If I could, I would!

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If I could, I would totally turn back the clock 20 years. I was a young mom ready for the world. My own mom knew nothing. NOTHING. She wasn’t worldy and her advice was ridiculous!

She had no clue. She was “old” and outdated. I was a “mom” and I knew what I was doing. I had this. 

I was wrong!

I should have listened to my mom. Life is hard. Parenting is harder. 

I was NOT an expert. I’m still not. Six children later, I’m still clueless about this parenting thing. I’m about to be a grandmother and I’ve yet to learn how to be a parent. I should have. Could have. Listened. 

But I didn’t. 

Now I have to learn how to grand-parent. I’m not ready. My baby will give birth to a baby and she’ll look to me for advice. What do I have? Just wing it my love. You’ve got this. That’s what I did and y’all made it through. Wing it. I think all parents do. 

Our parents try to teach us. My mom tried to teach me. If I had listened, the wrinkles and grey hairs wouldn’t be so prominent now. If my own babies listen to me, they might get through. 

But I see wrinkles and grey hairs for them ahead. None of us listens. If we’d have known then what we know now, we would have listened. But we had to learn on our own. So do they. Good luck. You’ll learn. And one day…you’ll be thankful. 

Momma wasn’t a bitch after all. She cared. You’ll see it in time. In the meantime, if you ask what we think? Just listen. We might know what we’re talking about. If we’d have known then what we know now? This world might not be such a shit can. You can be the change. 

Just know now what you should know later which is, listen to your mother. And welcome to parenthood. It’s not easy but you turned out OK!

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  1. Rita O'Neal says:

    Awww… I can so relate! I was pregnant at 14! He is turning 18 in a couple weeks. I keep thinking if he had a baby when I had him, I’d have a three year old grandkid! He’s too young for that crap. But, when it was me, I didn’t feel young. Like you, I wing it, and it goes good.

    She’ll do fine and so will you :)

  2. She has you and that is all that matters! I know you are a wonderful mom (!!!) and she will be as well! I always tend to not listen to my mom’s advice but realize that most times, I really should.

  3. She’ll be a good mommy but I can guarantee you, she’ll do a lot of winging it because she’s as stubborn as her mom.

  4. WOW! Rita, I didn’t know you had him so young. Kudos to you. It was hard at 21, I can’t imagine what it must have been like for you. You were just a baby yourself! And it’s kind of odd here since my son, her brother, will only be 5 a month before the baby is born. Crazy!

  5. We do all wing it. She’ll be awesome at this. I have full confidence in her but wish I was closer to help more.

  6. Rita O'Neal says:

    Yes! My brother was six when my son was born. It was crazy and one hell of a roller coaster ride. But it made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change that. I need to blog about it. It’s just a really long story.

  7. BrandiJeter says:

    Thank goodness your daughter has you. I know you wish you could be closer, but you can listen. And you know just as well as I do, that we (stubborn folks) are going to try it our own way first before we ask for any help anyway! She’ll be great!

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