself repeatedly that boys develop slower than girls on a lot of these kinds of things. Besides, his intelligence far outweighs his lack of speech so for now I am content that a “bammer” is a hammer, a “ba” is a bottle, “Ky-E” is his beloved sister, “e-har” is a car, an “ocket ship” is a rocket ship, “b-bot” is robot, and I am his “Mommy”. He's been making progress, so it's all good!

Still, this thing that meant so much to him was still a mystery to me and we were both getting frustrated, heck even Bug was getting frustrated trying to figure it all out! I mean, whatever he was saying was some kind of important to him and the fact that we couldn't understand him was so disheartening to him. It was heart wrenching since he is such a happy little mister, and so easy to please, but we were disappointing him and it hurt! This, my first son, is the most kind-hearted, loving, sweet, gentle, little soul I have ever met and to see his feelings hurt, his heart deflated, was breaking my heart!

I actually found myself going to bed at night, laying there for what seemed like forever, repeating this word, “rora-juck”, over and over in my head trying to figure it out. But nothing! We'd wake in the morning and even before “ba” or “nack fruits” or “bop darts”, it was always the same thing......“rora-juck” with that huge gappy-toothed smile! Same every day, and I'd say “Bubby, what is a “rora-juck” baby? Show Mommy!”, and he'd run around looking, desperately searching, knowing what I meant but unable to produce evidence of this beast! He would move on about his day bringing up this elusive object from time to time throughout, but Bug and I got to the point where we would just change the subject because it was easier than seeing the disappointment on his little face when we didn't understand!

Then finally, two weeks after this all started, he came running excitedly from his room, holding his prize, his beloved “rora-juck”, repeating the words over and over and over again, smiling from ear to ear! It was his Mater that apparently we had misplaced and he'd found! Yes, his Mater Fire Truck! He was so proud, he kissed it and said “rora-juck Mommy”! Finally, this torment was over, of course a “rora-juck” was a fire truck, how could I be so stupid? Even Bug was ecstatic! We both said (without skipping a beat), “You found your fire truck Bubby!”. He just smiled in his usual fashion and sat proudly in the floor and played with his “rora-juck” for the rest of the day. Since then, he has been sent books by a very dear friend, and wouldn't you know it, there were “rora-jucks” in two of them and they are his favorites!

Looking back, I can't believe I missed it and put him through two whole weeks of torture! Next time something like this comes up, believe me, we will search his room, his toy box, his closet, high and low until we find the object in question! Then once found, we will continue to use the correct word until he “gets it”. He will get it...he's a genius, I know he is! I don't ever want to see that look of disappointment on his face again....EVER! In the meantime, I'm just glad we all found his “rora-juck” and he's happy again! Happy trumps pronunciation any day! Our world is at peace again!


Leanne said...

This was so incredibly sweet... I have many days where I'm playing this game with my two and I so know that look of disappointment. So glad you found his beloved rora-juck for him :)

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