Happy Memorial Day

Let’s all remember the reason we celebrate this day and thank a Soldier (or a gazillion…and if you’re reading this…thank you!).  But let’s also relish in the festivities!  My family has been hooping it up all weekend long!  Here’s just a little glimpse into our fun in the sun.  And there’s not only been swimming, but grilling, bike riding, and more outdoor play time.  I’m thankful to those that have given so much, and unfortunately some have had to give their lives, for the freedoms that my family is afforded!  We thank you, and we celebrate YOU!  Happy Memorial Day!

Yes, Happy Memorial Day!  Thank a soldier…you owe them your life as it stands. I don’t agree with war either but it’s a necessary evil in this world and thankfully, there are people willing to fight for US!  Rock on with your bad selves.  You are appreciated!
And for those mourning the loss of loved ones, I’m sorry, but he/she did not leave this Earth in vain.  My children have a better life because of their service.   We remember and we appreciate them.  Thank you for our freedoms!