The Beauty Before and After the Storm

Living on an island is a beautiful thing on many levels!  Some are obvious and some not so much.

We have tropical storms, we have hurricanes (although thankfully I have not had to live through one of those) and you can imagine that this would be part of the “bad stuff”, and in a way you would be right!  However, the beauty that Mother Nature brings in before and after the storm is worth riding them all out!
Last weekend we had a storm!  I stood in awe at its beauty!  This will never get old and it reminds me that in life, sometimes we have to ride out the storms just to enjoy the beauty!  
It’s taken me a long time to realize this!  I hope you always find that the beauty of life is always worth the stormy ride!

On the Hunt for the Best Pizza on the Island

We don’t go out to eat much.  There are health concerns, some of us are picky eaters, we watch our weight, and money is always tight.  So when we go out, we want it to be REALLY good at a reasonable price. 
With this said, let me tell you that I LOVE pizza.  We all do really!  But to say that I LOVE pizza might be an understatement.  I ADORE pizza!  I don’t eat much at all (hence my 95 pound stature) but put a really good pizza in front of my face, and I can eat an entire pie.  No lie!  
I grew up in Upstate New York (again, don’t EVER confuse me with a city slicker…that makes me mad).  New York has awesome pizza!  I became accustomed to it’s awesomeness and look for anything remotely close wherever I go.  I’ve had luck most places I live, but here on the island?  Not so much! 
We’ve found really good pizza in Houston, but I’m pretty certain by now that you’ve ascertained that I do NOT leave my island much at all.  The idea of crossing that bridge is overwhelming now.  So I just don’t leave.  So of course, finding an awesome pizza on the island has become a mission of mine.  Oh and an awesome pizza at a reasonable price!  Easy peasy?  One would think but so far, not so much!
We have a lot of pizza places and Italian restaurants on the island so surely one of them will have that pizza pie bomb that rocks my world.  I (along with my fabulous family) are now on a mission to find this treasure!  So from here on out, until I can say “mission accomplished”, I will be posting a weekly review on all things Island Pizza.  These are unsolicited (and after the restaurants we’ve visited so far read them, probably unwelcome) reviews.  I’ve been pretty disappointed so far but remain hopeful!
Don’t get me wrong…I like a good Dominos pick up now and then, but let’s face it folks, that’s just NOT the pizza I’m looking for!   
I know that the people reading this probably don’t live on my island, but you never know when you might visit and I’m sure this will be a “need to know” item on your itinerary.  And let’s never forget that my honesty can often be rude snarky cruel clever comical at times, so I hope you will enjoy my family’s new adventure to “Hunt for the Best Pizza on the Island”! 
Stay tuned for our weekly updates!

Hey Tex! That’s HOT! More People of Walmart

Hey Tex!  That’s one mighty big hat you got there!  And look at the way you have those jeans tucked so neatly into your BLUE and brown cowboy boots!  Yup, that’s hot right there!  SEXY!
Yee Haw! I love my island Walmart!  And ladies, you know you want some of that!  Don’t even try to deny it!