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Smarties Are My Only Choice for Halloween Because #IAmASmartie #CBias

Halloween is quickly approaching!  Have you really given any thought to the candy you will be giving out this year?  Are you aware that MANY children have food allergies?
This issue is near and dear to my heart!  My 2 youngest are highly lactose intolerant.  My #2 daughter had lactose issues when she was very young but she outgrew them.  According to the doctors, the babies may never do the outgrowing thing and this may be a life long issue for them!
As a matter of fact, they are predicting that Bubby’s “intolerance” is more of an allergy than an intolerance and he will more than likely never outgrow it!  Meaning this baby will deal with this his entire life!  Think projectile vomit at the sight of milk.  One chocolate candy bar makes him vomit.  A trip to the ice cream shop means we will be up all night…him vomiting, me cleaning.  Yes, I’ve come to realize that these food allergies are a serious deal!  So it has me thinking!
Lots of kids have these issues!  Peanuts, Gluten issues, Lactose issues, etc., so many allergies and they want to trick or treat!  They want to partake in all things fun and sweet!  It’s not fair that they can’t do that! 

So I’ve done my research!  And you know what I’ve found?  Smarties!  That’s right…THOSE Smarties!  They are gluten free, allergen free, vegan (as a vegetarian I can appreciate this since most aren’t), lactose free (woot woot), and they are individually wrapped and obviously tamper evident.  So are they the perfect Halloween candy?  Yes please and thank you!

As the mother of 6 from the ages of 22 down to 2, I am not above bribery rewarding for good behavior.  If we’re potty training, we bribe reward with Smarties!  If we’re looking for good grades, we bribe reward with Smarties!  If we are looking to break any bad habit, we bribe reward with Smarties!  It’s a way of life around here!  And the funny thing is, when speaking with my own mother a couple of weeks ago, I found out that she bribed convinced me in to potty training with Smarties, so this a family legacy I guess!  
Whatever works right?  My babies LOVE Smarties!  My hubby loves Smarties!  Heck, I love Smarties and I’m not even a candy eater!  I am hypoglycemic so candy doesn’t fit into my diet well, but Smarties don’t bother me a bit!  Seriously, the good stuff in the candy world!  
I was able to buy a 2 1/2 pound bag for $4.48 at Walmart the other night!  You can see my whole shopping trip HERE,  I’m sure I’ll have to buy more before Halloween because these babies are sure acting right to get the bribes rewards I’ve been offering lately!

Apparently the babies considered this a SCORE!  And they were right on so many levels that they won’t understand until they are older!

We settled down for Monsters Inc. with a gluten free, lactose free, allergen free, vegan treat while watching this hysterical Disney Pixar movie.  Life is good!  I can’t stress that enough!

So what are you giving out for Halloween this year?   I’m  thinking if the answer is not Smarties, you ought to be rethinking YOUR thinking NO? And you should listen to me because #IAmASmartie!

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So Fitting! It’s Almost Halloween! Are You Ready?

And here she is…that little hot mess again!  My Bug!  She has on her island dress shopping at Target!  Tiara and wand in one hand, and witches hat on her head!  Always confused!  Always adorable!  And most assuredly, always a mess!  Happy Halloween season everyone!  I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!

Halloween Crafting with M&M’s Candies! Candles, and Flowers, and Tiaras…OH MY! #MMsGetCorny #CBias

Have you heard of the new M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies available only at Walmart?  Well I have and I was asked to do some Halloween crafting with them but alas, I could not locate their elusive awesomeness!  After 7 separate trips to Walmart (pitiful right? It’s OK, I was there anyway), I realized that they just wouldn’t be here in time to complete my crafts!  And I wanted to craft!  If you’d like, you can view a slide show of our many trips to Walmart HERE.
I hear the new M&M’s taste awesome!  I hear they are beautiful!  And you of course you can probably  hear the jealousy in my tone that others have found them and I cannot!  I’m sure they will make it to my Walmart candy aisle before Halloween, and then I’ll have more excuses for crafting, and eating, and cooking with them!  Oh and I also hear that there will be a contest running from October 7th through the 21st at MMsGetCorny that I will be entered in for my crafts and I’m counting on your votes!  I really want to win!  Plus if you visit, you’ll get an opportunity to see all of the Halloween Candy awesomeness and try some of the crafts and recipes yourself!
So with all of this said (yes, I know I’m extremely wordy, what about it?), I decided to get my Halloween M&M’s craftiness on with or without the new variety.  They have some really cute bags out for the Fall season that I was able to pick up from my local Walmart Halloween section so indeed I did, and we were able to get our craft on!  The babies and I were excited (we really are always excited)!

We decided to complete not ONE, not TWO, but THREE crafts because we couldn’t decide on just one!   Cute huh?  Well I’m here to tell you exactly how we made our Halloween decor with M&M’s Candy!

We chose the Fall editions!  Red in football gear in the “plain” variety, and Yellow in his scarecrow garb in “peanut”.  Got all of our crafting supplies together (some we had, some we purchased on our many trips to Walmart) and we were ready to go!  We actually have more crafty ideas that we plan on completing before Halloween (once we get our hot little hands on the M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies of course).  
Craft #1 always includes some sort of candle activity!  I adore candles.  The flame and the fabulous odors just relax me (note mothers of 6 often seek relaxation).  So of course I started here!  
Here’s what you’ll need:
1) Candle holder of your choice (I use this one for everything).
2) M&M’s Fall edition plain candies, we used the whole bag (minus the taste test of course, we had to make sure they were OK).
3) M&M’s Fall edition peanut candies (but only if you want the cute Yellow scarecrow from the bag, I didn’t actually use these candies for this craft)
4) Pillar candle.
5) Glass marbles.
6) Crazy Glue (watch out, this stuff can be hazardous, I actually glued my foot to my flip flop at one point 🙂
7) Something to place the candle on.  We used the top off of a Citronella candle (clever, I know).

We mixed the marbles with the M&M’s candies and tossed them in the bottom of the holder, then placed the top from the citronella candle on top of them as a stand for our candle.  I then glued the cut outs from the cutest M&M’s bags ever on to the candle, and glued M&M’s all over the rest of the candle.  I intentionally did not cover the entire candle because I liked the way the color of the candle that Bubby picked worked with the M&M’s!  Done and it’s cute!  You like?

Craft #2 was Bug’s choice!  She wanted flowers and what Bug wants, Bug gets!


Easy peasy!  Here’s what you need:
1) Vase.
2) Faux flowers (they last longer than the real ones you know!).
3) M&M’s Fall edition peanut candies (again the whole bag minus taste testing, they are my favorite).
4) Glass marbles.

That’s it!  You can’t submerge M&M’s in water or they will lose their color but we wanted the effect of the M&M’s floating in water so we put some glass marbles in the bottom of the vase, then the M&M’s, then more marbles, and wiggled the flowers in there.  Bug was pleased!  Again, if Bug is pleased, we are all pleased!  This will be our table center piece for the season!
Craft #3:  The pièce de résistance!  The craft that hits closest to home for me!  The one that rocks my princess socks!  MY favorite!  The tiara and “wand” as the babies call it!  It was easy, it was fun, and I will wear it in style (of course if you know me, you know that I have already done just that)!

What you’ll need to be as sparkly as me:

1) Tiara (you can pick these up anywhere you know!)
2) Wand (again, any old where for a buck).
3) M&M’s plain candies (not many for this craft, but you can figure that out as you go).
4) Crazy glue (I can’t say this enough…watch out, this stuff is POWERFUL).  

Mission complete (for now, remember we are still on the hunt for the M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies at Walmart)!  We have crafted!  We have had fun!  We have sampled way too many M&M’s, and we are happy with the results! 

What are your crafting ideas?  Have you started decorating or crafting for Halloween yet?  I would love to hear your ideas, and better yet, I’d LOVE to see them!

And since I’ve done so much “work” on my crafts, and trying to find the elusive M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate Candies, I have decided to appoint myself Queen of All Things M&M!  What?  I deserve it!  I will find them and I will reign as queen!  Don’t hate! 
Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective BiasAll opinions, ideas, crafts, and photos are entirely my own!