My House is Too Full, Too Messy, and Oh-So-Happy

This is my house right now. It’s full of kids. It’s a hot mess. I mean, seriously, do you see that mess? *SHUDDER*
But all of my kids are home and I could care less about the mess for once. I’m not even picking up behind them (much) because I’m too busy enjoying the giggles. The giggles are abundant. My kids are really, really funny. So what if they range in age from 23 to 4? They have a lot in common and funny is my favorite commonality. 
I love them all, and they are all my favorites for very unique reasons. This week I feel incredibly blessed. I don’t get them all in one room very often anymore. I will enjoy this chaos while it lasts and I will revel in the mess that is now my home. 
Next week I’ll clean. This week? I’ll just enjoy the view through the chaos. Life is good and I’m one lucky momma!

Photo Shoot With Bubby…Not So Wordless Wednesday

This past week, I had a post to do and it involved Bubby. These are actually my favorite because this kid is a character. It involved new clothes and it involved him posing.
What do I do Mommy?
Whatever you want Bub! Just pose for Mommy!
And it was on!
I’ve got a million of them (OK so only 109, but you get the point).
But it ended in the typical UGH pose and I knew we were through.
I love this kid! I’m a lucky momma and glad my little man, my only son, was born with a sense of humor and love for life. He rocks my socks and he sure was rockin’ those new clothes too. He can get whiny, and he refuses to use the potty, but this kid is awesome in so many ways! I’m lucky that I get to giggle daily because he is a part of my world!

My Hot Mess is 6…She’ll Be Driving in NO Time!

Bug at 1 year old…awwee…isn’t she precious?!?!
Today my Bug turns 6 years old and I can hardly believe it. You see, in that picture above (please excuse the quality, I do believe that was a flip phone…nice!), my baby was just 1 year old. She was my world and I was hers. Those of you that have had children later in life understand what I mean by that. I cherished this little cherub and couldn’t stand to spend one moment away from her. The first time I dropped her off at daycare when she was 8 weeks old, the whole family had to tag along and try to console me in the parking lot as I sobbed. Think nervous breakdown, because I think I actually had one that day! Other than while I was at work, Bug and I were inseparable. Seriously, she was MY.WORLD!
But now, my little angel on earth is 6! Sometimes I feel like more of a nuisance than anything else to her. I mean, she still loves me, but I’m hardly her world. She has friends, school, and other interests that just don’t include me. Her Daddy is her favorite (SIGH) and I’m just there to walk her to school, clean up her messes, wash her clothes, cook her meals…you know…all of that Mommy stuff. She does appreciate and love me but it’s just not the same and she’s growing up to fast!
You see, since I have the big girls, I know that this photo will become a reality in the glimpse of an eye and my baby girl will be driving away, hopefully to college. I won’t be her world at all then, not even close! And so today, I celebrate Bug’s 6th birthday with a happy heart for the little lady she is becoming and I’m very proud of her independence. She’s doing so well in school and maturing at the speed of light. But forgive this Momma for wishing that time would reverse a little and take us back to a time and place where me and a cookie was all she’d ever need!

Happy Birthday Bug! You are loved more than the world is big, more than the sky is blue, more than the ocean’s deep…that’s how much Mommy loves YOU!