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He’ll Always Be My Superman…and So Much More!

The past 2 weeks have been CRAZY! I’m always busy (which I like) but everything has been spiraling and I’ve been struggling to keep afloat and sane. But those stories are for another day. Tonight, I revel in the awesomeness that is Bubby!
His 4th birthday (stop that…four is a four letter word and I want to turn back the clock…my baby can’t be turning 4) is later this month. He’s a Halloween baby (minus a couple of days) and he adores Halloween. For the majority of his little life, we’ve been pretty much broke and we’ve scraped at the last minute to put together a costume for him. But this year has been a great year and we headed to Party City to pick out whatever costume he wanted. He’s had a bad go of it lately and he’s such a good boy, he deserved it.
We were there for a LONG time. He wanted Spiderman upon entry and walked out with Superman. He’s my kid, he’s fickle, it’s all good! My plan was to put the costumes up until Halloween. You know, keep them all pristine in the bags and pull them out for the big night. Not happening and I thank my lucky stars that I was persuaded from my original plan because it has been so entertaining and enlightening. 
Bubby wears his costume every day. But it’s not a costume at all. He IS Superman! He dons his muscle clad suit with cape and he stops, looks perplexed, then says “Someone’s in trouble” and he runs down the hall to save them and returns victorious each and every time. 
But you see, play time is often symbolic of life, and that is the case here as well. He’s not just playing Superman, he is Superman. He saves someone daily and that someone just so happens to be his Mommy. “Someone’s in trouble” is his way of life. 
When life gets hectic, he’s the first one to make me laugh and take a break. When I don’t feel well, he’s the first one to give me a hug and a “tiss”. If I’m having a bad day, devoid of sparkles, he’s right there, sparkling up the path and boosting my spirits. He just exudes super hero powers and he makes this world a better place. 
So, fickle or not, it makes perfect sense to me that he ended up picking Superman, and that he wears this costume daily, and that he constantly runs when “Someone’s in trouble”. It’s not just a costume…he will always be my Superman and I love him for that and so much more!

I Have So Much To Be Thankful For!

Thanksgiving is such a forgotten holiday!  It’s sad!  We jump directly from Halloween to Christmas.  That’s just not right!  I have so much to be thankful for and I personally will NOT skip this holiday. As B said tonight, “it’s the only REAL holiday left”!  And he was right.  It’s NOT commercial.  There is no gift giving so there is no commercial value.  And therefore, we as a society SKIP it!  

But not me!  No way, no how.  We are NOT skipping it here.  Heck we might even give gifts just because it IS that important.  But for now, I’d just like to let y’all know why I am thankful.  So again, true to form, my top 10!

#10 – My friends rock.  No need to elaborate.  New or old, they just do and that’s why they are my friends and I love them!

#9 – I live on an island, and how cool is that?

#8 – I am my own boss, I run a blog and I answer to NO ONE!
#7 – I have a roof over my head.

#6 – I have food on my table!

#5 – I am lucky enough to be able to cook for my family on this awesome holiday.  I love to cook (but not bake, that’s what Kroger is for) and they will appreciate what I cook for them!
#4 –  I still have both of my parents.  Some are not so lucky.  We had a scare 2 years ago with a massive stroke for my mom, but she’s still going strong and I’m blessed!
#3 –  I got a washer and dryer this week 🙂
#2 – My 6 awesome children!  All healthy, all beautiful, and all mine! Each has their issues but I love them just the same.  
#1 – My awesome husband.  He may not be perfect but he’s mine and he’s perfect in my eyes.  That’s all that matters!
What are you thankful for?  Please share!  This is one of the most important, unsung holidays!  Let’s all share and be thankful for the things that we have.  Everyone is more fortunate than someone else.  So please, be thankful for what you have!  Don’t skip this holiday!  It’s a beautiful thing!  And thank you!

Bubby’s 3rd Birthday at the Zoo #DelMonte #CBias #ad

This past weekend was Bubby’s 3rd birthday!  YAY!  Three is so much fun but I can’t believe how quickly my little man is growing up (heavy sigh)!

Birthdays are extremely special around here.  It’s the only uniquely-you time of the year so we like to celebrate with a bang.  We offered up several outing ideas but he was insistent upon the zoo.  He wanted to see the “helephants” in person!

And what Bubby wants, Bubby gets (seriously, he’s spoiled rotten)!

I know I’ve told you countless times that we are always on the go as a family and I always try to be prepared.  But this time (gasp) we would be leaving the island!  We would be venturing all the way to Houston so I wanted to be extra prepared for this little journey! 

On Friday night (his actual birthday), the family and I headed to Walmart to pick up a few items for our zoo trip.  While there, we just had to get a pumpkin for carving.  It was Halloween weekend after all. They picked out the “perfect” pumpkin!
With the pumpkin picking out of the way, I really wanted to pick up some drinks and snacks to take along with us on our LONG trip.  We would most assuredly stop for lunch on the way, but we planned on spending quite some time at the zoo and the babies would surely get hungry and thirsty.  We’ve been to the zoo before so I know first hand that all of the food and drinks there are very costly.  And I really don’t like pumping things like nachos, cotton candy, popcorn, and pretzels into their little bodies anyway, especially when they are going to be very active.  
We ended up picking up some Del Monte Diced Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar because B thought they looked really tasty and Bubby loves fruit cups.  Del Monte is our brand of choice but these were new and they really wanted to try them.  We got some drink pouches as well because they travel so well and the babies wouldn’t spill them all over the place.  You can see our entire shopping experience in photos HERE if you’d like (which also has a lot of zoo shots).  We had pretty much everything we needed and were very excited for our outing in the morning!

We headed out late Saturday morning (bag packed with everything we’d need), left the island, stopped for lunch, then headed for our Birthday Boo Bash at the Zoo!  

You might have guessed that our first stop was the “helephants”, and if so, you are absolutely RIGHT!  Bubby was in love!


Then on to some horned animals that B and Bug particularly enjoyed, and giraffes, rhinos, and even some warthogs. 

We headed to the pumpkin patch for some more pumpkin picking and decorating.  

And then some silly play time was in order! 

About this time (as anticipated by me, a mother of 6 usually knows best), everyone was getting a little restless, hungry, and thirsty.  Time to find a nice spot to pull out some snacks and drinks, and rest a little while. 

This looked like a nice place!  So we pulled up a bench, I cracked open my bag, and dug out the Del Monte Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar.  And from the looks of things, they were really digging this new flavor!

Well, I know for a fact that they enjoyed them.  B claimed this was “the best fruit cup ever!”, Bubby said “mmmm yummy” with every bite, and Bug didn’t say a word which in itself speaks volumes.  If she’s awake, she’s talking!  The fact that she gulped down the whole cup without one single word means they were delicious in her book! We cleaned up after snack time, and headed back for more fun! 

It was time to take my monkeys to see the zoo’s monkeys!  It only seemed natural and the monkeys are my all-time favorite!

And here are just a few of our favorite monkeys!  How cute are they?  They were all posing for us!  I so want a monkey one of these days!

Last stop…lion’s den!  I couldn’t help myself!  Of course I burst out into song!  You knew I would.

♪♫ In the jungle, the mighty jungle, 

             the lion sleeps tonight….
                   a-weem-away, a-weem-away ♫♪

Let them stare, let them laugh, I don’t care!  My family and I just like to have fun!  And we do!

And much like the mighty lions, my babies looked very tired (and they were starting to act it, OH MY at the whining) so it was time to pack up and head back to the island after a great day at the zoo!  

Thanks to my friends at Del Monte and Collective Bias, Bubby’s birthday was a huge success!  We had fun, we learned new things, we played hard, we laughed often, and we even found a new favorite snack!  Who could ask for anything more?

Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective BiasAll ideas, opinions, and photos are entirely my own! #DelMonte #CBias #ad