Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm Getting a Fake White Christmas Tree and I Couldn't Be Happier!

This year, I will be getting a fake WHITE Christmas tree and I couldn't be happier!

You see, I've wanted one for years!  I remember in a land far, far away (California) in a dimension not so far from my own (my toddlerhood), we had one and I loved it!

I don't remember much from this time period, nor this fabulous land but I remember this tree and it was beautiful!

I remember that my mother loved it!  I remember her decorating it, and singing, and smiling!  I have always wanted to capture this elusive memory and make it part of my own Christmas!

But I have been unsuccessful!  My ex-husbands (they are ex's for more than just this reason) didn't buy into my enthusiasm.  They thought it was too "girly".  I'm a girl...girly is my thing!  But I never got one of these elusive, sparkly beasts!  Sadness!

And over the years, I have endured either the fake green trees, or worse yet, the live furs!  Understand that I do not agree with cutting down a live tree to watch it die over the course of the holiday!  This does not fit with my lifestyle!  I do not like to KILL nature (or anything)!  And worse than that, I am miserably allergic to any form or fashion of a pine!  Having these in my house is like asking you to pump yourself with the worst allergen ever!

But since I have been knocked down with this (fabulous) idea so many times, I didn't dare venture there again.  I have kept my mouth shut and gone with the flow!  Tonight, I could contain myself no longer as the family and I headed back from grocery shopping.  

I told B what I wanted, I explained how much I had loved my Mom's tree in our early years. I poured my heart out over my longing for this white awesomeness, and I expressed my understanding of how "girly" this tree was.  I put it out there, ready for the rejection...once again!  

But much to my surprise (although in hind sight, I have no clue why I was surprised), this man lovingly looked at me and said "Girly?  You are a girl!  Whatever you want baby!  Just go get it!".  Are you freaking serious?  WOOT WOOT!

So this year?  This fabulous year!  I am going to have a WHITE fake Christmas tree in my house!  It will be a white Christmas here inside our home!  And it will be stupendous!  And I will be happy!  You know what?  It's the little things that matter most in life!  And this little thing has me thrilled!

I hope you all get to embrace the beautiful things in your life this holiday season!  I am thrilled that I will have my WHITE fake tree, but I am even more thrilled that I have a husband that loves me enough to "go along with" my dreams, however big or small they might be!  And for children that will adore whatever simple presents Santa might drop under said tree!  

My life is so awesome and I can't even begin to count my blessings because I'm no good at math and there are way too many numbers to add here!  

Be thankful, be happy, and follow your heart!  If the people around you love you enough, they will indulge all of your silly wishes!  It's a beautiful thing!

Stay tuned because there WILL be pictures!  You know you won't want to miss those!  Peace and blessings!  


Barbara Mascareno-Shaw said...

I'm sure you'll have decorating this tree. I don't think I've seen white trees lately. They sure are a rarity. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Christina said...

This just made me tear up! I am really happy that you get to finally enjoy this wonderful dream. B is such a great guy - it's no wonder why you're so sparkly all the time!

I hope to see pictures of this tree soon!

Katya Kate said...

Wow congratulations for the white Christmas tree!! Your hubby truly loves you and your kids for sure would love the sparkly tree too! Have fun!

Sarah said...

Aw, how sweet. But you shouldn't need anyone's permission to get something that means this much to you. But glad you are getting it! If the ex's thought the white was too girly, they should she the metallic pink ones they have out now!

Kathy Murphy said...

Love your story. I remember my Mom have a 3 foot silver tree! Glad you got what you wanted, I think it's purty!

clgossett said...

Oh believe me, I do not ask permission. I am just a pleasure by nature. I want everyone to enjoy the holidays so if everyone isn't "in" on my decisions, that's just selfish! I'm just thrilled that everyone is on board this year :)

clgossett said...

I need to go get my fabulous tree but I will post pictures! He is a great guy! He's not without flaw, but then again, neither am I! :)

lisapollard said...

Congrats on your tree! How exciting to finally have a tree like you did when you were younger! I can't wait to see pictures!

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