Friday, March 9, 2012

My Life's A Hot Sparkly Mess!

Seriously!  Bubby's face says it all, and the photo explains the rest!  

My life is MORE than a hot sparkly mess right now.  It's complete and total chaos.  We don't have "beds", no TV, hardly any toys at all, only one book (why did we only bring one book?), no furniture, and I have no desk!  This can't be good!

NAY...this ISN'T good at all!  The kids are crabby, I'm even worse.  We've been in these woods for a couple of weeks with none of our "stuff" and we are not acclimating well.  

It's been raining...A we've been stuck inside.  Not fun at all.  No sparkles here!   

I've been busy working (bumping off of someone's WiFi I might add...thank you NetGear Guest1) but the kids are bored and who can blame them?  It's still raining and the pollen is unbearable.  The "woods" are not where we belong. 

And lest we forget that picture shared at the beginning of this post.  I used to have a desk.  I used to be organized.  I used to have my sanity (kind of sort of maybe).  But at least I had a desk.  Now I am working from the floor.  With my laptop on a cooler, knees folded in an uncomfortable position, back propped up on the wall, notebooks and files everywhere.  NO this is NOT ideal!

Hot sparkly mess is an understatement.  I long for normalcy.  I long for MY life to be back again.  I will maintain my work schedule, I will keep attempting to entertain my babies, and we WILL get through this temporary madness.  We WILL have our stuff here soon and we WILL enjoy our years (heaven help us...I hope they are don't know what has been going on financially and with the utilities and such) here in the woods!

In the meantime, I hope the babies figure out that mommy is just as miserable as they are and that working from a cooler is not my ideal situation while they run around screaming, kicking walls, each other, and throwing crap (seriously, where do they keep finding crap to throw?  There just isn't that much crap here!).  

I'm ready to get off this ride and back to normalcy as soon as possible.  We're headed to the island (ahhh don't know how much I've missed you) to pack and get some of our "stuff" this weekend.  Top "stuff" on the list includes my desk, more toys, craft items (because it won't.stop.raining), more books, a TV, and the sanity that I somehow left on the island!

Say a little prayer.  Send some sparkles.  Do whatever it is you believe in, but whatever you do, do it STAT!  We're not fairing well here in the woods but this is only a temporary set back!  We'll be sparkling again in no time...I just know we will.  This is only a location and the lack of "stuff" and this weather are putting a damper on our lives right now, but we've got this!  We've still got each other and that's what matters the most!

Rock on and don't let anyone ever dull your sparkles! I will start practicing what I preach again in the morning.  Tonight I whine!


  1. Ugh, Christy!! I'm so sorry you're dealing with this!! I don't know why you don't have your furniture and stuff yet, but I'm praying it will get there soon!!! Sending boat loads of sparkles for your day today!

  2. We moved around a lot when I was little and I remember my house looking just like that minus the laptop of course! You will get you ocean sand back again I promise! The kids will like the woods too, trees to climb and all, anything you need from me over here in MN please ask! I love the bumping off of Netgear Guest1 LOL

  3. Poor girl! I hope things start to get back to normal once you have some of your stuff from the island. Hang in there! I know the woods aren't the beach but they can be fun! Sending lots of sparkles!

  4. ya know what...children LOVE playing in the rain! It is just water...let them get wet so you dont strangle them! When we first moved into this house our living room consisted of 2 lawn chairs and a guitar amp and a TV on the floor. For 3 months. It was not attractive. Lawn chairs do not belong indoors.

  5. I love to play in the rain too BUT it's been cold (like 40's cold) and that isn't so fun to us! :(

  6. I'm sending re-enforcements (and by re-enforcements, I mean goodies!)


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