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Boo-tify Your Home with Affordable Halloween Decor

Terrorize your neighborhood this Halloween season by having the most spectacular (spooktacular?) haunted mansion with affordable Halloween decor, ghouls, and party goods from Oriental Trading. Just so you know, I received product from Oriental Trading to facilitate this post. All opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own.

ot halloween big reaper hero

I love Halloween. Like, love it, love it. There’s a term my close friends and I use to explain how excited I get about this holiday, but I digress because that term isn’t suitable for my family-friendly site. Anyway, there are three “holidays” that excite me beyond belief…Halloween, Christmas, and Mardi Gras. For my three favorite times of year, I always turn to Oriental Trading for all of my festive home decor, party goods, craft supplies, and in this case…ghouls! Seriously, your one-stop shop for affordable Halloween decor and more. Like ghouls…have I mentioned the ghouls?

Darkness falls across the land, the midnite hour is close at hand.
Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize y’all’s neighborhood.
And whosoever shall be found, without the soul for getting down.
Must stand and face the hounds of hell, and rot inside a corpse’s shell.
The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years.
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb, are closing in to seal your doom.
And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver.
For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the thriller.
Can you dig it?!

I totally dig it, do you? If you do and you’re not quite ready for All Hallow’s Eve, I’ve got some last-minute ideas for you. For the record, if you sign up for Oriental Trading’s newsletter, shipping is free (shhhh…don’t tell everyone because that offer is too good to be true and we want to save that freakish deal all to ourselves).

ot halloween house iinao

Since we moved into our house last August, we’ve been rebuilding our holiday decor and Halloween is no exception. It’s starting to get a little scary around here and I’m totally digging it (get it…digging…grave yard…hell yea). Anyway, let me take you on a little tour. We’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s frightfully delicious so far and I’m stoked.

halloween cemetary iinao

As soon as you enter the front gate, you’re immediately haunted by this Crawling Zombie Groundbreaker with the rest of his friends. Watching people walk by on the sidewalk to his motion-sensored screams every night makes me giggle-snort uncontrollably. If you take the cemetery route in your yard, don’t forget the tombstones and skulls because no Halloween yard cemetery would be complete without those!

sonic man iinao

And Sonic Man eerily warns all unsuspecting guests about something spooky ahead! His jaw moves, his eyes light up, and he spouts spooky warnings all at the command of a moving passerby. Again, patio evening entertainment at its finest as people walk by…for me.

ot mummy rat iinao

Scary little items like this Mummy Rat and skull pop up all over the place to add to the frightfully fun ambiance. It’s super important to weave inexpensive decor that fits your theme inside and out to make the most of the experience and maximize the spooktacular on a budget.

ot halloween witch iinao

No, I’m not fooling myself into thinking this Tree Trunk (or porch fly) Witch is scary. That’s just funny right there, and I like funny, even when I’m trying to be scary. Dig?

ot halloween door iinao

A good entrance to your haunted house is a must. This sets the mood for the fright fest your unsuspecting guests are about to enter. Make it count, but be sure to add a little humor in there too to keep things light if you’re anything like me. Drink up, witches!

ot halloween skeleton iinao

A rattling, hysterically laughing skeleton just outside your door never hurts.

halloween desk iinao

Wow them with your totally mad (and completely affordable) Halloween decorating skills as soon as they walk in the door with simple set ups throughout the house. Get creative with skulls, spiders, bloody cloth, and webs that light up eerily with a well-placed strobe light.

halloween small reaper iinao

This creepy little reaper hanging over the staircase scares the snot out of the kids every morning…SCORE! I should feel guilty about that. I totally don’t.

halloween handprints iinao

The best and final details are typically the most affordable and often the most effective. These bloody handprints leading into our guest bathroom…

bloody feet iinao

Are preceded by these bloody footprints…

halloween blood on floor iinao

That left this crime scene. You’re welcome.

It’s that simple and affordable to have a freakishly haunted Halloween this year. Want to get $250 worth of free affordable Halloween decor from Oriental Trading this year for your fright fest? If you act now, you can when you enter their spooky giveaway.Hurry though…contest ends 10/17/15. Don’t be scared, you have as good a chance as any “body”.

What’s your favorite Halloween decoration? What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for? If you don’t say Halloween, Christmas, or Mardi Gras, we can no longer be ghoulfriends. See what I did right there? Overkill? I can’t help myself. Sorry.

Peace out and Happy Halloween!

Mummify Your Candy This Halloween!

It’s Halloween! I love this time of year. Imaginative play is one of my favorite things. I enjoy watching all of the kids dress up and I enjoy dressing up myself. This is the time of the year we bust the mold and just pretend. We can pretend to be princesses. We can pretend to be super heroes. We can pretend to be anything we want. So I’m choosing to pretend that I’m crafty this year.
I want to impress my trick or treaters since I won’t be here to pass out the candy. We’ll be on the prowl ourselves for the loot but I’m leaving a bowl out, as I always do, for the ghouls, goblins, super heroes, and princesses that stop by my door. I want them to walk away happy so I decided to dress up my candy. No this wasn’t an original idea. I’m not that clever. We all know that by now. I was surfing the web today for crafty and fun ideas and I stumbled upon a post by my friend Chelsea over at Someday I’ll Learn and realized that her idea was something even I could do.
This will be sitting at my front door awaiting our guests. These candy mummies are so simple and you really don’t even need a lot of supplies, or time, to accomplish this.
What you’ll need:
  • Candy: Any “flat” candy will do like candy bars, taffy, even lollipops from what I’ve heard. It just has to have a flat, semi-wide surface.
  • Elmer’s Glue Spots because they’re super easy to work with.
  • Tape. I used surgical adhesive tape but you can use any type of tape (other than Scotch of course) that you have on hand.
What you’ll do:
  • Affix the googly eyes to the upper front surface of the candy with a glue spot.
  • Take the tape and start wrapping. Here’s where you can throw your OCD tendencies out the window. I found the ones I labored over the least actually look the best. Who knew?
Each mummy seriously only takes minutes and they are absolutely ghoulishly adorable and sure to impress everyone that stops by. Kind of adds that personal touch that you miss by not being there yourself.
These would also be great to hand out at school or to put out if you’re having a last minute party. Happy Halloween y’all. I hope you have a great evening and that you let your imagination run wild.

Don’t Wait for Halloween 2013 to Play "Dress Up" Again!

We love Halloween in our house. There is no other holiday where you get to pretend to be your heart’s desire, or something funny or silly, or a super hero, or whatever, and it be socially acceptable. If I had my way, we’d dress up every day (truth be told, sometimes we do and I’ve been known to wear a tiara to Walmart just to laugh at the reactions). For me, it’s a holiday for family bonding. For them, it’s about giggles and CANDY! But it doesn’t matter because we all enjoy it! It’s not all scary and witches…it’s Bumble Bees, Super Heroes, and Ostriches…OH MY!
For once, here’s a post that’s picture heavy, and word light (I hope) because I wanted to share our Halloween memories with y‘all!
I did mention ostriches, right? It’s OK, he can’t help himself. It’s funny and it’s OK to laugh. Everyone else did too! I’m just happy to see him happy!
Of course we can’t forget my Superman. He was so excited when we crossed the bridge high up over the road. He was sure to point out that he was “Up in the Sky…just like Superman!”. It was almost as good as flying for real. 
Swear that stupid ostrich made it in to at least half of my photos. Can’t a momma just take pictures of her babies without an ostrich in the way? OY!
But finally, there was trick or treat and happy times!
And sibling love and bonding that makes this momma’s heart happy!
But Super Bubby was tired!
And Baby “B” had an attitude so it was time to wrap things up!
And it was a good night. Of course any night I spend with B and the babies usually is a good night. I hope y’all had a Happy Halloween and that you keep the fun going all year round like we do. Wear a boa to Target, a tiara to Walmart, a cape to pick your kids up from school! Seriously, life is too short to wait on a yearly event to enjoy yourself and pretend. “Dress up” is OK year round, and you don’t need the reward of candy, because the giggles are reward enough in themselves!
Enjoy Life and Sparkle On!