Galveston Club Paradise: Just What is this Seawall?

The Seawall…the Seawall…she’s always talking about the Seawall. Just what is this Seawall and why do I care?
“The fact that the city of Galveston exists today is the triumph of imagination, hope and determination over reality. Perched precariously on a sand-barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is subject to the whims of inevitable hurricanes. 

One of those hurricanes, dancing its deadly way across the Gulf of Mexico in early September 1900, came very close to dealing the city a fatal blow. An estimated 6,000 residents died, and most structures in the city were destroyed or badly damaged. In terms of human life, it remains the worst natural disaster in United States history.

Galveston’s leaders took several major steps to recover from the storm and to prevent a recurrence of the devastation. First, they developed a new form of municipal government, one with strong centralized control to handle the economic recovery of the city. Next, they built a massive seawall to turn back storm-generated waves. Perhaps the most amazing step they took was to raise the level of the entire city, by more than 16 feet in some areas, in order to keep flooding at a minimum.” (cited:

So did you really read any of that? An estimated 6,000 residents died in the storm of 1900…it remains the worst natural disaster in United States history. And then there was Ike. That Seawall saved many a building, and many a life during that storm, although far too many perished. The island was devastated just the same. But to those of us that inhabit this island, that Seawall is a beautiful thing. We feel safer knowing that flood levels will be minimal thanks to our beloved Seawall and we thank the officials that deemed it necessary way back when.
So why do I talk about the Seawall so much? Because it’s beautiful of course. Because it protects me, my family, and my belongings. And because it represents a history of destruction that we as a community will never allow to invade us again!
Deal with it. You might get sick of hearing me talk about it, but I’ll continue to do so on a daily basis. Over 6,000 people died to make it happen. It deserves our respect, and so do they. And it’s a beautiful thing!

Galveston Club Paradise: 61st Street Pier

The 61st Street Pier is pretty cool really. It’s a jetty that leads to a building, that leads to a full blown pier where people fish and look over the ocean’s beauty. I’m drawn to this building for many reasons. I love the colors, I love the location, and I wish I could live here actually. 
You’re not allowed to build a home on the Seawall side anymore apparently. I understand, hurricanes and the like might take you out. But the idea of living RIGHT THERE is so appealing to me. But instead, since I can’t do that, I just enjoy this sight every time I drive by, which is often. 
I don’t go out on this pier because you have to pay. I don’t understand why they charge just to walk out there really. More people would likely walk out there and spend money in the gift shop if the walk was free. But that’s their business and if they want to loose the revenue, they have that choice. 
Me? I’ll just enjoy the view from the Seawall and move along to somewhere like Murdoch’s where I can enjoy the view for free and spend my money on more important things like fun stuff for our new condo. More on Murdoch’s later. Seriously, if you ever stop by Galveston, Murdoch’s is a place you’ll want to visit…for free!

Healthy Thrown Together Burritos…a la Christy!

Throwing perfection out the window…day one! Hey, it wasn’t so bad. It was a good day full of new work adventures for the new year. Conference calls, a new campaign, a fabulous opportunity for growth for my future, and lots of other tasks to complete and I remained calm. I didn’t check my list off in order for once, but surprisingly everything got done. 

Well, except for one thing. I’d forgotten to take anything out for dinner and it was already after lunch. 

Dinner had to be cooked but I didn’t have much here. There were chicken breasts in the freezer. There were some cans in the pantry. On with the let’s roll with this theory, I took a shot. 
Crock pot! Chicken breast in. Oh, I have low sodium cream of mushroom soup, how cool. A can of Rotel? Why not? Simmer and see what happens. It smells good, but now what? 
Spinach wraps in the frig? Of course! We love burritos and the like. Here we go. Let’s mix them all together and see what happens. And so, I ended up cooking that chicken and soup/Rotel mixture for 4 hours in the crock pot. I shredded the chicken and mixed it with more of the broth. I wrapped it in the spinach tortillas. Covered those with the rest of the broth, then the cheese and baked at 350 for 30 minutes. 
This was a hit at our house and will be on the regular rotation. And so, true to my new non-perfectionist attitude, I had a win. I didn’t plan a thing. I cooked by the seat of my…well what was left in my pantry. And it was a win! Can’t go wrong with that. 
Maybe 2013 will be my year after all. It’s only the 8th and we’ve already had ups and downs but they’ve had an impact on me and I think we’re off to a pretty good start in an odd sort of way. 
And if you’re looking for a low sodium, low carb, low calorie kind of dish, you might want to try my Healthy Thrown Together Burritos…a la Christy. Apparently they are the bomb!