Bug Needs To Swim!

Spring has sprung and in Texas, that means Summer is upon us!  We (the Easter Bunny) got the babies bathing suits for Easter, but they haven’t been able to use them yet.  In other words, Mommy hasn’t taken them to the pool yet.  BAD MOMMY!
So this afternoon, Bug took matters into her own hands.  She gave me a (not so subtle) hint.  Apparently, it’s time I took them to the pool!  I was working and ignored the hint…until I saw this!  Poor baby got in her new suit, pulled out her pool toys (also delivered by the bunny), and laid down for her nap.  
So tomorrow, I vow to myself, we will be pool hopping at some point.  This baby longs for her time at the pool and I long to give her what she needs.  I think I’ll get up extra early, knock out a few chores, and then it’s off to the pool we go for some sparkly fun in the sun!

It’s going to be a good day!  Happy Wednesday and Sparkle On!

From The Island to The Woodlands

When we left the island on Friday, it wasn’t a particularly lovely day.  No the winds were angry and the palms (I like palms) were whipping in those winds. 
But there were palms.  And just over those palms…there was an ocean with beautiful sandy beaches.  This was my home!  I ventured out often and I was comfortable and HAPPY!
But life throws us curve balls.  You learn to dodge and miss, or you swing batta batta swing!  We chose to swing.  We had to move.  We had to be a family.  We could make this work.  But we moved to this…
There are no palms here.  No indeed.  There are pines and oaky things (I don’t like pines or oaky things) and beyond these not so pretty trees…bright lights, big city.  I’m not a fan!  
Have I given this place a fair shot?  I absolutely have NOT.  I’m still in mourning.  Why?  Because just over these trees (let’s put aside the make and model of the foliage) there are no beaches.  There is no sand.  There are no shiny happy people! Nope…just bright lights, big city, and lots and lots of traffic.  
The furthest I’ve ventured out is Walmart (yes I’m aware you are not surprised) because it is less than 2 miles away.  But even at Walmart…nobody knows my name.  
I promise I’ll give this place, these Woodlands, a shot, but this will never be home to me.  Home is where my heart is and my heart lives here, but my happiness will always be found on the island.  My family agrees, so it’s all good.  I can share my feelings here.  
I’m afraid of this bright light, big city place.  I’ll acclimate, but I don’t think I’ll ever be “home” again until I can see my sandy beaches on a daily basis.  
Counting the days until we can reunite with the palms.  Stupid pine trees!  Don’t get me wrong…we’ll make the best of this.  The people are super nice and the area is great.  I’ll just never be a city slicker no matter how hard I try to hide out in “The Woodlands”.  I know what’s beyond those woods and I long for “The Island”.  
This is the Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown, TX.  It is 13,730 feet in length and 1,250 feet wide.  The tower height is 440 feet.  It has 8 lanes in total.  It was constructed in 1996.  It has many uses, and all kinds of history.  But to me?  It’s just pretty!  I like pretty!  Leave the facts, figures, and functionality to someone else!

I just enjoy it’s awesomeness every time we drive through.  We had the pleasure of visiting it’s beauty this weekend and I couldn’t help but capture that!  It’s important to take the time to appreciate beauty and throw caution to the wind.  Leave the facts and figures to the mathematicians.  I’m more of a dreamer myself!