Top 10 Reasons Why Facebook Is Better Than Twitter

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I feel like I have to put this out there!  You see, both Facebook and Twitter are HUGE in the social media arena.  It’s no secret!  But honestly, I hate don’t like The Twitter very much!  I am forced have to use them both to boost my “scores” so that as a blogger I can get noticed. 
We all know I’m a Facebook junkie, again no secrets there.  But now that I’ve been actively despising using The Twitter for some time, I’d like to let you know why I prefer Facebook (henceforth referred to as FB) to The Twitter (we’ll refer to this beast as TT from this point forward).
So without further ado, my top ten reasons are:
#10 – On FB, I always know who is online (I don’t always care, but at least I know).  On TT, I have absolutely no clue who is currently stalking me online while I am.  That’s just creepy!
# 9 – On FB, I can type a status in a conversational tone.  On TT, I tweet.  Seriously?  Tweeting is not a human function!  One might even say it’s for the birds!
# 8 – On FB, one or more of my friends can simply “comment” on my status and we often have ridiculous meaningful conversations, right there on the same thread.  Timing doesn’t matter and it’s a personal kind of thing. On TT, I might tweet (have I mentioned how much I hate that word) something and some time later, some one else will reply.  This reply shows up as a stand alone tweet.  I have no idea what they are referencing most of the time.  Do they honestly think I have nothing else in my world and I’ve just been sitting there for hours waiting on them to “reply” to my tweet? WOW!
# 7 – On FB, I can poke any one, at any time, any day of the week!  On TT, they have #FF…just the one day, and you can only get like 5 people!  (Yes my smart ass lovely Twitter friends, I know it means Follow Friday.  I don’t care, it’s funnier MY way!)
# 6 – On FB, when people share links, it shows the full link name with thumbnail.  I pretty much know what I’m getting into before clicking on it.  On TT, they have a shortened or tiny URL in text form.  Seriously people?  I have small children, I’m NOT clicking it!
# 5 – On FB, I’m a “friend”.  Does this mean I’m a “twit” on TT?  I think it does and I don’t *LIKE* it!
# 4 – On FB, I can share actual photos (not just links).  On TT, I can share links to photos (not actual photos).  Major Twitter fail!
# 3 – On FB, I can type a status or post a comment and people *LIKE* it.  I know this through my notifications.  I *LIKE* this!  On TT, someone can mark my tweet (again with that freaking word) a “favorite”.  I don’t even know how to figure out who “favorited” me.  Through my notific….oh that’s right, TT doesn’t have those either.  You have to poke around all over the place to find anything!
# 2 – On FB, I have 422 friends.  Of those, I have personally met over 90%.  Less than 10% are people that I have met through the blogosphere and that I communicate with on a regular basis concerning business issues and through other communities.  On TT, I have 1100 followers.  Of those, I swear on my own life, I have actually only personally met about 20…not 20%, I mean the number 20…of them.  About 25% of them (give or take 5%, I’ve never been good at math), I’ve come to communicate and work with through the blogging world.  So who the hell are the other +/- 70% you might ask?  Hell if I know and I’m frightened Auntie Em!
# 1 – But the most important reason I like FB over TT is character limit!  FB limits me to 420 characters per status update.  I have a hard time keeping within that limit.  And TT?  They only give me 120!  120?  I have so much trivial meaningless idiotic interesting information to share!  How can I possibly do that with this ridiculous limit?  I can barely say good morning in 120 characters or less!  Major fail!
Well folks, that’s my take on it.  My FB kicks your Twitter’s ass any old day!  It’s all here in black and white now, you can’t dispute the written word!  
I hope all of my “twits” don’t get their panties in a wad over this one!  I’d hate to fall below 1000 again!  That would be a travesty, now wouldn’t it?  It’s all about the numbers!

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