Dress Up for the Holidays? You Bet We Do!

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We Gossetts are not your typical family. You say dress up for holidays and you probably mean suits and ties, dresses and sandals. We, on the other hand, mean Super Heroes and Hello Kitty!

This Easter, we played “dress up”. I love that the babies love to dress up and I love that they don’t like to do it in the traditional manner. My babies play dress up all year long. There’s no reason to wait for Halloween. My Bug is usually a beautiful princess or something equally girly, and my Bubby will always be my Superman (or any other super hero if given the opportunity). Imagination in children is a beautiful thing that should be fostered by whatever means possible. Each of the babies actually have a costume drawer in their dresser that we add to regularly.

This Easter, they wanted to “dress up” and I was sure to make it happen.  They needed something new for the occasion though. Online shopping was my friend since I’ve been pretty busy these days. I actually did an online comparison shop with the babies’ help. We typically shop at Party City in-store but it seemed that Costume Express had a lot to offer online so why not give that a shot too, right? For the record, Party City offers better online prices on their costumes, but Costume Express offers better shipping options and in-stock items galore.

The Costume Express site it really easy to navigate, the shipping prices are right, the availability is endless, and check out is super easy.
The Party City site is crazy busy, harder to navigate, the costume prices are low, but they have almost nothing in stock and the shipping is really high if you’re in a hurry!
But let’s get back to my babies and their Easter dress up outfits, shall we? Bug decided on a sparkly Hello Kitty outfit and Bubby just so happened to choose Flash…ah-ah! Bazinga! How awesome is that?
The babies were thrilled when their Easter outfits arrived.
Easter Egg Hunts have never been more fun!
They had confetti egg fights and I laughed until I cried!
Flash costume for Easter = $65.00. Confetti eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide = $2.50. Watching Bubby find an egg that matched his costume = PRICELESS!

My babies have a good life. Costumes for every day occasions or holidays, warm weather, confetti egg fights, and living on an island. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Celebrate every day. We’re only here for a limited time. Make every day, and every holiday, count. And don’t be afraid to “dress up” in your every day life! I might *or might not* wear my tiara on my shopping trips often just because I can. I guess these nuts don’t fall far from the tree after all. Celebrate life! It’s too short to waste!

Be sure to check out Chasing Fireflies and Buy Costumes for more ideas for your everyday dress up celebrations. Seriously, you’ll thank me later. You’ve missed way too much “dress up” at this point in your life!

Hello Unfamiliar Wall…Meet Face!

First let me apologize for the craptastic cell phone self-portrait. Also, I should apologize for making you look up my rather large nostril. I wish I’d taken a better photo. I wish I had better lighting. I wish…well you know…wish in one hand and poop in the other. Anyway, you’re missing the point. What’s that you say? You have no idea what my point is? I’m OK with that…happens to me often. 
Last Saturday, I had an “incident”. I wasn’t going to share it, but every time it’s brought up in my house or within my inner circles, I laugh…they laugh. It’s all at my expense mind you, but it’s all good since we’re all laughing. 
That face up there is bruised and beaten. It’s hard to tell from the photo. My lip was scuffed up as if I’d been thrown from a car and hit the pavement. And the bruise inside was hideous. That knot on my cheek was also scuffed and very bruised. My eye was pretty much black. I guess I shouldn’t have hidden under makeup for the photo so that you could get the full effect but I can’t change that now. Take my word for it, or ask B, it was bad. 
So…how did this happen? Was I in some car wreck? Was I in a fight? Was I attacked by a wild animal? I almost wish any of the above were true because the truth is just embarrassing. 
Let me explain: I typically go to bed around 2:00 am. Before I go to bed, I pee. If you follow along at all, you know I do that often. And I get up at 6:00 am with the girls to get them off to school. That has been my schedule all year. I decided to change it up and start going to bed around midnight. So Saturday night, I woke up at about 3:00 am to pee because that’s what I do. I’m not very familiar with the new place yet and I’m a sleep walker (have been my entire life). It usually takes me about 3 months to acclimate to a new place. I hate the dark, as in I’m as scared as a little kid of it, and there was no night light in the bathroom. I closed the bathroom door and didn’t turn on the light. Don’t know what I was thinking. I was still totally asleep and when I was done peeing, I couldn’t find my way out (I’m directionally challenged). I started to panic. I’m claustrophobic too. Alone and scared in the dark in a confined space that I’m unfamiliar with, I started running around to find the light (yes running). And I ended up running…face first…in to the wall…right by the light switch I might add. Our walls are textured. It wasn’t pretty. And neither was I once the wall had its way with me. 
I’m not proud of this moment but I’ve learned my lesson. I do have a nightlight now. I’ve learned where the light switch is. And my face is healing (although I’m fairly certain my lip is scarred…really that photo does not do that scrape justice...ask B). I’m even OK with the laughter at my expense at this point (hey…I’d totally laugh too if it wasn’t me…I actually laughed and it was me).
Moral of the story? There has to be a moral. Think scar face, think! Yes, that’s it. The moral of the story is: Never run in a dark, unfamiliar bathroom at 3:00 am. The exercise is not worth the damage that will occur when the textured wall meets your face. Class dismissed!

STYD: Our Lives Are Forever Changed…and It’s Funny!

I told y’all it was chaotic while the girls were here and I told you it got crazy. My “big” girls are grown and with grown children comes crazy adventures. Bry is 23 and although Paetyn is only 18, her boyfriend, CJ, is 21. They brought the wild with them and here’s where our story begins. 
Night 2 of our visit got a little out of control. CJ is a hot mess. He’s probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life, one of the ones I can count on one hand kind of funny. He had us all in stitches the whole trip but night 2 might win the prize. 
He wanted us to drink together after the babies went to sleep. He wanted to “party” with his future in-laws (oh my stars!). And so this young man headed to the store. No one could have ever imagined what he would come back with. King Cobra. No lie! Who does that? CJ does and he thought he was oh-so-funny and no one could disagree. But, heaven help me, they actually popped those tops. They started drinking this nightmare of a beer. And it hit them…hard!
Next thing you hear? CJ: “I’ve been snake bit, and it feels good!”. Then the others (other than the 18 year old because momma don’t play that shit) followed suit. There were “ssssss” noises throughout my household and oddly posed fingers in the form of a snake bite I suppose. Yes, I laughed. Who wouldn’t? 
It went on for hours until the snake bite literally bit their asses. I have videos of CJ’s “goodies” (shush, it’s not as dirty as it sounds…he had a fondness for his male boobies this night to the tune of Colt 45 and 2 Zig Zags or some such hysterical nonsense that started at Walmart where I might have…or might not have…said shiz nitz to my girls in some Snoop Dog sort of rave). 
And unfortunately, or fortunately, it didn’t stop that night. They did this again on New Year’s Eve and so the phrase “Snake Til You Die” or STYD was born and this phrase, and ridiculous hand motion, will forever live in our family. We are a pitiful bunch. 
Don’t judge! We have fun and these memories (or lack there of) will only serve to strengthen our bond. Life is good. Enjoy it and remember that the silliest of evenings can cause life-long memories that will lead to life-long giggles. And never forget to STYD or whatever else makes you smile!