Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's Wearing Clothes in the House and This Place is a Mess!

Guess it's time to reinvent my life!  Bubby's wearing clothes in the house by choice (if you've been following along, even not so closely, you know this is odd) and this place is a HOT MESS!  Just look at it!  

There are cords everywhere, there are toys thrown hap hazardly about.  No this is NOT right.  This is NOT my house!  My Bubby should be running around in a diaper and everything else should be in order!

My life stays in order and that's how I maintain the little bit of sanity that I have.  Since the not-so-move, this has not been the case.  Everything is in disarray.  But today was the kicker.  Bubby got up and selected his attire for the day.  It included pants, and a shirt, AND socks.  He wanted to be DRESSED to stay indoors.  

OH MY STARS!  The planets are misaligned.  This boy does NOT get dressed...not without a fight.  And we weren't going anywhere.  Holy what has happened to all that I once knew OCD girl? 

And the apartment is a mess.  I mean utter chaos mess.  How can we have such a mess with so little here?  The how is not the issue, the fact is!  But it shall all be resolved soon enough.  

The U-Haul truck as been rented.  The drive to the island is planned for the morning.  Over the weekend, we shall be neatly placing all of our belongings into the truck (oh who am I kidding? B is doing most of the moving so the crap is just going to be thrown in there in another HOT MESS) and bringing it all here to the woods.  It will be neatly placed in here (again with the humor, they'll throw it and I'll stress over it) so that I can make this house a home for the next couple of years. 

I can do this!  I know that I can.  But now I have to deal with the fact that Bubby wants to wear clothes.  I'm OK with clothes...I wear them every day.  But all of this change at one time is very confusing. thing at a time.  Move the stuff in, get it all in order, deal with the clothes thing later!

As always, it's all good and I'll sparkle through this!  And by Monday, I'll have all of my stuff again!  Let's just hope I can find it all!  Isn't moving fun?  Wish me luck and if you're in the area, stop by.  Help me unpack, grab a drink, and have a laugh with (at) me!  This will be fun!


  1. woo-hoo! go bubby and I must add he did a great job picking out his attire! :)


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