Galveston Club Paradise: Pier or Jetty? What’s the Difference?

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B and I have this discussion often. What’s the difference between a pier and a jetty and why does it even matter? And by discussion I mean, I’ll say “Let’s walk out on the pier baby” to which he retorts “That’s a jetty”. End of discussion. Mood destroyed. No pier/jetty walking occurs.
Why am I even bringing this up? Because I took this lovely photo of a jetty, or a pier, or whatever it is since they are all labeled as piers throughout the island, and I wanted to share it with you, but I didn’t know what to call it. It’s the 45th Street Pier but B says it’s a jetty. Whatever! So I did what I should have done after the very first argument discussion about this topic years ago. I Googled it.
jetty (noun):
1. A landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.
2. A breakwater constructed to protect or defend a harbor, stretch of coast or riverbank.
pier (noun:
1. A structure leading out from the shore into a body of water, in particular.
2. A platform supported on pillars or girders, used as a landing stage for boats.
Crap! Apparently he’s right. And I’m not right. It should however be noted that each is listed as a synonym for the other so technically, I’m not wrong, just not right. But the above photo does indeed represent a jetty. I guess it was constructed to protect this stretch of coast by definition, and it isn’t a platform, nor is it supported by pillars.
Truth be known, I still don’t care either way. I just like to take walks on the piers jetties with my husband but he’d rather correct my oceanic terminology. You know, because he’s all grammatically correct and stuff all of the time.
In my opinion, he just misses the point way too often with his arguments educational lessons. Maybe he’ll get the message next time because I’ll be sure to rephrase it, “Let’s take a walk out on the jetty baby.” Maybe he’ll learn a lesson for once and just enjoy the moment.
Definitions courtesy of Thanks for clarifying.

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  1. How about you call them a jepi? Technically you would always be right by making up a hybrid word. ;)

  2. Making up words is always a good thing. This is a brilliant idea!

  3. Or you could say “let’s go walk out there”…or screw it all and just go walk alone. Maybe he will follow.

  4. My hubby likes to give “educational lessons” as well. LOL I totally get it. I’d love to be able to say, “Let’s go take a walk on the jetty.” I can just feel the sea breeze right now…. Love your photos, Christy. They take me away.

    Oh, and I love Mallery’s thinking. LOL

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