Family Isn’t Just an Important Thing, It’s Everything!

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” ~Michael J. Fox

My family is goofy. They’re fun. They’re moody, just like me. I don’t pay them enough attention. I look at my “priorities” and daily chores and I go at them. I fix B’s lunch, I get the kids breakfast, I get Bug to school, buy groceries, I work, do laundry, cook dinner, clean up the house.

I do everything mentioned above for my family, to take care of them. But I forget to enjoy them. I forget what family means. They are my everything. The dishes can wait. Work can wait. Family isn’t just an important thing, it’s everything!

An Epiphany: It’s Time to Start Learning to Enjoy Life Again!

Another storm had been brewing and we were running errands as a family, as we often do, throughout the weekend. We’d noticed the beauty off the seawall, but we hadn’t taken the time to enjoy it. There was grocery shopping, and other errands that needed to be attended to. The house is still in disarray and we had to attend to that. But then, by Saturday night, we just said BUMP THAT. We needed to enjoy the scenery that nature, and it’s forces, has given us. So we headed to the beach.
The waves were huge, which is atypical for the gulf. We stood and watched with amazement.
I watched in awe as my babies reveled in this glorious moment. I saw the beauty that I created enjoying the beauty that nature creates. 
And I sat and watched as my family played and enjoyed nature’s glory. I don’t do this enough and this moment, and the many others I was able to capture, are what life is all about. I forget this too often. 
I watched my beautiful son being splashed by waves and doing what he loves most. He’s a sea lover. I need to take him to his favorite place more often. His beauty shines here. 
And I stood and watched my loving husband as the sun set over his head. I don’t watch him enough. This night, I finally realized, I just don’t spend enough time doing the things I love, or watching the things I love, enough. This night, I vowed to make a change. 

Watch out world. My family is beautiful, and so is this amazing life. You’re going to get sick of me because I’m ready to enjoy…and share! Stay tuned…

The Colors of Fall on the Island

We don’t have the “typical” fall in Texas, especially not on the island. It’s still in the 90’s and the colors are vibrant. I love it here and I love the beauty that the island holds. A simple walk to the mailbox reminded us of how beautiful our surroundings are and I wanted to share. 
Beauty everywhere in so many different colors. 
My favorite color represents of course!
And the amazing colors of the sunset on the horizon. My life is good. I have to remember this. I need to enjoy the scenery and stop worrying so much. I’m not always appreciated. I don’t always feel on my “game”. But when I look at this scenery, I know that nature is there to remind me of the beauty in life and I feel at peace.