Flowers, Validation, & Sparkles! Thank You Collective Bias Team!

Last week was busy.  Stressful busy!  My hubby was out of town, the babies had gone insane (even more than usual), we still have a house “guest”, and work was hectic!  

As I went along with my busy week, I was somewhat of a hot sparkly mess.  I might have even been a little whiny (might?).  I wanted to feel more appreciated.  I wanted to feel better about myself, about what I’m doing, and about my contributions in this world!  But still I kept plugging along because that’s what I do.  And then I heard the knock, knock, knock on the door on any given Thursday that couldn’t have come at a better time (to shut my whiny self up)!

Validation!  Tears (shush up…I’m a sap)!  There were gorgeous flowers from a very unlikely source.  My friends at Collective Bias had thought of me.  Not only were these flowers beautiful, but the card made it all even more fabulous!
Can you read it?  It says “Thank you for being so wonderful.” And it goes on from there, but the fact that I am appreciated at any level?  That anyone thinks that I’m “wonderful”?  Well, that’s just priceless!

So to you, my friends at Collective Bias, this is the most heart-felt thank you card I can muster.  With this kind gesture, you gave me a sense of “worth” that was beginning to fade.  And this “simple” validation actually made my little world even more complete and sparkly.  Yes, it meant that much!

Flowers on any given Thursday can change a mood, bring a smile, and lift a life!  And all of you have done just that!  You’ve changed my life in so many ways for the better, and these flowers and the words on that card solidified my faith in you, my faith in myself, and my pride in “working” with such an awesome group of people!

Thank you for all that you do and for appreciating all that I do!  I can never truly express how important that is to me!  Thank you for brightening my day, and for continuing to brighten my life on a daily basis!
This is the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, TX.  It is 13,730 feet in length and 1,250 feet wide.  The tower height is 440 feet.  It has 8 lanes in total.  It was constructed in 1996.  It has many uses, and all kinds of history.  But to me?  It’s just pretty!  I like pretty!  Leave the facts, figures, and functionality to someone else!

I just enjoy it’s awesomeness every time we drive through.  We had the pleasure of visiting it’s beauty this weekend and I couldn’t help but capture that!  It’s important to take the time to appreciate beauty and throw caution to the wind.  Leave the facts and figures to the mathematicians.  I’m more of a dreamer myself!