Letting Go and Growing Up

Letting go is never easy, and for me, letting go of my children is incredibly hard. I know, it might sound a little overly dramatic for me to be calling the first day of Kindergarten “letting go”, but in my mind, that’s what it was. The first step Bug took in to that door on the first day was her first real sign of independence. She’s growing up and I have to let her.
She’s doing quite well in school, she likes it, and I’m proud of her. She will be 6 in a couple of weeks. Too many milestones in such a short period of time have left me feeling a little melancholy. I’ll get over it, I always do, but in the mean time, a momma has a right to pout! 

Creativity for Kids, Sparkles, Gnomes, and a Giveaway! SCORE!

To say that the kids were stoked that we received 3 #CreativityForKids craft kits in the mail MIGHT be a bit of an understatement. Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids offers the coolest craft kits on the planet and they have a huge selection! My kids were lucky enough to try some of them out. OK, so I might have played along too.
We received the Mossy Meadow Gnome Garden, the Deluxe Glitter Art Kit (our favorite..you might notice it sparkles a bunch), and the Tile Art Necklace Kit. We were so fabulously excited to get started. As you might imagine, we started with the sparkles!
The Creativity for Kids Deluxe Glitter Art Kit brought so much enjoyment to my family. Seriously…we had a sparkling good time!
When I opened the kit, the kids went wild. I loved that they played together and the kit engaged all 3 of them. You can’t put an age on glitter! There were cards, and treasure boxes, and gift tags, and lots and lots of sparkles. It was a beautiful thing and the kids and I enjoyed every moment of this activity!
Bubby found the sparkles…and it was ON!
And by on, I mean, ON EVERYTHING! Thank goodness I laid out that blanket.
And Bug’s creation was beautiful but not as beautiful as the fun and bonding they experienced. Creativity for Kids helped us create beautiful keepsakes and memories.
Once we used the sparkle kit up, we moved on to the next, the Tile Necklace Art.
The girls were especially excited about this one because they are always making jewelry. We liked the outcome and the overall quality of this kit. It came with everything needed to make these necklaces, even scissors. The colors are vibrant and the patterns are wonderful. I do need to point out that we ended up using our own glue because the glue and 2-sided tape provided in the kit didn’t work very well for us. Once we figured that out, everything went beautifully and the girls enjoyed their crafting time together and are excited to make more. The kit comes with enough supplies to make 8 trendy necklaces.
Bug is a little young for this kit (ages 8 to 98) so her big sister did most of the work.
Bug had fun working the tile.

Here’s Bug’s final project. Came out cute, don’t you think? She’s so proud!

The one thing Bubby is looking most forward to, we haven’t even gotten to yet. You see, here in The Woods, it’s either been way too hot or stormy for us to play with our Mossy Meadows Gnome Garden kit.
We are so excited about this. In the coming weeks, we will be painting and planting! Soon, it will cool off a bit and hopefully it will stop raining. We could do this inside, but you saw how the sparkles went. Please understand, dirt and paint inside might not go over well on our light carpet! For us, this is an outdoor activity, and Bubby and I will more than likely partake in this activity when the girls are at school as a fun learning lesson for him.
This is Bubby’s favorite character and I have a feeling he will be front and center in our garden. Stay tuned for updates. We will be sure to share how our garden grows!
Overall, we loved these kits and I encourage you to check out Creativity for Kids. They provide hours of fun for your kids and you to enjoy. And guess what? I have an awesome surprise for YOU!
I’m offering you the chance to win 2 fabulous kits, right here, right now! You have the chance to win the Deluxe Glitter Art Kit that we loved so much PLUS the Beach Buddies Shell Crafts Kit *JEALOUS* that we didn’t have the chance to play with! Are you ready for your kits? You and your kids can thank me later. Good luck! The winner will be selected and notified on September 1st.
Disclosure: I received product in exchange for an honest review on my site from Faber-Castell and MomSelect. As always, all opinions, photos, and ideas are entirely my own!

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A Mother’s Epiphany…It’s All About The Bond!

I’ve shared this photo before but it deserves revisiting because of an epiphany I had tonight. Every time I look at it, my heart melts. I gave birth to these 4 beautiful creatures and I love them each equally in very different ways. This photo is my phone’s wallpaper and my computer wallpaper. I’m drawn to it for so many reasons but until tonight, I never realized WHY it is my favorite photo ever!
As you know, my children are widespread in years by birth. Bry is 23, Paet is 18, Bug is 5, and Bubby is 3. There is not a lot of common ground as you might imagine. One’s in to bars, one’s in to boys, one’s in to Barbies, and one’s in to cars. Doesn’t make for good conversation…so you would think! My babies are all very unique but share a common bond and it’s not just their mom. They have a true bond, even with the distance. So on this occasion when we were all reunited for Paetyn’s graduation, I caught this moment. I knew this was a special moment and just the sight brought tears to my eyes…still does!
But tonight, I noticed what compelled me to look at this photo, over and over again, on a daily basis. It wasn’t just their beautiful faces (although look at them…they are beautiful, aren’t they?). It was the pairing that really gets me. The connections in this photo are all telling about us as a family. 
You see, Bry and Bubby are my clones. They look like me, they act like me, and they are both prone to daily nervous break downs like me. They have deep feelings that they share openly. The 3 of us are one. Paetyn and Bug on the other hand are so much like B, it’s ridiculous. Although B is not Paetyn’s birth father, he might as well be. The 3 of them have tempers that flare when the wind blows, they are irresponsible with their feelings, but they have a deep love for others that they do not know how to express.  Such is life and we are all different for a reason, and that reason is to make the world interesting. 
So tonight I noticed it. This photo that contains the 4 chambers of my heart also proves my point. Do you see it? As the 4 of them sat there together, bonding as siblings, sharing the same space, the connection is so obvious! The bar hop and the car lover shared a moment over a game on Bry’s phone and they were happy in that moment. At the same time, in the same space, the boy lover and the lover of all things Barbie shared an intimate stare. What was running through any of their minds at that moment is not important…the beauty and the bond is what matters! 
The 4 of them, sharing that space, bonding as I should have expected? That is all that matters and that is priceless! This photo will probably forever be my favorite. It captures a moment that will live in my heart forever.  I’m just elated that I captured it and that I can live it over and over again.