Skipping On The Seawall…Of Course We Do!

We really DO skip on the seawall!  Wouldn’t you?

Dang It Bug…Not Another Victim…Elmo’s In Time Out!

Y’all have already read about My Bug.  I love my Bug.  I really do. She is my miracle!  Who knew I would have another child?  I felt blessed!  I still do!  She was a very welcome surprise in my life!  
But to say she is mischievous is an understatement.  To say that she likes trouble, understatement.  To say she wreaks havoc in our household, gross understatement.  Matter of fact, as I type (12:30 AM), I just caught her in the bathroom after being asleep for several hours, making another mess.  This kid, my friends, is what we call in the south, A MESS!
She is always taking others down with her.  Down her path of destruction.  Bubby is her number 1 victim (bless his little heart, he’s so sweet).  Every time I hear “hey Bubby, come here”, or “Bubby, come look at this” or “Bubby, let’s do this”, I shudder to think of the trouble she will get him in to.  He really is the sweetest soul I’ve ever met and he is always sucked into her vortex.  Sometimes he gets in trouble for her antics because I can’t discern but usually, I figure it out just fine!  I pity him for this.  He is her biggest fan and I fear she will get him in much trouble before all is said and done!  But he loves her and you can’t discourage sibling love!  
I ask her repeatedly to stop bringing others into her “plots” but she never quits.  Her brother, the neighbors, kids I watch, it doesn’t matter.  She doesn’t discriminate.  If she has a plot, she’s happy to take anyone and everyone down this road of destruction.  It’s her mission in life.  
But the other day?  She went too far!  She had a particularly “mischievous” day.  She had already gotten in trouble herself for countless reasons.  She had taken down her brother, the little boy I watch, and she wasn’t ready to stop there.  She was in time out, in her room, by herself.  The rest of us were playing in the living room.  I heard noise.  No noise allowed in time out!
I snuck into her room and found that she was giving one of their toy Elmos a bath (seriously…WTF?  Where does she come up with this stuff?  She was in the bedroom?  Since when do we give baths in the bedroom?).  The floor was sopping wet.  I was angry to put it mildly.  I grabbed the wet Elmo and put him on the porch to dry out in the sun.  I then grabbed towels (lots of towels) to sop up the wetness that was now their carpet.  I worked on this for hours on and off.  I was mad.  Really mad.  I finally got the carpet almost dry and poured some baking soda on it so I could vacuum it up later and hope that it wouldn’t smell.  
I was still mad.  I stepped outside for some fresh air as I do often (if she was your daughter, you’d understand this a little better, it’s necessary for both of us) and I sat down on the porch.  
I finally looked over and noticed Elmo.  He had been out there for hours….in time out…just like I set him, and never noticed!  Poor thing had done nothing wrong.  And there he sat…in time out.  All alone and in trouble and he had done nothing wrong!  Bless his little heart!  Guess he finally understands what Bubby goes through on a daily basis…and he played along too!  Silly boys!  When will they ever learn?
So here’s hoping that Bug outgrows this “whatever it is” phase she’s been in for almost 3 years now.  Here’s hoping that Bubby (and all the other victims…sorry Elmo…figure this out), and here’s hoping this mom can have the strength to “fix” this baby before she takes down too many more!

Sorry Bub, sorry Elmo, and Bug, seriously?  Enough is enough!  

Yes Bubby, You Are My Favorite (for now)…Thank God Bry Finally Gets IT…The Rest Will Later!

Yes, right now Bubby is my favorite!  He will be for a while.  The rest don’t get it.  The oldest finally does!  Fabulous!  Of the 6, my favorites are now the youngest and the oldest.  Why you ask?  Because they need me the most!  They have the most issues!  They are the neediest!  This is why the oldest finally “gets” it!
I love them all!  All SIX of them!  They all have issues.  They all need me.  But they all need me at different levels.  That is what all of them don’t get!  You see my “favorite” is a shifting experience.  Right now, the youngest needs me most because he is learning, he is being picked on, he is in need of my devoted attention.  The oldest?  She is 22, she is on her “own”.  She needs me the most because she is trying to embark on this mission called “life”.  I can’t let either of them fail.  I can’ let either of them down.  They need me the most, they are currently my favorites!
The “others” get mad at me!  They don’t remember the time when they were the “favorite”.  All of them were at some point, and all of them will be at some point again.  You see, the baby, whoever that is, will always be the favorite.  They get picked on.  They get teased.  They don’t deserve it.  Of course, I will protect the baby, doesn’t matter who the baby is, they will be protected!  So Bubby is the “forever baby” and he may always be the favorite in some way (he is the baby after all) but they were the favorite too!  They know it!  They admit it!  It’s all good!
My point here is that what comes around goes around!  Bry is 22.  Bubby is 2. They are my favorites (right now).  The middle 4 don’t need me like these 2 do.  The middle 4 don’t love me like these 2 do.  This will shift.  This will falter.  This will change!  We all have our favorites at different phases in their lives (don’t deny it, it’s true).  But at some point in all of our/their lives, they are our favorites!  We love them all the same!  It’s all good!  And as they get older, they “get” it!  They “get” us!  And they in turn will experience the same with their own children! 
This is a fact of life!  Don’t feel guilty.  Like I said, it will shift.  And in time, all of them will “get it”.  Rock on with your current “favorite” and know that it will change in minutes!