Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Sanity, My Week In Sparkles #3

What? Sparkles? She promised us sparkles and we see this old ugly box! What the heck is going on here? Yes this box is old, beaten, and ugly. But this is what brought me sparkles this week. 

You see, it's been a rough week. I've been busy of course, but that hasn't stopped me from being all *sad face* about missing BlogHer 12. So many of my bloggy friends were having a blast and learning incredible things while I remained at home! 

And then there is the ridiculously dramatic and disrespectful step-daughter. I'm tried of that issue actually and being all negative pants is not my style! I'm actually thinking of sticking my tail between my legs and running...yes, it's that bad!

So I've been working away and trying to just enjoy my time with B and the babies despite the let downs and drama. B had a boxing match this weekend that didn't turn out as planned but I was proud of how well he did in his first official match (more on that later).

But nothing from my week really jumped out to share with you for this...until tonight!

I'm doing a post about horses (stay tuned...this is something I'm passionate about and you'll want to read...I hope). I wanted a personal spin on my post. I wanted to find THOSE pictures. I dug through the closets and I found "the" box I was looking for. You can see it above. It's not pretty. This box has traveled with me for years (more than I care to mention). And it says "mostly pictures" for a reason. 

This box holds treasures. There are of my own mother when she was a teen. Photos of me as a toddler with my sisters, as a child, as a teen, as a bride. There are photos from my high school years, from my college years. There are photos of my now "grown up" girls as infants, of their toddler years, of their school aged years...of them growing up in front of my eyes! There are photos of my "step" children from their early years...before they learned the difference between "real" (ha ha) mom and step mom. 

There are photos of my Mom and Dad when they were still together.  I sat with my young children tonight and we dug through the box. They were confused...who was who? Which one was I? Where was "Bry-nana"? Is that Paetyn? They were so uncertain and yet so excited! It was a beautiful hour and I enjoyed every second of it!

And the "mostly pictures" thing reminded me to dig deeper into the box. There were letters, there were notes, there were memories. Yes, in this old beaten up box, I had notes from high school friends, I had letters that were mailed from friends and family during college, and I had cards saved from the birth of my children. This box is NOT ugly. IT SPARKLES! 

I will NOT be moving the contents of this box into something more stable. The box is fragile. It is like my emotions. To some it might look broken, but is stands the test of time. And it sparkles from the inside out! 

That box holds so much of my life and we have so much in common. Like the box, my corners are bent, my color is faded, but my memories and sparkles remain! Life is good...enjoy the broken boxes in your life...they hold the best treasures!


  1. Melissa RheinlanderAugust 6, 2012 at 11:49 AM

    So true!! I am a photo taking junkie ;)

  2. That was one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read. Christy, you are an amazing person and I love your honestly and self reflection. We all have our "mostly pictures" boxes and I am now inspired to go rummage through mine *once I'm home. You brought a smile to my face today, which I didn't think was possible (bad day at the airport), for that I send you extra sparkly hugs. Once I'm in your neck of the woods we need to meet up for coffee talk. :-)

  3. Awww, thanks my friend! I hope you find some sparkly treasures in our "mostly pictures" box when you get home. Airports can be such a nightmare. Hang in there and safe travels. Glad I could make you smile. :) And of course we will be meeting up soon for coffee talk, I'm looking forward to it!

  4. I know you are and I loved the photos from your weekend! :)


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