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From Being Mom’s Favorite to a Mom Myself

From being an only child and mom’s favorite, to being a big sister, to being the oldest of six kids, somehow I got lost along the way. But now that I’m going to be a mom myself, I’m ready to share my journey.

From being an only child and mom's favorite, to being a big sister, to being the oldest of six kids, somehow I got lost along the way. But now that I'm going to be a mom myself, I'm ready to share my journey.

Oh hi.. Bryana Gregory here. New to Galveston Island (Atlanta, GA to here…can you say culture shock?) with one on the way (I’M GONNA BE A MOMMY)!! 28 years old and the oldest of 6, definitely the rebel child of the group. I mean some of us just really never wanna grow up; can I get an amen?! I’m addicted to coffee, elephants, rain boots, Hot Cheetos, tanning, fishing, the color black, and my ever-growing baby bump. He’s already my greatest adventure and we still have one week until we actually meet face to face! Life as I know it is about to change ANDDD I truly couldn’t be more ecstatic!!

From Being Mom’s Favorite to a Mom Myself

From being an only child and mom's favorite, to being a big sister, to being the oldest of six kids, somehow I got lost along the way. But now that I'm going to be a mom myself, I'm ready to share my journey.

So let’s back up a little bit…growing up (refer to rebel child), I didn’t always exceed people’s expectations, especially when it came to school or really sticking with anything. Live for the day (carpe diem) and not for the future type of person! For instance, I made a 9 in my freshman Lit class (yes, you read that correctly, a 9). As in, out of 100%, I got 9% of those.

How is that possible, you ask? Well, you write your name on the paper, answer a few questions (more than likely wrong), turn it in, and BAM…a 9! So boom, there went cheerleading that I had loved so much, and a repeat of my freshman year. The next year I would do better, take 2! I decided to sharpen up a bit, but NOPE!

Dropped out my junior year (which should have been my senior year because…see above), took my GED (passed first time, I really wasn’t dumb at all, just didn’t care, dammit), and headed off to college for two years.

AGAIN…drop out. It was kind of a skill of mine. I had gotten really good at this…I’m all in…oh wait…I failed, kind of thing.

From big girl jobs to my most loyal career…bartending! Life has always been one day at a time! Now pregnant…very pregnant…I think back and wish I would have done things a little differently. But why? I really wouldn’t be the person that I am today…correct?!

So here we are DAY ONE…the first day of my journey of chronicling my new-found life as a mom, a millennial who thought the world was about ME – and then in an instant, I realized there was so much more. This chaotic rollercoaster of a life? Stay tuned. I’m gonna get my shit together. Watch me!

25 years ago today, I became a Mom, and my destiny changed!

me and bry 1989
I was gonna be an actress, I was gonna be a star, I was gonna shake my ass, on the hood of White Snakes’ car. Seriously, y’all, I was gonna be BIG. I was young, beautiful, and ready for the world. Then…I got knocked up. My life changed. I was a mom. No more dreams of UCLA, no more dreams of Hollywood. A mom?

Knocked up at 21. That was not my plan. I was going places. I had a plan. I was the next Audrey Hepburn. Seriously, that would have been me, if not for…knocked up. But it happened and that’s where my life began.

Bryana…my first. My love. My heart was full and my dreams of grandeur went out in smoke. But I was cool with that the minute I saw her beautiful, fat, 9 pound, 4 ounce chubby face. I was hooked. And then I was a mom. My new dream.

This baby, this now 25 year old baby, completed my world. THIS was who I was meant to be. Bump fame…motherhood was where it was at! It’s challenging. Everything worthwhile is challenging. But this baby helped me, accidentally, find my true calling in life. Fame was never meant to find me. Motherhood was.


After all of these years, 4 kids later, I realize that I was intended to be a mom. My babies are my life. I couldn’t exist without them so I’m so glad a higher force had a greater plan for me. Am I the perfect mom? HECK NO! But I love my babies, and they love me. It doesn’t get much better than that. I’m where I’m at for a reason. I belong here. And I’m glad I had an awesome surprise 25 years ago. I was meant to be a mom.

me and bry

Whether I knew it or not, this was my destiny. Thanks for coming into my life and happy birthday. You changed my life, for the better, and I’ll forever be grateful to you. I thought I was destined for greatness, but I never knew the greatness I could achieve by bringing so much beauty into the world. I love you more than the world is big, more than the sky is blue, more than the ocean’s deep. That’s how much I love you. And that’s how thankful I am that you changed my life’s plan. I wouldn’t have it any other way. YOU, and your siblings, were my destiny.

Thank you for completing me!

I’m Thankful For…

It’s that time of year and I’m reflective. I’m an emotional hot mess most of the time but this time of year, it might just get a little bit worse. So today, I’d like to share my top 10. We all have so much to be thankful for, no matter what’s going on in our lives. There is always something good and it’s time we recognize it. So here we go. My top 10. 
10. My health. I’m alive and still kickin’. That’s saying something after all I’ve put myself through all of these years. I’m thankful but I’m sad that some of the people in my life aren’t as lucky. 
9. In this horrid economy, I still have a roof over my head, food on my table, and my children have what they need. 
8. My job. I get to work from home, in my jammies, without a shower at times, but it’s lucrative, and I’m lucky to be one of the ones that’s “made it”. I’m my own boss and I’m difficult on me, but it’s a good thing and I enjoy what I do. 
7. My online friends. I’ve never met most of them in real life but I love them just the same. They know my secrets. They know my inner thoughts, and they are brave enough to stick with me. 
6. I’m thankful to still have both of my parents. I’m middle aged and everyone in my bracket doesn’t have this luxury. We had a scare 3 years ago, but both of my parents are still with us, and that’s a beautiful thing. 
5. My siblings. I’m not very close to one of my sisters anymore because of her life choices, and mine, but I still love them both very much and I always will. 
4. Long term relationships. I still talk to friends that I went to high school with. We laugh, we cry, we still connect. My dad was wrong about this. I still remember their names, and I know their children’s names, and I still feel close and thankful to have them in my life. 
3. Skipping. It’s underrated. Do it, you’ll see what I mean. 
2. My marriage. In a world of break ups, I’m still on the roller coaster. Sometimes I want to get out of line. But most of the time, I’m anxious to get back in line after the ride. Life is full of ups and downs and I’m thankful for the ride, no matter what. It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but it’s always worth it. He holds my heart and our souls are one.
1. My children. I love them more than anything in this world. I’d give my own life for them. Bryana, Paetyn, Bug, and Bubby are the reason that I exist. Without them, I am nothing. Despite their flaws, and despite mine, we are a force and we will forever remain connected, no matter how near or far. They are the reason that I was put on this earth. I’ve been blessed and I am lucky!
So that’s my top 10. What are you thankful for this year? Life is good. Be thankful and remember to count your blessings. 
Happy Thanksgiving and remember, I am thankful for all of you! Sparkle on!