Monday, December 17, 2012

Ornament Exchange...Just for Giggles

My online blogging friends are a part of my world and they make me laugh on a daily basis. They know me, my likes, and my *GAG* dislikes. We have a healthy game of who can "one-up" the others the most. It's probably very sick and twisted in many ways, but it works for us and we enjoy it. 

We had an ornament exchange through Social Fabric. This should be a beautiful exchange of meaningful ornaments that our friends will love and cherish for years to come. It should...but you don't know my friends. My "official" exchange came from my dear friend Janet from Going Crazy!! Wanna Go??!! You see, she loves me so her ornaments of course involved purple sparkles. Because well...I hate purple and there's this whole #purplearmy vs. #teampinksparklepants debate going on. Too much to explain but SoFabCon in May will settle the debate (wish me luck, I think I'm losing the battle). I was challenged to hang purple sparkles *GAG* from my tree and I met that challenge...TAKE THAT! There was also a lovely pink sparkly wreath ornament for me and some goodies for the babies. See what I mean? There is love there, it's just that "the funny" is a big part of our lives. 
Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't share my non-official exchanges. Amy from As the Bunny Hops sent me a lovely treat because working on a recent campaign, I threatened to shoot my own eye out more than once, kids. Oh yes, my tree is FUN!!
Then there's...THIS. Yes it's a beaver. I can't explain because it's a long story but Mallery who is a Horrible Housewife by the way, decided this beaver should hang proudly from my tree. It does, and it makes me giggle. But what makes me laugh even more is the fact that Bubby loves this beaver and often tells his Daddy things like "Do you see Mommy's beaver hanging on the tree Daddy?" or "I like Mommy's beaver". Yes, it's just so wrong but oh-so-innocent. 

And these are my friends. Fun huh? What frightens me the most (and makes me laugh all at the same time) is that there are still 8 days until Christmas. You never know what might show up around here. I just saw a message a couple of minutes ago that my tree will be even more purple if the post office would hurry up

OY! I might have sent out a couple of pink sparkle surprises when I visited the post office today to pick up my purple *GAG* sparkle ornaments. I know they will LOVE them! I love my life!


  1. I super duper love that my beaver is on your tree! Nothing says bff like beaver love does! hahahahaha

    1. You're off as we say in the south. Guess that's why I pink puffy heart you so much! :)

  2. It's "interesting" Jillian. We'll leave it at that. Don't fall in to this trap. ;)

  3. You're a sick woman Mallery. I guess that's why I pink sparkly {heart} you so much!

  4. You have the greatest friends!!!

  5. You're one of them. Now where's my inappropriate ornament? LOL

  6. I really do love you, Christy!! I hope you enjoy the pink sparkles for many years...and I hope the purples don't become a Janet voodoo doll. :-)

  7. My tree beaver is so much cuter than your tree beaver.

  8. is not. We have the same beaver.

  9. Our beavers are totally different. My beaver is so pretty.


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