Disguise Tom the Turkey for Thanksgiving: Creativity for Kids with Printable


Meet Donatello Turkey Ninja Turtle. Oh wait. Did someone say turkey? I totally meant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Because no one…and I mean no one…wants to capture and eat a turtle for Thanksgiving, right? Let me explain. Bug came home from school last week with the cutest 1st grade assignment EVER and we had a […]


Movie Wish List: Cartoon Network’s Jake the Dad and Regular Show Fright Pack


I really should let you know that I received the following DVDs with bonus features to facilitate this family movie night from Click Communications and their client. As always, all of the photos, ideas, and opinions expressed here are entirely my own. We have tons of movies here that have recently become available on DVD or will […]


Bento Boxes, Finials, Hang Outs, and 6" Ribbon Curls…OH MY! A Day in the Life of a WAHM.


It’s official. I’m a WAHM (work at home mom for those that don’t get the acronym). AND I’m officially a mommy blogger although I’ve tried to stay away from that niche. Tonight…I decided there was no denying it. The proof was in my life, my conversations, my actions…my everything. If you’re one of “me”, you’ll […]


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


I usually wait until December to start decorating for Christmas. I have to wait. It’s the right thing to do. We need to celebrate Thanksgiving first. We really should, and we will. BUT Bubby is so excited for Christmas this year that I caved. Last night, B pulled out the tree per my request, and […]


Shark Rocket: Blast Your Way Into Clean with This Pint-Sized Power House


Although I did receive compensation in the form of a Shark Rocket *SQUEE* for this post from Alpaytac Inc., I promise you I would have talked about this anyway, and all opinions, ideas, and photos are entirely my own.  Y’all know I love to clean. No, let me rephrase that…I love things to be clean. I […]


3 Years What? Happy Blogiversary to Me!


That’s right y’all. I’ve hung on to this little piece of .com real estate for 3 years now. I missed it by a day (or 2) but I’m 3 years old now. Don’t split hairs and point out the obvious. I’m talking about this blog, not about me.  It’s an amazing thing. They (whoever “they” are) say […]