Schlitterbahn Galveston…The Best Day EVER!

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Just so you know, I participated in Schlitterbahn’s Mom’s Ice Chest Challenge to facilitate this post. We planned a picnic and packed a #BahnCooler, and had an awesome day. As always, all opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

Schlitterbahn Galveston, Schlitterbahn, water parks. #BahnCooler
We went to Schlitterbahn Galveston this past weekend and Bubby officially dubbed it the best day EVER! He wasn’t far off the mark. Other than the marriage to my husband, and the birth of my children, it totally ranked up there for me too! Schlitterbahn truly has something for everyone, no matter your age, and this is the perfect family day of fun.

Schlitterbahn Galveston, water parks, family activities, summer adventures

The minute we walked in, I knew we’d have fun! There was so much to see and do. But I was apprehensive. My babies had never done anything like this before. Would they be scared to slide down all of these big slides? Schlitterbahn is the ONLY water park I’ve ever been to in my life that allows the little ones (under 42″ tall, since Bubby is only 41.5″ tall) to ride almost all of the rides as long as a parent accompanies them. How cool is that? My little buddy was a CHAMP. He rode everything he could and asked for more! From slides, to the lazy river, to Treasure Island.

Schlitterbahn Galveston, water parks, #BahnCooler

But let’s talk about this lazy river, shall we? There is absolutely nothing lazy about it! We’ve been to water parks over the years where you just troll around a lazy river and relax. There are places where you can do this here, but if you want to step it up a notch, Schlitterbahn has you covered with The Torrent River, that offers some serious waves y’all, and The White Wave River, which is seriously like white water rafting, in a water park. AWESOME. This is like no lazy river we’ve ever seen before and we spent hours there!

#BahnCooler, Schlitterbahn, Schlitterbahn Galveston

Plus, this water park stands out above the rest. They don’t only allow you to bring your own coolers, they encourage it. Do you know how much money you can save by bringing your own cooler full of food and drink to a water park? A crap ton! That’s how much. We came loaded with sandwich fixins and drinks for everyone. Enough to last us through lunch, and dinner. The park is open from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm, so you’ll want to pack a bunch.

Schlitterbahn Galveston, Galveston, Schlitterbahn, family picnics, water parks

Because nothing beats a family picnic. I dare you to say something does!

Schlitterbahn Galveston, #BahnCooler, water parks

Luckily, there are picnic areas that are clean, and you can safely leave your stuff right there, all day long. They have lockers to store your valuables of course, but no one messes with your coolers while you’re off playing because employees “patrol” the area all day. Just leave your stuff and go, and come back to grab a snack as you need it. Super awesome! There are about 7 picnic areas by my count, but don’t hold me to that.

Schlitterbahn Galveston, Schlitterbahn, water parks

Although the babies rode all of the water slides they could (Bug could ride all of them and she did), one of their favorite places to chill was the Treasure Island Kids’ Pool.

Schlitterbahn Galveston, Schlitterbahn, water parks
This was a place to relax, have a little fun, and just enjoy a little family time during our busy day.

Schlittbahn Galveston, Schlitterbahn, water parks, family adventures
They had a blast and I think I had more fun watching them than they actually did playing. That frog slide was the bomb!

Schlitterbahn Galveston, cabanas, water parks, family getaways
Only one thing could make our next family outing at Schlitterbahn Galveston better. A cabana. They have the most amazing cabanas for rent for the day. Some are 2-story, some just one. But either way, this takes picnicking at the water park to a new level and this is what I want to do next time! Awesome, right?

So, if you live in Galveston, or if you’re ever in the Galveston area, OBVIOUSLY, I recommend that you visit Schlitterbahn for a family day (or entire weekend) of fun. Well worth the cost, and hey…parking is free. Bring your own #BahnCooler, they encourage it. Then you don’t have to worry about food or drink while you’re there. It’ll be waiting for you at your picnic table or cabana.! Just ask Bubby.

If you want to find out more about what Schlitterbahn has to offer, be sure to visit their website, and you can like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter too.

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Christy Gossett, managing editor of SoFabFood and creator of the healthy living blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is a WAHM of 6 kids ranging in age from 25 to 6. She enjoys sharing her heart-healthy, low sodium recipes to help others with dietary restrictions enjoy a flavorful life while maintaining a healthy diet.

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  1. Wow – I wish we had this near us. It sounds like such an awesome place. My biggest pet peeve about going to a park is when you feel like they are trying to nickel and dime you and get you everywhere as a parent. Being able to bring your own food is HUGE. Plus it’s nice to know you won’t be arguing with your kids over what they can and can’t have or what a picky child will eat. The height factor is great too! I have a child that falls in the same category and have delayed going to a real water park because I’m worried we won’t be able to do half the stuff. So awesome! Glad your family had an amazing time!
    Jillian recently posted…Safe and Stylish Bath Toys – Begin Again Bathtub Pals + Boon White Whale PodMy Profile

  2. That looks like such an awesome place to visit. I think my daughter would love it.
    Michelle F. recently posted…Silikids Silicone and Glass Sippy CupMy Profile

  3. Wow looks like such a fun day! We have some of those parks sort of close to us.. I like water parks over coaster parks.

  4. There is something about a water park that I just LOVE. I want to visit one very soon with my kids. This one looks like it was a blast!!!
    Shop with Me Mama (Kim) recently posted…Kyocera Hydro Vibe waterproof 4G LTE Smartphone #MC #SprintMom #SponsoredMy Profile

  5. What an amazing place! This looks like the perfect family-fun adventure for everyone. If I ever make it to Galveston, you can find me in one of those cabanas!
    Moments with Mandi recently posted…Klondike Kandy Bars – The Perfect Treat for Parents!My Profile

  6. Wow this looks like a fun place and i bet you all had a great time.My kiddies would be over the moon if we got to go here.
    Kay Adeola recently posted…Lamaloli Childrens Wear.My Profile

  7. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I wish we had one near us here in Boston! It looks awesome and my kids would love it.

  8. What a great place! My kids would love to go here! Looks like a great experience!
    Jennifer recently posted…Food Friday~ Thornhill Farms Rice Bites & Cheddar Ranch DipMy Profile

  9. We have family who live in Galveston, and they have NEVER mentioned this place! It looks fantastic! And I LOVE those cabanas!
    Kristen from The Road to Domestication recently posted…Build Your Own Hamburger Bar…with FREE Printables!My Profile

  10. Your photos definitely tell a story! Good job. :)
    Kayla recently posted…elegantees review {and giveaway!} cute, ethical clothing handmade by women rescued from sex traffickingMy Profile

  11. What a fantastic water park! My parents used to live in Houston, so we’ve been to Galveston, but not this portion!
    Lindsey @ Redhead Baby Mama recently posted…Dad’s Surprise Birthday: St. Louis photostoryMy Profile

  12. So much fun. Looks to be an amazing place.
    Debbie Denny recently posted…Singing Blackberry Wine & 17, Hot July Moon Saw …Wait that was Strawberry!My Profile

  13. Ok, I just love those cabanas. I’m not sure how much they are, but I would totally want to rent one. I love the lazy river too. THat’s where I’d hang out.
    Liz Mays recently posted…Outdoor Entertaining Favorites from Kohl’sMy Profile

  14. Donald Purdum says:

    I wish we would have gone while I lived in Texas. So many stories of fun and excitement for the whole family.

  15. I went to something like this yesterday in my town. I’m tired just remembering it. Looks like you guys had a blast!
    Dina recently posted…3 positive discipline tips to use with your kidsMy Profile

  16. That place looks like a blast. I haven’t taken my kids to nearly enough water parks.
    LifeAsAConvert recently posted…As seen around the blog-i-verseMy Profile

  17. Wow this park looks really nice and clean. I especially like the fact that younger kids can ride all the attractions, because that’s usually a problem. And I love lazy rivers too, my favorite part of water parks! Thank you for sharing, great post!

  18. I did not know Galveston had a Schlitterbahn. We have one in New Braunfels but have not been. Our family is not one that knows how to swim well.

  19. Paula Parker says:

    What a fun day you had with your beautiful family. I always played pirate when I was younger. What a treat this would have been!

  20. That best day ever pic is awesome! I’ve never been to one of these waterparks but it looks like soooooooo much fun!
    Jenni E. {Sweet Pennies from Heaven} recently posted…DESPICABLE ME – Chocolate MINION PopsMy Profile

  21. I haven’t been to a waterpark in years, but now I want to go! I’m also trying to sound out Schlitterbahn…. I think I am pronouncing it wrong.
    Jessica (Savory Experiments) recently posted…Maple Cheesecake with Candied Bacon and Brownie Brittle ™ Salted Caramel CrustMy Profile

  22. What an awesome water park. I have been to a water park in years but always have fun when we go.
    Rebecca recently posted…Friday confessionals 7-11-14My Profile

  23. i’ve been wanting to go there. I took a tour a few years back and it looked awesome
    Melinda recently posted…Frozen Banana Pops #kidsinthekitchenMy Profile

  24. Chrissy says:

    What an amazing place! I love the lazy river where I can kick back and relax :)

  25. What a great water park! I wish we had some closer to us. Looks like everyone had a great day!
    thanks for sharing,Mitch
    Mitch recently posted…Honey Maid Teddy Grahams & Honey Maid Grahamfuls – Perfect Soccer Snacks! @HoneyMaidSnacks #sponMy Profile

  26. That looks like such a fun place to visit. I love visiting water parks.

  27. What a fun day for everyone! I wish we had one of those where we live!
    Mary Ann recently posted…Shout it From the Rooftops, We Love Hotel Giraffe!My Profile

  28. That looks really amazing. Smiles on all faces!
    Amber recently posted…5 Easy Ways to Save MoneyMy Profile

  29. Wow, that place looks like a blast. When I get to Galveston next we will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Rach @ EazyPeazyMealz recently posted…(No Cook) Honey Lime Bean Salsa Chicken PitaMy Profile

  30. T/hat looks like it’s a really fun place! Perfect for a hot summer day!

  31. We love Schlitterbahn! It is one of the most fun places!
    Lori recently posted…Calm the Bug Fears Safely with Hot Shot® Insecticides & WIN a $500 Visa Gift Card #HotShot #AdMy Profile

  32. Jennifer Williams says:

    I agree that has to be the best day ever. What a great water park, with it being so hot out right now we should all go!

  33. This kind of day is my idea of a perfect day too. I love the water play just as much as any of my kiddos, and all four of ‘em are water babies. :)

  34. This looks like such a blast! I know my daughter would love the kid’s pool!
    Carly Anderson recently posted…Date Night In with Jose Cuervo Iced TeagaritasMy Profile

  35. What a great park!! We have Wild Water Kingdom here in Toronto, I can’t wait to go now seeing this!
    Lean Clean Mama recently posted…Sixty in Six… Part OneMy Profile

  36. What a splashing good time. My kids would love this. I wish we had one close to us.
    Virginia @thatbaldchick recently posted…We Don’t Let Bugs Feel at Home Thanks to #HotShot InsecticidesMy Profile

  37. That is so cool! We went to a really nice family friendly place similar to that in Northern Texas when we visited family, but I’ve never seen a water park like that. I wish we had a place like that in Phoenix.
    Sharon recently posted…Then How Come I’m Still Eating Welfare Food?My Profile

  38. We are so close here in Katy and have never been. My kids are not into waterparks anymore
    Veronica recently posted…Laser Cut Wood PanelsMy Profile

  39. Looks like you guys had a blast! I can’t remember the last time I went to a Water Park!
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly recently posted…Summer is certainly ‘in bloom’ with @InBloomLingerie – See what’s new and enter to win a $50 Gift Card too!My Profile

  40. Oh you’re kiddos look they had the best day ever. Looks like an awesome place for the whole family
    LaTonya (Detroit Mom) recently posted…Kenmore- 4 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster OvenMy Profile

  41. I have never heard of this place! It looks like an awesome family day out!
    Heather Jones recently posted…Blogger Opp: Origami Owl GiveawayMy Profile

  42. michele d says:

    Looks like a wonderful day to enjoy in the hot summers day! Pictures are great!

  43. I plan on setting up something new summer. We lives a little too far for a one day trip but I may try to do a 5 day trip and spend the day there. Looks like so much blast and not too crowded.

  44. I really enjoyed seeing your photos. The photos made me think of fun and happiness on a hot summer day.
    Janeane Davis recently posted…Traveling with Kids – Bring Their Good Stuff #ColorofInfluenceMy Profile

  45. This place looks awesome! I love to go to places like this to swim they are so much fun! . Thanks for sharing!
    Rena McDaniel-The Diary of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver recently posted…THE COMPUTER GODDESS HAS VISITED MY SITE!!!!!My Profile

  46. This looks like a wonderful place to visit, my girls would LOVE it!
    Alyssa C recently posted…Lake Compounce Bear Creek Campground♥My Profile

  47. WOW! This place looks like fun! Makes me want to go on the slide! I also LOVE the name of your blog, its so funny!!!
    Trista recently posted…Divorce: Think Financially, Not EmotionallyMy Profile

  48. It looks like such fun. Waterparks are a blast with kids!
    Shell recently posted…Why We Judge: Things They Can’t SayMy Profile

  49. We have a Schlitterbahn in Kansas City. I want to take my kids there.
    [email protected] recently posted…Are your dryer sheets a fire hazard?My Profile

  50. love, love water.. looks so much of fun.. the rides makes me want to try over right now, and of course, who could ignore the happy happy kids.. lovely pictures, so much fun !!

  51. Rebecca says:

    Sounds like an awesome time for the whole family. Glad you had fun. I would love to go there one day. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Wow, this waterpark is amazing! I love those cabanas and I can’t believe you can bring your own food – that would save us a TON because there’s 8 of us! Oh and the 42 inch rule – my 5 year old is only 40-41 so she usually has to sit out on a few rides so that is really cool that their rule is a little less that the typical 42.

  53. Lisa Collins says:

    That looks like a great place for a Summer adventure! I wish we had a water park closer to us – splash pads yes, but no big water slides.

  54. That place looks like a blast! I can’t wait until my kiddos are a little bit older and we can take them to places like that!
    Carly from The Puzzled Palate recently posted…Wheat Wars: The Great Grain DebateMy Profile

  55. My kids would love to go there! The love water parks!
    Becka recently posted…Can I Really Make Money Blogging?My Profile

  56. I feel like diving into the water just by looking at your photos. Great shots and the place is really nice.
    Jhady recently posted…Premium Turmeric Supplement – Antioxidant Boost ReviewMy Profile

  57. Okay the fact that they allow you to bring a cooler in is amazing!!! We have a SplashKingodm here and you can’t bring anything in. I mean nothing,not even a freaking water bottle and they only offer one water fountain. It’s enough to deter me from ever going again. I mean for the four of us to go all day and eat/drink it cost $140. That’s outrageous and in my opinion dangerous. The last time we went (and the first time in ages) we saw 4 girls pass out from heat exhaustion and dehydration while standing in line to get water at their food joints.

    But I digress….

    I’ve always heard a lot about Schlitterbahn and wow I didn’t realize they had so much. We are going to have to plan a trip for next year. It’ll be worth it!
    Felicia recently posted…5 Great New BlogsMy Profile

  58. Wow, Schlitterbahm sounds like such an awesome water park! I want to go there the next time I am in Texas!
    Jenn @TheRebelChick recently posted…Blackberry Crisp Recipe in Mini Jars Recipe #12BloggersMy Profile

  59. That looks like so much fun! Your photos are stunning too!
    Chrystal @ YUM eating recently posted…Trash to Treasure Garden Update {3}My Profile

  60. OMG this looks like a total blast of a trip! Gotta find a cool place like this for the kids, they all love water, but never been to a water park before.
    Natalie recently posted…Ice Ball Molds ReviewMy Profile

  61. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! And it certainly looks so in the pictures also! It’s so good to see those happy smiley faces :)
    Joanna Sormunen recently posted…Ecuador between yesterday, today and tomorrow – a photo challengeMy Profile

  62. OH MY GOSH! I totally wish we could visit this place. It looks completely awesome! I’m glad you guys had a blast. :)
    Lori recently posted…Life, it happens…My Profile

  63. Now this looks fun! My kiddos would love to visit here.

  64. WOW! Schlitterbahn lets you bring your own food and beverages?! That’s a huge savings over other amusement parks, I’ve never heard of a park that allows you to do that. Looks like a LOT of fun, too.
    Demetra recently posted…Apple Pie- Whole Wheat Pie Crust and Oat Crunch ToppingMy Profile

  65. That looks like more fun than you should be allowed to have. Seriously, if I have to send you all my crafts you should at least take me to Schlitterbahn!
    Amy recently posted…{Tutorial} Personalized Coca Cola Bottle TumblerMy Profile

  66. That really does look like the best day ever!! Oh my goodness, we’d be there all day and then we’d be back for more! My little guy is a water bug, no doubt :) Love your cutie pie photos!!
    Tiffany recently posted…Where do you belong?My Profile

  67. I’m glad you shared this. They recently opened a Sclitterbahn near me, and I’ve been considering going.

  68. My kids have been begging for us to take them to a waterpark (aside from our local pools). This one looks fantastic. Too bad it’s so far away, but keeping it in mind, for sure!
    Amy @GrinningCheektoCheek recently posted…Tips for Flying With a Toddler!My Profile

  69. I love your pictures! Looks like you and your family had a great time! :)
    Shannon Gosney recently posted…Vacation Mishaps and Vacay Gone Cray Cray!!!My Profile

  70. I enjoyed reading this post! The water park looks amazing. How I wish we have this kind of water park here in our country. My son loves to swim and I’m sure he’ll enjoy there.
    Kath Rivera recently posted…Winners of Virginia Olsen Green Eyeshadow Giveaway Announced!My Profile

  71. Wow, that looks like such a fun water park. I can’t wait to take my kids to their first waterpark this summer.
    Tonia recently posted…Consumer Reports Advises Parents to Just Say No to Spray Sunscreens for KidsMy Profile

  72. Wow this place looks amazing! Wish I lived close to one. Looks like you and your family had an amazing time
    Natasha recently posted…Serenity Saturday : 141My Profile

  73. My son would love that pirate ship area! It looks like a great day!
    Krystal recently posted…Home Organization: Tips and Tricks to Get on TrackMy Profile

  74. My son would have loved that pirate ship! What a fun family day!
    Christie recently posted…My Publix Trip 7-11My Profile

  75. I keep hearing about this place! It looks like so much fun for the family!
    Melissa recently posted…Test Your Mommy Knowledge and Print a Coupon for $2.00 Off Similac Formula!My Profile

  76. This place looks like a blast, my kids would so enjoy going there!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted…Super Saturday Giveaway Linky – Share, Enter, Win!My Profile

  77. Looks like a really fun day! Makes me want to take a road trip!

  78. Pretty sure I’d spend the entire summer there! My boys would never leave. We love brining our own food to these kinds of places! Glad you guys had the best day ever!
    Mimi recently posted…Summer Lovin’, Havin’ A Blast #adMy Profile

  79. Great photos!! That waterpark looks amazing. My family would love it there!
    Amanda recently posted…Daily List of Free EbooksMy Profile

  80. So fun! My kids would LOVE this! Looks like you had a blast!
    Amanda recently posted…Share a Coke with Your Favorite GraduateMy Profile

  81. DUDE! Being able to bring your own cooler is a mega bonus for them!

  82. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    Looks like such a fun place to go visit. love your photos!


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  2. […] babies love Schlitterbahn during the summer, and the minute we walked in, I knew they’d love it just as much during the winter months. […]

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