Yes, I know it’s UGLY, but I’m Under Construction!


I guess I need to address this hot mess that was once Insanity is NOT an Option. Right now, it kind of is an option. I might be ready for one of those cute white jackets that’s designed to make you hug yourself before this is all over. For real. I need a hug.

You see, I’m switching from Blogger to WordPress. For those of you that don’t understand that, it’s OK. I’m just here to tell you that I realize this place is a MESS (and I’m totally not a fan of messes). For those of you that do understand, HOLD ME!

It took awhile to move me and I actually vanished for some time. There was a code missing. It was a pretty important code too. But with the help of some friends, we got through that (and I wasn’t hospitalized). But now, I’ve got THIS. This black, not very sparkly, complete ugly mess.

It’ll be fixed soon and I’ll be sparkling again in no time. This is temporary (keep telling yourself that Christy) and my designer has my back. She just spent more time porting than anticipated so she had to put me on the back burner for a bit with the design work. It’s a process. I need to be patient, but I’m not.

So yea, hold me, please and thank you and be sure to stop back by. I’m just under construction. I haven’t lost my mind…YET!

Sunday Sanity: They Make Me Sparkle

What sparkled in my world this week? THEM! We had a beautiful day having lunch, visiting Santa, and just spending time together. I’ve regrouped lately and re-evaluated my life and my time. I haven’t spent enough of my time with my family over the past year. Today was a step in the right direction. And watching their happy steps just made my heart smile!
We’ll be doing a lot more of this in the coming year. I’ll be sharing today’s fun with you shortly but for now, know that I am in a happy place and all that sparkles for me has been right in front of me all along. My eyes are open and I’m smiling! It was a good day! 
What sparkled in your world? Appreciate what you have now, because tomorrow it could all be gone. Don’t neglect the important things in your life, and as always, sparkle on!

Sunday Sanity: Flowers Make It All Better!

What sparkled in your world this week?
Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most actually. We all know that. As long as someone loves you, you can take whatever life has to throw at you. I have that someone in my life and I am thankful. This week, as I looked around, I knew that I had a lot to be thankful for. I have my beautiful babies of course and for that, I will always be grateful. But when I get frustrated, I often throw my head back with my hands over my eyes and I groan thinking how horrible it all is, and how overwhelming. But the minute I pull my hands away, I look up and I see the beauty that surrounds me and I’m at peace again. 
This week, as I looked up from my desk, I saw these beautiful carnations. They reminded me of Spring and of the beauty of nature. 
And when I looked in to my kitchen, I saw these breathtaking roses. This is the beauty that is my life. And I am thankful. Thankful that I have beauty surrounding me in the form of flowers because my husband appreciates me and shows it (this wasn’t always the case, but it is now and I appreciate that…the past is the past). And beauty because the people that surround me are beauty in themselves. 
I’m a lucky woman. I might get frustrated but I have a wonderful husband, 3 beautiful daughters, and an incredible son. Life doesn’t get any better than this!
Sparkle on and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or carnations, or whatever other flowers you might run in to this week. Life is a thing of beauty, stop letting the moments pass you by and just enjoy the scenery!