My Bug and Her Bugisms

My 4-year-old daughter, Bug, is a piece of work. To say that she is head-strong, determined, and stubborn would be an understatement. She is a beautiful child, gorgeous really, and I’m not just saying that, she actually is. If you were to just look at her and not get to know her, you would think that she was an absolute angel (certainly not so). She talks incessantly, I mean from the moment she wakes to the moment she passes out from exhaustion. She is my challenge in life, my God-given test of patience. She is frustrating, occasionally potty-mouthed, and bossy. This is not to say that Bug is ill-mannered, she is not. She always says, “please” (as in ‘please get me a drink NOW’), “thank you” (once you get her that drink), and “excuse me” (although this one usually comes out something more like ‘excuse me I farted/burped’ but it is excuse me just the same). She is not a bad kid, just very vocal and mischievous, and as her mother, I often have a hard time keeping a straight face while attempting to reprimand her.
With this said, I will be adding a little section to this blog entitled “Bugisms”. Her little rants are sometimes frustrating, but funny none-the-less, and here I will try to impart some of her funny little ways upon you. I hope you will indulge me and enjoy! These “Bugisms” will not be a regular post as they come and go like the wind and I can’t predict her behavior from day-to-day, but as they occur, I will share for a giggle.
Bugism #1:
Bubby, my 2-year-old doesn’t talk much, he doesn’t have to. He gets whatever he wants without exerting himself! Apparently Bug is not OK with this. One day I was putting on “my face” in the bathroom and I hear, “Bubby…say ‘Momma’, say ‘Dada’, say ‘Bug’ (and these are things he can obviously already say so I figured she was just warming him up/making him feel a little more confident for what was to come). He repeats them all in his dutiful manner, then I hear her say “Bubby, say Joctopuss” (yes my kids are Disney Channel Junkies). Hearing this, I said “Bug, that’s too much for him, try something easier”. She replies in her sternest, squeakiest little voice “Shush Mom, I’m trying to learn him in here”. Poor little soft-hearted soul doesn’t stand a chance against his strong-willed sister!
So stay tuned, this is definitely one of the milder ones, but I wanted to start slow because we will amaze, sometimes shock, and amuse you, I promise. This little girl is something serious. To know her is to love her, and I hope you get to love her like I do….MY BUG!