Friday, May 10, 2013

One Night...At SoFabCon...We Had a Cocktail Party!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I am writing this post and this series to share my experiences at SoFabCon 2013 and to show my love for Collective Bias. No one has asked me to post any of this content so obviously all opinions, ideas, and photos are my own or are being used by express permission. 
From Left to Right: The Nesticle Princess, The Creator of the Nesticles, The Nesticle Queen
Upon entering the ballroom at Crystal Bridges for the cocktail party to officially  kick off the first inaugural SoFabCon 2013, Amy and I met up with none other than the creator of the Nesticles, Code Ninja Chris Whittle. What's a Nesticle you ask? Don't bother...let your mind wander. It's just so much more fun that way. 
It was a packed house, there was fabulous food, there were sparkles everywhere, and there was much mingling to do. You know, because I was on a mission to meet all 300+ attendees in a few short days. I probably got to 100 this night alone. I move quickly and I talk fast. But I talk a lot so it was always so hard to move along to the next. 
The room hushed as Courtney Velasquez, Community Relations Manager at Collective Bias, took the podium. Her beauty, powerful presence, openness,  and kindness always amazes me. She welcomed us all and all of a sudden, this was REAL to me. We were here. We were about to learn things to take our blogs, our brands, to a new level. This was happening! For the record, yes that was just another emotional moment for me. I'd waited for this for a long time and I was there, in this room, with these amazing people, and I was ready to soak it all in. 
But pause...stop...rewind. We met Bailey Carroll and Hunter Poole (in real life) at this party. These two hot messes (said with the utmost respect and giggles) ended up being our group's Arkansas tour guides after each day's "official" events were over. Oh the fun we had...I'll never tell. Love these two!
But no successful cocktail party would ever be complete without learning how to call the pigs...or hogs...or razorbacks...or something...SUUUEY! Yes, this happened. The whole Collective Bias team gathered up front and taught it's Social Fabric community members how to do the Razorback call. And we did it. I'm sure we all looked snazzy doing this in our cocktail dresses and suits. I'm sure we did. Just give this to me, would ya? We did. 

It was a good night and the beginning of the best blogging conference EVER! I'll get into that next. Promise. We really learned a lot. Up next...Photography by Rachel Rockwell. You won't want to miss this!


  1. Apparently the mention of Nesticles makes me smile like I'm in pain. LOL

  2. You and me both. You should see the other pictures.

  3. I have an awesome video of us calling the hogs on YouTube. ;-)

  4. But did I SEO it right? I think not. Your session review is coming soon. I need to read my notes.

  5. I need to check that out!

  6. I look forward to reading it. :)

  7. Haha- looks awesome!!! Love the pictures too!

  8. Kelly @ Texas Type A MomMay 16, 2013 at 10:16 PM

    For the record, I did *not* call the hogs. I'm no traitor!


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