Life Lessons Learned in the Past 2 Weeks: Top 10

The past 2 weeks have been extremely trying for me!  I’ve bitten my tongue (I’m a vegetarian, I do not like the taste of blood) and I’ve fought with the ones I love.  I’ve been on edge.  I am not myself.  I’m not very sparkly.  
We have opened our house to a visitor, a family member, and he is not a very good house guest to say the least.  But I’ve decided to turn my angst and anger into something productive-ish.  I’ve worked my way through this and I think I have learned some lessons over the past 2 weeks that I’d like to share with you.  
Are these lessons full of wisdom?  Will they change your life forever?  Will you be wiser after reading this post?  NOPE to all of the above, but hopefully you can laugh with me!  It’s better to laugh than cry (or scream and yell as I’ve found myself doing more than I care to admit over the past 2 weeks).
So without further ado, my top 10 life lessons I’ve taken from the past 2 weeks (some I have learned, some I already knew, some that others should learn….really pretty random, but go with me people…I’m trying to find the humor through the madness).
10.  Self-centered people suck.  That is all I have to say about that.
9.  When your son says, “I have a BIG, GIANT poop in my butt” and lays down for you to change his diaper, BELIEVE HIM, and be prepared.  Send for reinforcements, grab the gas mask, and figure out this potty-training thing!  Apparently it’s time!
8.  Just because you understand simple etiquette does NOT mean that others do.  I’ve always just assumed that if I had to pull out a chair to sit in it, when I got up, I should push said chair in.  If I accidentally left said chair out but had to pull it out to sit in it the next time, someone else must have pushed it in for me, so when I get up again, I should obviously push it back in. Lather, rinse, repeat.   Same goes for closed doors, cabinets, anything that just doesn’t belong.  Apparently, others do not share my views here!

7.  Lazy people suck.

6.  Lots and lots and lots of cologne gives me a sinus headache from hell!

5.  If you sit on your ass all day long and do NOTHING but video chat (read = talk on chat sites all day with other losers) and play on FB, please don’t try to play it off when everyone else gets home and act like you’ve been busy, busy, busy!  I have pictures.  It’s all good!
4.  Fake people suck!
3.  Always say please and thank you (if someone is buying the groceries and cooking for you for FREE while you are doing #5, the least you can do is say thank you, right?).
2.  MY family rocks!  I’ve forgotten this part and let other things get in the way and have been somewhat of a crab cake while I deal with shit!  Not the big, giant poop in Bubby’s butt kind of shit, but the dishes and shit that apparently I am required to put in the dishwasher, the clothes I am required to put up, the doors I am required to close, the chairs I have to push in, the lights I have to turn off.  Yea that kind of shit!
1.  Don’t let anyone dull your Sparkles!   Yup…this is the biggest lesson of them all.  I have failed and I will rectify this NOW!  Karma’s a bitch people!  I’m feeling pretty good on that front, but I better start ducking because someone in this house might get hit pretty hard!
That is all!  I hope you take lessons from every aspect of your life.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  And always try to laugh at them.  Don’t let the bad stuff beat you down!  The past couple of weeks, I’ve ignored my own advice and that’s just not good!  Sparkle on folks!  Life is good, but self-centered, mean, and lazy people suck!  You can’t change them, but more importantly, you should NOT let THEM change YOU!

When Do You Say Enough Is Enough? Am I Too Nice?

I’m a giver.  That’s what I do.  I’m pretty good at it actually!  But when do you say “enough is enough”?

I was a cheerleader in high school (giving support), I am a loyal friend (giving support), I am a dedicated wife (giving support), I am the mother of 6 (giving support), I am a blogger (giving support), I am a community member (giving support).  

But do I give way too much? I tend to think that I do NOT!  You can NEVER give too much, right?  
I’m beginning to think that I’m WRONG on this one!  
Seriously, how much can one person give without return?  Selfish thinking I know and not my type of thinking at all, but I’m backtracking and thinking (oh my stars, she’s thinking again) that maybe I give WAY too much.  
You see, over the past couple of years, I have felt violated in my giving way more than I care to mention.  At this very moment, I am being violated.  
I have given to children that don’t appreciate (parenting I know, I get this).  But I have given to children that were given up by their own mother, and still THEY don’t appreciate or respect me.  The children I gave birth to…well, they actually kind of DO get me, and in their own way, show me appreciation (I’ll take it)!  
I have been disrespected by ex husbands (which is why the have the title of EX) and even the current husband (by his own admission) but I remain nice!  I am loyal to a fault!
I have had “friends” betray me, but I’ve been nice!  Co-workers betray me, I’ve been nice.  Why am I so stinking nice to all of these people?
So I want to know…when is it time to say “WHEN”?  Seriously?  I’m in a situation right now with a family member, and I have bent over backwards, forwards, back bends and all!  You can’t even imagine the level of “niceness” I’ve shown!  And I am being pummeled!  I’ve kept my mouth shut.  I have fought with my husband.  I have been impatient (and possibly unkind) to my own children in an effort to be “nice” to this outsider.   
When do you say “when”?  How do you say “when”?  That is the question!  Oh the struggling with this niceness!  
One of these days I’ll put on my big girl panties and figure it all out, but for now?  I’ve just resigned to the fact that I’m too freakin nice for this world!
I hope y’all have a NICE night!

Shut My Pie Hole? Yea, Occasionally It’s Necessary

You’ve been there.  We all have!  There are times when we KNOW that opening our pie holes would be the easiest and quickest solution, but keeping those pie holes closed is just sometimes best for the peace! 
Be it friends or family, sometimes it’s just necessary.  Do I like this simple fact of life?  I absolutely do NOT!  Not my style in the least!  If you know ME, you know THIS!
I’m currently in one of those situations.  Will I go into detail about the situation?  I absolutely will NOT!  I’m shutting my pie hole!  Will I tell you that I’m ready to HURT someone?  I absolutely WILL!  
If you know me, you know that I will not actually hurt anyone (except possibly myself with all of this pie-hole stifling) but you get the point.  I’m not good at shutting my pie hole, especially when I see something (someone) amiss.  But I will maintain my pie hole shut uppedness for as long as I can muster!
Hopefully things will straighten themselves out soon and all will be right in my sparkly world again!  But if not, hang on to your pie holes people, because this ever-so-loud-mouth just might blow!   And in turn, some lives might just blow!  Oh we just don’t want that to happen now do we?

OK, maybe we do!  But for now…I’m shutting my pie hole!