Stealers & Liars & Plagiarists…Oh My!

Yup, that’s right folks, I’ve been plagiarized!  What you say?  Yea, me too!  Seriously, I’m a small town gal.  I’m a little bitty blogger!  But somebody stole my crap!  I am not tolerant of this and have been having a hard time figuring out how to deal with it!  Should I call the bitch fellow blogger out by name?  Should I confront the plagiarist fellow member of several of my social networking communities?  Should I report the thief woman who stole my stuff?  Nope, I shall do what I do best (and apparently she agrees since she stole my stuff), I shall write about it!
You see, I have “catch” phrases and personal oddities, we all do!  I sparkle on!  I say please and thank you (in a very obnoxious way),  I have a goat as one of the 21 “people” in my head!  I skip!  I twirl!  I call the birds on the seawall in my best little princess voice!  Guess what?  Apparently she and I are one and the same, because all of a sudden (*poof* after years of blogging and 2000 followers) holy coincidence, she all of a sudden has all of the same catch phrases, quirks, and oddities that I do!  Wow, I was officially impressed when I first saw her suddenly using all of this stuff.  I thought we were sisters from another mother!  I wanted to reach out to her!  How fabulous was this?
OK, seriously, yes I thought it was a little suspicious!  I watched as this conniving calculated bitch fellow, very large blogger started talking about skipping and twirling.  I heard her talk about her goat (are you flippin serious?), then I watched as she ended every comment with “sparkle on” and I thought WTH?  You’ve gone too far.  Still I kept quiet (because that’s what I do best).  I figured people would eventually catch on.  They didn’t!

You see I blog for myself, I blog for my family, I blog for my friends, but I also blog because measly as it might be, it’s my living.  I do paid posts, shops, reviews, and advertisements.  My reputation, and my wit, are all I can rely on.  And this week, I actually lost opportunities to myself!  Again, she is BIG, and I am little!  We both applied for the same opportunities.  She was chosen (she even cited her plagiarized post in her application…ut oh Karma is a bitch).  Wise choice Mr. Social Network Guy!  We ARE both funny…the same funny as a matter of fact!  And she is BIG and I am little!  Yes, I would have picked her too!  But understand, we are both not all that funny after all!  Only one of us is writing original material.  Only one of us is truly making people laugh!  Only one of us has integrity.  One of us is little because we are honestly working our way up.  One of us is big because we are stealing.  Can you guess which is which?
So my suspicions were confirmed today when I was contacted by a fellow (and very honest) blogger who sent me a message which said “Did you see this?” followed by a link!  I clicked on the link, I’d had it.  I was right all along!  This ruthless bitch blogger actually crossed the proverbial line!  War!  I did a post about 2 weeks ago.  You can view it here: My Journey to Happily Ever After .  I liked this post.  I was proud of this post.  It told the story of my recent journey.  Well apparently, she went back to a dud post of her own from about a month and a half ago that didn’t get much traffic and no comments and “revised” it!  By revised it, I mean, she took my post, called it “My Journey to Skipping” (wow that was bold) and copied my sentiments almost word for word.  If you are a blogger you understand how this works.  If you aren’t, let me explain.  You can go back and “revise” a post, not delete it, just change it, and it retains its date.  So to the naked eye, it looks like she posted my post a month before I did.  Yes, that’s right, it looks like I plagiarized her!  Fabulous huh?
I didn’t.  Those of you that know me know that not only wouldn’t I, but that I didn’t!  Those that know her are probably wondering where she suddenly got her sense of wit from!   I’ve read her previous posts (I was a follower and admirer in my previous life), and guess what?  NOT funny!  I assume she got her 2000 followers in much the same way.  Some people are just not nice!  She probably plays the “follow for follow” game.  Again, if you’re a blogger, you know the type.  She says “I’ll follow you if you follow me”, meaning, follow me, end of story!  It’s sad!
Blogging is a business!  It’s a fun business!  It can be stressful!  I get to do what I love while still staying at home with my babies which again is what I love!  But unfortunately, as with any business, there are duds!  Today I met my dud!  I don’t know how to deal with this!  My husband wants me to find the bitch and beat her silly call her out by name!   Some of my bloggy friends say to let it go.  Some say to report her to my copyright people!  I’m torn between all three of these!  

I have a problem with dishonesty.  I don’t understand it.  I am original.  Most say I’m witty.  This bitch lady apparently agrees with the witty part!  I like me!  I want to remain me!  I want to maintain my integrity!  I just don’t get this!  And now I’ve lost work, money for groceries, literally candy for the babies!  

Anyone else ever experience this?  If so, what did YOU do?  I’m not skipping tonight!  I would love some direction, guidance, love, anything you can spare!  Please and thank you!  And as always, sparkle on!