I’m Getting a Fake White Christmas Tree and I Couldn’t Be Happier!

This year, I will be getting a fake WHITE Christmas tree and I couldn’t be happier!
You see, I’ve wanted one for years!  I remember in a land far, far away (California) in a dimension not so far from my own (my toddlerhood), we had one and I loved it!
I don’t remember much from this time period, nor this fabulous land but I remember this tree and it was beautiful!
I remember that my mother loved it!  I remember her decorating it, and singing, and smiling!  I have always wanted to capture this elusive memory and make it part of my own Christmas!
But I have been unsuccessful!  My ex-husbands (they are ex’s for more than just this reason) didn’t buy into my enthusiasm.  They thought it was too “girly”.  I’m a girl…girly is my thing!  But I never got one of these elusive, sparkly beasts!  Sadness!
And over the years, I have endured either the fake green trees, or worse yet, the live furs!  Understand that I do not agree with cutting down a live tree to watch it die over the course of the holiday!  This does not fit with my lifestyle!  I do not like to KILL nature (or anything)!  And worse than that, I am miserably allergic to any form or fashion of a pine!  Having these in my house is like asking you to pump yourself with the worst allergen ever!
But since I have been knocked down with this (fabulous) idea so many times, I didn’t dare venture there again.  I have kept my mouth shut and gone with the flow!  Tonight, I could contain myself no longer as the family and I headed back from grocery shopping.  
I told B what I wanted, I explained how much I had loved my Mom’s tree in our early years. I poured my heart out over my longing for this white awesomeness, and I expressed my understanding of how “girly” this tree was.  I put it out there, ready for the rejection…once again!  
But much to my surprise (although in hind sight, I have no clue why I was surprised), this man lovingly looked at me and said “Girly?  You are a girl!  Whatever you want baby!  Just go get it!”.  Are you freaking serious?  WOOT WOOT!
So this year?  This fabulous year!  I am going to have a WHITE fake Christmas tree in my house!  It will be a white Christmas here inside our home!  And it will be stupendous!  And I will be happy!  You know what?  It’s the little things that matter most in life!  And this little thing has me thrilled!
I hope you all get to embrace the beautiful things in your life this holiday season!  I am thrilled that I will have my WHITE fake tree, but I am even more thrilled that I have a husband that loves me enough to “go along with” my dreams, however big or small they might be!  And for children that will adore whatever simple presents Santa might drop under said tree!  
My life is so awesome and I can’t even begin to count my blessings because I’m no good at math and there are way too many numbers to add here!  
Be thankful, be happy, and follow your heart!  If the people around you love you enough, they will indulge all of your silly wishes!  It’s a beautiful thing!
Stay tuned because there WILL be pictures!  You know you won’t want to miss those!  Peace and blessings!  

Thanksgiving Breakfast in Less Than 2 Minutes? Yes You Can! #TysonGoodness #CBias

I hope y’all had a stupendous Thanksgiving!  We sure did!  But as with any holiday, its always hectic (especially for me) and I wondered how I would possibly get everything done!

This year, I planned a HUGE meal and knew it would take me FOREVER to prepare it.  I would have to start early of course so I needed to think of something quick for my family’s breakfast!  

I of course remembered the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches that I’d fed them last week for a quick dinner to give Mom a break and thought they might just be perfect for breakfast too!

So as I planned out my meal and plan of action for the big day, I called B at work and asked him to stop by Walmart to pick up more of the #TysonGoodness!  He of course obliged and stopped on his way home and as you can see from the picture above, he actually ONLY bought his intended target!  Seriously?  Who walks into Walmart and ONLY gets what is on their list?  Ummm….HE DOES!   

Well now I had everything that I’d need for our big day, and I had a quick and easy solution for breakfast so I no longer had to worry about that!

Coffee made and Tyson Chicken Mini Sandwiches ready to cook in less than 2 minutes!  The day started out with a bang!  I was ready for this!  

I fixed up their VERY quick breakfast and was ready to move on to some feast making while they ate the yumminess that is now one of their favorite treats!  Yes, life as always, is good!

I love that since my family is not HUGE on breakfast, that this was particularly easy for me!  No need to add anything but a little fruit juice to the meal!  They get their bread, dairy, and meat food groups all from the sandwich!  With the addition of that fruit juice, we hit all four!  SCORE!

While they dined on their minis, I got to work prepping the (2) 5 pound Tyson chickens I had purchased!  My family does not care for turkey so we always have chicken instead and Tyson is their favorite!

Chickens in the oven, shower, clean up after breakfast (yea, that was easy too) then back to more cooking!  I seriously cooked for 5 hours straight (no lie) and I cooked enough for my family of 8 (but sadly only 4 of us were here).  And the day was such a success.  Dinner was done (ha…a little late, I miscalculated cooking time for the chickens because of the many casseroles that were also in the oven) but it was done and everyone was ready to eat again!

So ready in fact that B busted out an old pizza pan because he needed “room” for all of this food!  That’s right, a full pizza pan of #TysonGoodness chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, good corn, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, broccoli and cheese casserole, and a massive lump of cranberry sauce!

And Bug dove in (as always) to feast upon her meal!

And poor little Bubby slept through the whole thing!  He woke up a little later and was not interested in any of this food!  I told you he’s picky!

All in all it was a fabulous day and I was thankful for our quick breakfast with the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches which opened the rest of my day up for cooking and festivities with my family!  
How was your day?  What are you thankful for?  Please share, because you know I’d love to hear all about it!
And in case you want to try this #TysonGoodness for yourself, I’d like to let you know that Tyson is offering a fabulous deal just for YOU!  If you buy 2 packages of the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches, they will send you a $5 Walmart Gift Card which is just like getting 8 little minis for FREE!  That’s one heck of a deal!  You can thank me later!  Really, who doesn’t want to try something quick, easy, and GOOD?  
Again, I hope you enjoyed your holiday and I am thankful that I could share mine with you!  You can see the entire day in pictures HERE if you’d like!  Seriously, my life is GOOD! 

Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All ideas, opinions, and photos are entirely my own!

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving is such a forgotten holiday!  It’s sad!  We jump directly from Halloween to Christmas.  That’s just not right!  I have so much to be thankful for and I personally will NOT skip this holiday. As B said tonight, “it’s the only REAL holiday left”!  And he was right.  It’s NOT commercial.  There is no gift giving so there is no commercial value.  And therefore, we as a society SKIP it!  

But not me!  No way, no how.  We are NOT skipping it here.  Heck we might even give gifts just because it IS that important.  But for now, I’d just like to let y’all know why I am thankful.  So again, true to form, my top 10!

#10 – My friends rock.  No need to elaborate.  New or old, they just do and that’s why they are my friends and I love them!

#9 – I live on an island, and how cool is that?

#8 – I am my own boss, I run a blog and I answer to NO ONE!
#7 – I have a roof over my head.

#6 – I have food on my table!

#5 – I am lucky enough to be able to cook for my family on this awesome holiday.  I love to cook (but not bake, that’s what Kroger is for) and they will appreciate what I cook for them!
#4 –  I still have both of my parents.  Some are not so lucky.  We had a scare 2 years ago with a massive stroke for my mom, but she’s still going strong and I’m blessed!
#3 –  I got a washer and dryer this week 🙂
#2 – My 6 awesome children!  All healthy, all beautiful, and all mine! Each has their issues but I love them just the same.  
#1 – My awesome husband.  He may not be perfect but he’s mine and he’s perfect in my eyes.  That’s all that matters!
What are you thankful for?  Please share!  This is one of the most important, unsung holidays!  Let’s all share and be thankful for the things that we have.  Everyone is more fortunate than someone else.  So please, be thankful for what you have!  Don’t skip this holiday!  It’s a beautiful thing!  And thank you!