Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

From my house to yours…a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous, happy New Year!  A dollar doesn’t stretch as far as it used to, but ours is a happy home!
I hope that you enjoy the love and laughter that is the holiday season this year!  If you don’t have love and laughter, no present will fill that void!
My wish for you is happiness!  If you find sparkles along the way, you are truly blessed!  I cherish each and every one of you..and I love you for so many different reasons!
Love and Sparkles,

♪♫ I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas ♫♪

I don’t mean THAT kind of white Christmas!  The one with the snow?  That’s just not for me!  I do have fond memories of childhood Christmases in the snow and often long for those again, but then I remind myself how much I hate the snow and cold!
But to me, white signifies peace, beauty, tranquility, and hope!  So as I sat in my apartment last night while working, cooking dinner, preparing my grocery list, doing laundry, and taming the wild beasts (yes, sometimes the babies do get that bad), and worrying about what the big girls would be doing for Christmas, I wondered if I would have a “white” Christmas this year.  Not the snow-filled one, but the one with all of that peace, tranquility, beauty, and hope!
And then B walked in.  He was carrying a “white” bouquet of roses that he lovingly laid in my lap as I typed up whatever I was working on, he said “I love you”, and slipped away into our room.  He never buys “white” roses…had he read my mind?
I quickly finished up on the computer and went back to cooking.  The children had calmed and I once again noticed my “white” Christmas tree with all of it’s fabulous color splashed throughout.  I finished up the dinner and fixed everyone’s plates, then headed back to the computer (yes again).  Right there on my notepads and planner was a card.  A beautiful “white” card with words meant only for me, from him!  Words that made me tear up I must admit!  And everything about my Christmas and my life seemed “white” again!
It might not be a perfect Christmas.  It never will be without ALL of my children in my household, but I do believe it will be really “white” after all!  Isn’t it funny how life works?  Just when you think you might break, someone you love (that thankfully loves you back) steps in and reminds you that all of your wishes can come true!  I still believe in miracles…big and small!  They happen every day!  Open your eyes and notice them, they are worth looking for!
And I hope that all of your Christmases are “white”, whatever that means to you! Peace, hope, love, joy, beauty, sparkles, and tranquility to you and yours this holiday season!  We all deserve a “white” Christmas!

Meet Summer Davis of Banana Hammocks & Tutus #CBias

Today, I would like love to introduce you to Summer Davis, the owner and author of Banana Hammocks & TutusI have had the pleasure of getting to know Summer through Social Fabric (an invite only community for bloggers) and have crossed our friendship over into Facebook and Twitter.

She’s fun, she’s clever, and she’s REAL!  All qualities I sincerely admire!

While digging through Summer’s blog, her Facebook Fan Page, and her Twitter Profile (shush up, it’s not called stalking, it’s called social media probing), I found out some really cool things about her personally.  Summer hails from Juneau, Alaska which to me is interesting all in itself.  I have never met ANYONE from Alaska before and plan on talking to her more about this in the very near future.  She now lives in the Savannah, Georgia area with her husband and 3 adorable children.

Her Twitter profile sums her up in her own words best:

SAHM to 3 kids, CDing, PTbabywearing, semi-crunchy opinionated spitfire. Wife to Mr. Right, Writer and Photographer extraordinaire, and Auburn football FREAK.  

But when digging in to Summer’s true persona, I decided to reach out to someone that knows her well, on a personal level, her Godmother.  I swear I almost peed my pants when I read the reply to my email to Susan Jones.  I simply asked her to tell me something about Summer’s “real life” personality.  And this is what I got…and I quote (because why would I paraphrase…this is good stuff right here):

If I’m going to be nice….she is my Goddaughter and she is so special to me.  She is beautiful, smart, crafty, Betty Crocker, Susie Homemaker and Martha Stewart all wrapped into one person! She is an amazing mom and wife. She is an over achiever in a good way 😉

Now if I’m not going to be nice…she can have a temper like no other. Stubborn as can be. Can burp like a man and smell like one too when she toots ;-(  lol!”

To get more insight about Summer and her family, read her About Me  section on Banana Hammocks & Tutus
So what is this blog that I am now so in love with all about?  All kinds of fun, interesting, witty, and thought-provoking stories of her life.  These are real thoughts and tales.  You can just feel the sincerity in her words as you read through the “pages”.  I love that!  It has drawn me in, and I am a true follower now!  She makes me laugh and she makes me come back to see what’s “next”.

My personal favorite thread on her blog is about her plight to weight loss after having children using the Paleo Diet (a way of eating that best mimics diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors – lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts).  The series starts back in November 2010 with an awesome post I Want My Body Back! (whatever that means) that explains her want/need to be more healthy and loose weight (with pictures which is a very bold move since we are all not so brave…still keeping it real).  And more recently, in November of this year, she posted Paleo & Poop which is a delightfully hysterical account (without photos…thank you Summer) of some of the “issues” she’s encountered with her plight to health and weight loss!  She does share before and after pictures throughout the posts, and she has lost 27 pounds to date (YAY Summer).  More weight loss, more fun, and even more insight to come in this series I’m certain. I’ll be sure to follow along!

The entire blog is full of entertainment!  If you aren’t a daily blog reader but like your weekly dose/giggle, be sure to check her out at the beginning of each week for Murphy’s Law Monday.  In this “series”, Summer is sure to deliver a pants-peeing story for your reading pleasure.  She isn’t afraid to point out her own short comings, and her way of looking at things is not only comical, but refreshing!   

There is so much more that I can share here…SO MUCH MORE…but I will let you decide for yourself.  Go check out Summer’s blog, Banana Hammocks & Tutus, follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook.  Consider this my little Christmas gift to you!  You can thank me later!

Happy holidays everyone, from our house to yours!  And in my house, we still say MERRY CHRISTMAS!  So I hope you have a very merry one!  
Be sure to link up if you are participating in this “roast” below!  And if not, feel free to hop around to the other fabulous blogs listed.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!