No Yeast Homemade Pizza Dough {Low Sodium}


Last night I wanted pizza. Actually, I wanted homemade low sodium pizza. I looked around the kitchen and found everything I'd need EXCEPT yeast. I mean you need yeast to make pizza dough right? I've been making this for years and you HAVE to have it. Well, that's what I thought anyway. Really yeast is entirely overrated when it comes to making pizza dough and it was much quicker to make it this way and it tasted better! Pinky swear. When I realized (seriously, I swear I live under a rock sometimes) that by adding only 17 grams of yeast to my pizza dough, I was also adding 18 calories, 5 mg of sodium, and 3 grams of carbs. That's craziness. So I set out to make the dough without the yeast to make our pizza even better on the heart, the hearing, and the waistline.All you need are 3 simple ingredients you already have in your pantry, plus water (yields 1-12" pizza):1.5 cups bread flour2 tbsp Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb (or any no sodium seasoning of choice)2 + 1 tbsp Olive Oil (you'll need to … [Read more...]

Low Sodium Pizza from Scratch…Good Food Doesn’t Have to Taste Bad


If you've dropped by here before, you're probably highly aware that I don't each much. I've always been this way. But put a good pizza in front of my face and I can eat my weight's worth. OK, so maybe I can just down half a pie, but that's a lot for me. I love pizza. LOVE! But sadly, most pizzas fall into the high sodium content category and my family has to limit its intake. Sad, sad, poor pitiful me. But wait! You don't have to have all of that sodium to enjoy the most flavorful pizza on the planet. No, just substitute and do it all from scratch. It's simple, delicious, and so much better for your family. You'll want to make the sauce ahead of time. Yes, you can use a jar of sauce from the grocery store but that will raise the sodium count drastically. I make one easy homemade sauce using store-bought ingredients and one sauce totally from scratch that is the talk of the town (OK at least the neighborhood). You can use either of those for a delicious low sodium option because you … [Read more...]

Grilled Pizza…YUM!

Do you make homemade pizzas?  Have you ever grilled them? If you answered yes, you're in heaven.  If you said no, you're missing out on a lot!  It all starts with a great homemade sauce. And then the homemade pizza crust (all plated and stuff).Fixings all ready!  That's the choose!  SCORE! Now we're ready for the grill!Let's see how this goes!  Toss the crusts on the grill and coat them with oil.  Cook on one side for 4 minutes (but watch them so they don't burn).Flip them over and heap on the sauce!  Looking good.Overload them with cheese and let the magic begin.Cover them with your toppings of choice and let them cook an additional 4 minutes!  And done!  Easy and enjoy. And while they eat, I wait on my veggie pizza.  Looks good no? My "Bud" and I are patient!What a fabulous meal (again...all paper plated and stuff).  We all enjoyed this and we will be doing this often.  I highly recommend grilled pizza!  Remember...single sized pizzas are easier to deal … [Read more...]