Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Join Us on Twitter to Bring Awareness and Help #SaveAmericasMustangs

Do you see this fabulous creature? This is one of America's Mustangs. That's right, these beautiful animals belong to us, the American public! But did you know that over 3 million roamed free 110 years ago, and today that number is just under 30,000? We can't have this! 

I love horses, it's a lifelong love actually! I "owned" my first horse in 8th grade. His name was Cochise, he was a Quarter Horse, and he was amazing! He was somewhat of a rescue horse actually because when I had my choice of horses, I chose him! He was a 16 year old, retired riding lesson horse. He had a stumble and he had no one to love him. We spent many years together and he taught me so much. I was trying to find myself in my early teens and he was trying to find someone to love him forever. I was able to give him a forever home in his old age, and he helped me through the rough times that we all experience as teens. This was not just an animal, a pet, to me. He was my friend!

So when I hear things about the abuse of horses, I get somewhat insane with anger and I want to help! We all need to help!

There is just too much to explain about what is happening to OUR American Mustangs, but here are some key points I want you to drill in to your head: 
  • American horses are being sold to killer buyers who slaughter these animals in various parts of the world for financial gain. Recent legislation just passed making it NOT illegal to slaughter horses in the United States.
  • The horses belong to the American people. The wild horses are just managed by the government (Bureau of Land Management), but the BLM doesn’t own them. Americans should continue to have a say as to what happens to their horses and we encourage all of our supporters to Take Action through the website, Saving America's Mustangs.
There is a solution! Businesswoman and philanthropist, Madeleine Pickens, is committed to this promise. Through her Foundation, citizens from all walks of life are uniting to create a permanent home, a Sanctuary, to save these magnificent national treasures.

So how can YOU help? You should want to help! Give an hour of your time to help promote this cause! Come party with us on Twitter. Social Media is a powerful tool. Let's use this power for good to save our American Heritage.

Please join us on August 22nd at 1:00pm EST as we discuss these issues and the solution. This simple hour can raise awareness and you can be a part of it! 

You can follow along on our handy dandy tweet grid here:

Follow your hosts: @notinsanemom and @mamacheaps

And did I mention the prizes? Yes, there will be prizes! 
  • (2) $25 Visa gift cards
  • (1) $50 Visa gift card + $100 donation to SAM in your name
  • (1) $100 Visa gift card + $100 donation to SAM in your name           

Please be sure to RSVP below to be eligible for the prizes. You won't want to miss this. It's a win~win! We raise awareness to help #SaveAmericasMustangs and you win prizes! Hope to see you there!

Please see the official legal rules for the #SaveAmericasMustangs Twitter Party.


  1. This will be such a great twitter party!

  2. As a horse owner of Quarter Horses, I appreciate the beauty and majesty of the mustangs! I most definitely will be there.. Thanks for bringing this every so important topic (that most aren't aware of) to the fore front of twitter! Let's get this hashtag trending!

  3. I will definitely be there! I've learned so much this month on the terrible fight these animals have been going through to survive, and I've been completely shocked what horrors have been going on in our country to these beautiful creatures.. I will be there to help talk & spread awareness! @FirstClassKris

  4. How wonderful! My daughter has been asking for a horse since she was 2yrs old! :) Unfortunately we cannot purchase one, but 'riding the pony' is the first thing we do at the zoo here!

  5. Thanks so much Kristen! We're so glad you are so passionate about this cause! We need to make the American public aware of what is happening right under our own noses and with our own tax dollars! It's so incredibly unjust and sad!

  6. I'll be there! Glad to spread the word and to see so many others that care and are willing to participate! I'm excited! @GramasCottage

  7. Can't wait for this party!! I love animals and want to help them every chance I get. Thank you for doing what you are doing!! Will see you there. @St4ceyNicole

  8. Awesome! Can't wait!

  9. You always bring so much to the party April! So glad you will be there!

  10. Great Stacey! I'm so excited to chat with others that are passionate about this cause!

  11. Such an important topic! Beautiful creatures! Hope to help! @cammiLH


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