My Bubby…Always Entertaining

It doesn’t matter where we are, or what we’re doing, my Bubby is always trying to entertain me. And he succeeds more often than not. 
He can be a fussy little thing. He’s needy. He’s moody. He’s demanding. He’s particular about everything. He’s quite possibly OCD certified. But he’s loving and his heart is as big as Texas. And he’s funny!
I always thought that Bry was the most like me. She looks like me and has some of my peculiarities but I’m beginning to believe that this little boy is my clone. I love him oh-so-much and I’m thankful to have him in my life every single day to make me laugh. I’ll take his peculiarities and deal with them because the laughter and joy he brings me far outweigh the aggravation of his oddities.

Remembering to Enjoy the Beauty of My Every Day Life!

The beauty of a child is immeasurable. There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby (shush…he is TOO still a baby).

I love his look of innocence. I love that he looks like a little old man when he sleeps. I love the feeling of peace that comes over me as I watch him sleep. And I love that he keeps my heart soft even when the world sometimes tries to make it hard. 
This baby boy was brought in to the world for many reasons I’m certain. He will do amazing things for mankind some day, of this I have no doubt. But for now, his sole purpose in life is to keep his momma happy and he is just so darn good at his job! Even at rest, he makes me happy. 
I am so incredibly thankful that I get to stay home on a daily basis with this angel on earth to watch him grow, laugh, play, and yes, even sleep. I’m one lucky person and I need to remind myself of this more often. I hope you find some beauty in your own life today. Truly it is all around us…we just have to remember to open our eyes and enjoy!

Elf in the Tree and Bullying

What do these 2 things have in common? Nothing really unless you were in my house tonight. You see, the world can be a cruel place no matter how much magic we try to surround ourselves with and tonight, this hit home.
Our elf has been magically moving around our home all month and the babies have remained in awe of his prowess. They believe. But tonight was a different story. It had a happy ending but I’m sad because tomorrow might bring a new day of sparkles being dulled. 
We woke up and our elf was sitting in the lamp. The lamp you say? How did he get there? It was magic of course! But even with him smiling down on us, Bug fought me getting ready for school. She didn’t want to go…again. This “green” every day kid did not want to go to this place where the stepford world rules. I convinced her that the elf was watching and Santa would be kinder if she did as she was told, so she got dressed and off we went. 
It was cold so she wore a hat. No bow. Oh heaven forbid in stepford-world…you must wear a bow in your hair lest you be shunned by the stepford children. She didn’t want a bow. She wanted to wear a hat so of course I let her.
Later in the day, as always, Bubby and I walked to school to pick her up and my baby seemed deflated…again. This has been going on for some time. I asked what was wrong. She explained, hesitantly, that some of the girls had laughed at her because her hair was a mess when she took off her hat (ummm hello…stactic?)…and heaven forbid…she had no bow (I kid you not). It didn’t matter, I assured her of this (knowing in my head that they were just jealous of her natural beauty and non Vaseline-induced, natural smile)
The night went on. Dinner, clean up, bed time ready and all of a sudden, the babies noticed the elf on the entertainment center and started talking
Bubby: Oh Ky-ee how did the elf get over there?
Bug: Mommy put him there.
Bubby: No, it’s magic!
Bug: Nope, Mommy put him there Bubby. 
He looked so sad but as he looked up again, he said with joy, “No Ky-ee…LOOK. He’s in the tree now!”    
And her face changed, lit up, and for that moment, the magic was alive again. 
For the record, I didn’t move the elf. He scurried from the entertainment center to the tree all by himself…just for my Bug…to prove that magic is real as long as you believe!
I’ll always believe, and I’ll always attempt to make my children believe, that there is magic all around us…despite the mean people
Tonight Bug believed again and she was happy and went to bed early. I hope she wakes up with the belief that the world is a magical place because she is in it. That’s what she deserves. 
Today’s life lesson: Mean people suck, bows don‘t matter in the real world, and life is full of magic. Just embrace it and enjoy!