Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Media: Hates - Top 10

There are very few things I hate about social media.  Nay...I pretty much love everything about it.  I'm a junkie if you will.  I make my living off of social media and I'm in love with the whole concept.  

BUT, as with anything, there are a few things that annoy the BA-JEZUS out of me and although I bite my tongue on a daily basis, you need to know.  If you are guilty of these things, you make me twitch.  
Yes, some of you make me want to reach out of this computer that I spend entirely too much time on and slap the snot out of you.  

Time for another top 10:

1) GR8...OMG, this annoys me.  Are you 12?  Are you Tony the Tiger? It's only 2 additional characters...use them!

2)  Bloggers that can't spell, haven't mastered the English language, don't know the difference between to, two, and too.  You chose this career and if you want to write, DO IT, don't half ass it!

3)  Pop up ads on sites.  People block pop up ads for a reason, you might want to take note!

4)  The Twitter...nuff said!

5) what?

6)  Google +....MySpace failed for a reason.  

7)  Cyber Cheating.  This is bogus, ridiculous, and the demise of most marriages these days.  It should be outlawed.

8)  People that talk in real life like they are still on the social media networks.  OMG is an abbreviation.  So is IDK.  Please don't use these in real life.  I will slap you.

9)  People that post a gazillion pictures on Facebook.  Pinterest was invented for a reason.  For the record, I hid your stream.

10) The fact that we as a society have forgotten the art of picking up a phone and calling people to talk.  We use these gadgets constantly to "talk" to each other, but we rarely "talk".  This, my friends, is a shame!

So, in a nutshell, I'm telling you that I'm as addicted to social media as you are, but it's time we all step outside of this box and remember that the "real" world is still worth exploring.  Connect, engage, and love one another.  It's not all about "poking" anymore!


  1. OMG, IDK if you are to addicted to Social Media. I think it's GR8!
    To sum up...tweet me.

  2. Have to agree with NOT using OMG when speaking to another, face-to-face. I like Twitter, just HATE the spam...and why is it called spam anyway? I love the canned jellied pig parts, especially pan fried with a bit of American Cheese. Thanks for the laugh this morning sister!


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