Happy 1/2 Birthday Collective Bias! How Do I Love You? Let Me Count the Ways! #CBias #SoFab

Those of you that read and follow my blog (again, I just can’t thank the 12 of you enough…YOU ROCK), have read my many references to Collective Bias and Social Fabric.  Some have asked, others may just wonder, and others possibly don’t care!  But I’m a talker (just in case you hadn’t noticed) so I’m here to tell you all about it now just to lay all of this mystery to rest!

What is Collective Bias exactly (other than just awesome)?  They define it as (and I quote directly from the Social Fabric Community Information Page):

  • Collective Bias is a shopper marketing agency in Bentonville, AR that develops campaigns for clients.  These campaigns provide insights to the clients about how consumers interact with their products and brands from the point of sale (in store) through their experience with the product at home.  Collective Bias (CB)  is “The Company”.

And what is Social Fabric (other than my favorite online hang out)?  Again, I quote:

  • Social Fabric is the private community owned by Collective Bias.  Members of Social Fabric support, participate, discuss and help develop campaigns for Collective Bias.  Social Fabric (SF) is “The Community” that powers the campaigns written by Collective Bias “The Company”.
For me, simply put, Collective Bias is a company that understands both brands and the average consumer (like me).  They understand that word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and they partner with brands that understand this concept as well.  
And Social Fabric is the awesome community that invites bloggers in to help promote these brands!  And we don’t just support brands.  We talk, we brainstorm, we support each other, and build relationships.  

Through Social Fabric, I have been given the opportunity to support and promote fabulous brands like Clear American Water, Glidden Paint, M&M Mars, Murphy USA, Smarties, and Del Monte just to name a few (that’s right, you might have heard of some of these).  I get to craft with my kids, go to the zoo, play at the pool, fish, and other fun stuff that supports my family’s active lifestyle.  I don’t have to “step out of my box” to do this.  I truly believe in the projects and brands that I help to promote.  

That’s the beauty that is Collective Bias and Social Fabric.  I never have to compromise my integrity to make a buck.  I simply am a stay at home mother of 6, living on an island, and telling all of you, my awesome readers, what I think of these products and how I use them while staying true to myself.  SCORE!
And to top it off (as if it could get any better than that right?), I have made some REAL friends through the Social Fabric platform.  I don’t mean online friends.  I mean women in the blogging community that I actually connect with!  Other moms, housewives, fellow bloggers who share my love of the wit and integrity, and just down right sparkly people!  I talk to them on the phone on a weekly, daily, (and oh heavens on those bad days) hourly basis.  They make me laugh, they let me gripe, and they support me!
This blog is my business.  I enjoy what I do.  It’s a public diary of sorts.  I didn’t start with the intention of making any money.  I did this for me!  I did this at the insistence of some friends.  And I’m glad I did.  My blog is quirky, sometimes witty, often off-color, and always FUN for me!  And with the help of Collective Bias and Social Fabric and their support of my “work”, I have been able to monetize on this quirky little adventure of mine, and I will forever be grateful for having this time with my babies.  
Thank you Collective Bias and Social Fabric!  And a very happy 1/2 anniversary to you!  Rock on and always sparkle!  And speaking of sparkles, no anniversary would be complete without a virtual sparkly card from Bug and I!  Happy 11/11/11 from our asylum to yours!
Disclosure:  This post was in no way compensated nor solicited by anyone!  All opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own!