Happy Gal-entines Day to Me and a Thank You!

That’s right. I said Gal-entines Day. What of it? As you well know, I belong to a fabulous community run by Collective Bias called Social Fabric. And since February is the “month of love”, we’ve been doing all kinds of crazy fun things to build the community relations even stronger. There have been photos of the day with themes, there will be a Twitter Party tomorrow with amazing prizes, AND we are doing a gift exchange. Yesterday, I received my gift! Oh I do love gifts!
All gifts are special of course, but this one was extra-sparkly special. You see, one of my online BFF’s drew my name and she knows me very well (too well in fact, she knows where the bodies are buried). Amy from As the Bunny Hops made a Looks for Less picture frame about a year ago for an Elmer’s campaign. I loved it. I begged her for it. But alas, she never sent it…until NOW!
Yup, that’s right, I own this now and she’s not getting it back. Score one for me (and one for her for remembering how much I wanted this). I’m still trying to decide what photo to put in here. It has to be something really special to compliment those awesome colors. Amy’s going to say I should put a photo of her in there. Well she won’t now, but she would have if I didn’t just mention it. 
But she didn’t stop there although that would have been more than enough for me. There was a card, glitter tattoos (because you can never have enough…trust me), and THIS….
That’s right. Check your jealousy at the door. It’s a pink sparkle ring that I will proudly adorn it on all of my island adventures and when I show up at SoFabCon to lead the #PinkSparklePants team against the #PurpleArmy (that Amy just so happens to be co-captain of).
I love days that sparkle. I love the Social Fabric community for hosting this month’s events. And I love the support, advice, and friendship that Amy has given me over the past couple of years. And I’m quite fond of the fact that she’s OK with me voluntelling her services all of the time. 
Thank you Amy for the wonderful gifts, for remembering I wanted that frame, for embracing the pink sparkles, and for brightening my day! Happy Gal-entines Day to you too!
And to anyone reading this public thank you note, be sure to check out Amy’s website, follow @lilac_the_bunny on Twitter, and like her fan page on Facebook. She’s funny. Everyone needs a daily giggle and you’re sure to get one if you follow along!

Galveston Club Paradise ~ Shiny Happy People at Dusk

Beautiful no? We’re home! I know the seaweed is a bit distracting but that’s to be expected at this time of year. Look beyond that. Look at the shiny happy people. Revel in the beauty of those jetties. Feel the breeze. Enjoy the gentle waves. And just look at that sky! This is Galveston at dusk. And this is why I’m happy to be home.
Because I love it here oh-so much and because I want you to enjoy the beauty that is Galveston Island, I will be posting a photo a day of our little paradise on Earth. Some will include my babies (as if you had any doubt), some will be dawn, some will be dusk, and some will just be the beauty of the ocean or the wildlife at any point of the day. Rest assured, none will be sunrise…I do NOT do sunrise.
So welcome to Galveston, stay tuned, and enjoy your daily dose of Club Paradise!

A Positive Aura on the Horizon

Sunset in paradise. It brings new life to a broken soul. If you look beyond just the sheer beauty of this site, you can see what I see. A new beginning. A window to happiness if you will. 
We’re back in my paradise. I can’t reiterate enough that everyone has their own vision of paradise and we don’t all have to agree, but this is mine. This move has been trying, all moves are. I’m trying to maintain a work schedule, B’s ridiculous schedule, trying to get the girls back in school, and trying to regain some sense of normalcy. All of this has come with its challenges. 
This week has been trying. We moved in to no hot water. Me without showers is not a pretty site. Not just the visual, the actual feat of making it through a day with me without a hot shower and thorough leg-shaving is a task that no one should have to endure. But we’ve done it!
Yesterday was a comedy in itself as the maintenance men came in and out and it was proven that the 4-year-old has a much higher capacity for communication and people skills than the 12-year-old but we’ll leave that for another day, another tale all in itself. It’s truly funny so you’ll want to tune in for that one!
Today, I woke up early, got some work done, took a hot shower with full leg shaving (no thanks to the 12 year old that took her SHORT 22 minute shower before me) and then I headed out to register the girls for school. Bug and Bubby were of course in tow. I asked the drama queen if she wanted to come but she politely declined, “I wouldn’t care to go, thank you”. Of course she wouldn’t. She had infinite internet at home while I had to struggle and fight to get her registered because her “mother” has never provided us with the proper paperwork. OK, 4 hours of work missed and she still isn’t registered. And…and…and…I missed Bug’s registration time all together because of that nonsense. Next time…I don’t care to go either!
But I digress! Back to the task at hand. Today was basically a bust and I was feeling under-accomplished. The girls aren’t registered, my work looms over my head, and the condo is still a mess. B was at school so I fed the kids and stepped outside to sulk. 
But how can one sulk when they see such beauty? They can’t! I ran inside and grabbed my camera to capture the beauty. I snapped shot after shot of the most amazing sunset. And then later tonight, after everything settled down, I looked at my photos and saw the most amazing thing. That orb, no actually amazingly positive aura around that sunset, is the foreshadow of what is yet to come in my life. 
It is hope. 
There is nothing but positive in my future. I’m putting all of this negative behind me and I’m following the advice of the nature that presented itself to me tonight, here in my paradise. I’m back where I belong and the forces of nature are here to remind me of that. Tonight, the stars aligned again, for the first time in a long time and I felt nothing but love, despite the negative forces from within.
I enjoyed my babies like I haven’t done in WAY too long and I really don’t care that we are a day late (or so) getting Bug registered for school here. She’ll catch up. She’s a silver kind of girl after all. We’ve got this. The sun’s aura told me so!