Monday, May 2, 2011

The Big Sign Up There? It Says 12 Items Or Less!

Seriously?  12 items OR less.  Not 12 items OR more.  People, just because you CAN usually make it through the express check out lane, really doesn't mean you should!

I know this happens everywhere, but seriously in a tourist town, it is like this every freakin time you go to the store!  And they allow it!  These people should be shot ashamed of themselves!  You probably can't specifically count the items in that buggy, but I DID and there were 37.  That's right....THIRTY-SEVEN.  Then they bought 2 cartons of cigarettes so by my estimation, that's 39 total!  WTF?  Yea, I've gone through myself with about 15, but THIRTY-SEVEN?

Oh and do you see that buggy right there behind them?  Yup, that's my buggy!  I had 5 items, thought I'd go through the express lane and save some time.  Sure you did Christy!  I was there for an hour!  Just ridiculous!  

Well the good news is, at least her hat will match her hideous gorgeous outfit when she steps out onto the beach!   

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