Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love is in Bloom Again

Tonight I received a dozen beautiful white roses from B. White roses are a sign of peace and even though pink is my absolute favorite color, white roses are my favorites by far. 

This was a very pleasant surprise and took me off guard. We're in a rebuilding phase. We've had our share of problems. I've been honest about that. All couples do, some are just more inclined to hide their problems than I am. 

December and January tried our marriage in a way that no other time has ever done. It's March, we're back on the island, the drama queen has admitted to most of her lies, and we're moving in the right direction as a family. 

As a family...that part is important of course. But as a couple? Where do we stand? We've both been focusing on issues that we've ignored in the past. I work too much, he shuts down too much. We take care of everyone else around us but we forget to take care of each other. That's how the past problems got started. 

We're working hard. Marriage is hard work and anyone that tells you it's not is either lying, divorced, or hiding in their own closet in an unhappy marriage. It's been a while since we've been a wedding ring wearing, flower giving couple. We never fell out of love. We actually never will. We're kind of "bound" to each other. We just kind of fell out of "like" with each other for a brief stint. 

But love is in bloom again, just like these flowers sitting on my desk, and I feel good. I'm happy to watch it begin again. And I'll happily ride this roller coaster with B for the rest of our lives, because it's worth it. He's worth it. 


  1. Aw! I love the beautiful flowers. YOu are most certainly right. Marriage takes a lot of work from both people involved. We have had our ups and downs through our 7 years married. I realize that for us, it takes some give and take from the both of us.
    I am so glad love is in the bloom again! You are both worth it!


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